Sunday, June 21, 2009

do you know what my calendar says?
that today is the "first day of summer"

i'm not convinced
i'm jealous of all you who are soaking up the sun
while we're soaking in the rain
summer hasn't reached the east coast yet
and perhaps never will

since i last blogged:

i got chewed out by a homeless woman for my "savage behavior" that she totally imagined.

i also got chewed out by a complete stranger for startling her when i ran past with my jogging stroller. she. was. m.a.d.

we got a real live babysitter and went out for a friend's birthday and had the most delicious cake that i'm still salivating for.

atticus got his first real skinned up knee that actually required a band-aid
and grew his final two canines which makes 6 new teeth in a few weeks.

we did a little service project for Room to Grow

atticus was a champ in nursery

we went running in the rain and got soaked playing at the park because i'm sick of staying inside

i saw a hawk
in a tree
at the park
staring at me

atticus started wearing the little sandles from jerusalem that i bought my "future child" when i was nineteen

i read this book and felt a little dissatisfied
but it's a classic so i had to check it out

and i started reading this book for book club and i think i'm going to love it

and i ordered a lot of other books from the library - thanks for your suggestions

i saw some old friends who have moved away and that made me so happy

and we've got other fun things cookin but you'll just have to stay tuned...



Dallin said...

Don't feel too bad...summer hasn't even reached UT...3 weeks of rain every day and counting! Dallin stands on his scooter in the garage watching the rain fall pretty much every day after his!

Jennifer said...

Ohh, I really enjoyed My Name is Asher Lev. Its been a few years since I read it, so maybe I'll have to pull it back out again, but there are just so many books to read and so little time, its hard to backtrack. I'll be curious to hear what you think!

An Ordinary Mom said...

I had to read that classic book several times in school and I detested it every time. Ick. I will have to look into the other one you suggested, especially since we almost named our third child Asher.

Me said...

You were 19 when you went to Jerusalem? I totally remember the fire side you gave when you get home! Me and Angel worshiped you, well... we still do. Man, you're pretty rad. Can't wait to see what's cooking next! :-)

Bronwyn James said...

Are you pregnant? I'll bet your pregnant. That's what's cooking, am I right? Just remember, I guessed first!

Miggy said...

I love My Name is Asher Lev. It's a great'll like it.