Tuesday, June 09, 2009


atticus and i were in new york last week hanging out with kamilah, packy and clark. we had the best time. i laughed so hard i think i cracked a rib (literally, i have a sore rib). we did some serious kareoke-ing but i (unlike kamilah) am wise enough to choose against posting any video of our non-harmonizing.

the place we went to had little rooms that you can rent so no one else is subjected to listening to your singing. this was great because then atticus and clark could run around like little maniacs in a closed in space. clark was as happy as could be. atticus was happy half the time and crying from the loud screaming/singing the rest of the time.

packer rocking out

eventally the boys stole the microphones and then stole the show

kareoke was for sure a highlight of our trip. not to mention running along the beautiful riverway, playing at the park in the pouring rain, eating so much delicious food that every meal i've eaten since has felt like a let down, cupcakes and macarons that i would give my left arm for, chasing atticus through the museum of natural history, and staying up until the very wee hours of the morning laughing it up with kdub and s-thang ("hay-loh"). i can't wait until our next reunion. you guys are welcome to come to boston anytime, just bring me a vanilla macaron and a lemon cupcake, please.



Julia said...

looks like you had a ball! Can't wait to check out Kamilah's video. All three of you are such hotties!

KamilahNYC said...

Well, "hay - loh" friend. Nice post. Oh yes, such deliciousness in the NYC too bad I can't stop eating them all!