Wednesday, July 01, 2009

my boring blog

hey all - please forgive the ever boringness of my blog of late. we've just been so busy although i can't for the life of me think of what has been keeping me so busy lately. apparently nothing interesting enough to warrant a blog post. anyway, atticus and i are headed to utah today. i'm hoping to see lots of you utahns while we're there. then we are meeting up with darek in two weeks and heading to seattle for a mccoy family reunion and sharla's wedding. it's going to be total chaos and so! much! fun! i'll be sure to post the madness.

for now - my sweet little boy, with sweet frosting on his lips




KamilahNYC said...

have a fun trip!!


Hey Amberli, Switzers here:) We are finally settled in Belmont. I don't think we are to far from eachother. I would love to pick your brain a little for must sees, and do's here! We need to get in touch. Have fun in Utah we will connect when you get back. BTW your blog is hardly borning. I love to read your happenings!! TT you soon:)