Tuesday, June 23, 2009

it seems highly unreasonable

that after surviving a brutal new england winter we have no rewarding summer to enjoy and thaw out our bones. seriously, when did seattle move to boston? where is the sun? rain, rain go away. on the mission it was common knowledge that the more you got rained on as a missionary, the hotter your future husband would be. clearly i got rained on a lot during my mission, and my hot husband was well worth all those italian raindrops. but what reward are my current raindrops earning me? i suppose getting nothing for something builds character and character is something so that's not nothing. but did you see the forecast? sun on thursday. please don't be a lie. and let's hope we don't drown before then.

june marks our four year anniversary of moving to the beautiful, albeit rainy, bay state of massachusetts. honestly what i remember most about that summer is the 90 degree, 100% humidity weather. that's like living underwater. hot water. you have to grow gills to breath. but nevertheless we love living here and have had many a great adventure in the last four years. we were that crazy, clueless couple who cruised into town pulling a u-haul carrying every worldy possession to our names. anything that didn't fit, we left behind. we didn't know a soul, had no clue where to go, where to live, how to interpret the local accent, it was a total debacle. but such a fun debacle. we had spent nine days driving across all the states united visiting church history sites and just figured we'd come up with a plan when we hit the ocean. we hit the ocean and we fell in love. there is nothing like new england. now it's no secret that my heart still dwells in california and i'll forever be a sunshine girl, but as i said before - living in new england builds character.

we've visited all the surrounding states, been to the NYC over ten times between the two of us and explored the great gatsby mansion in newport, RI. we've been on a duck tour, a boat tour, a trolly tour, a walking tour, a guided tour, a headset tour, a museum tour, a mansion tour, a cemetary tour, you get the picture. we've eaten lobster that was alive ten minutes ago, the best clam chowder in all the history of clams made into chowder and cake batter and oatmeal cookie ice cream from JP Licks. we've made a whole family of friends out here although have always missed our families and friends back home. and we've become parents here in boston, which certainly has been the most life changing and heart touching experience of all. and as soon as the sun comes out i'll remember all the other wonderful things about boston that keeps me loving this life we've created out here.

it's time for some chocolate.

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Bronwyn James said...

Ah, New England. You make me homesick for it! (minus the rain of course)