Sunday, June 14, 2009

best body work


our ward had a pinewood derby last night. because we only have 3 cub scouts in the ward everyone was invited to participate. darek slaved all week making the ferrari that may not have been the fastest car on the race track, but was certainly the best looking. indeed, so fancy that he was awarded the "best body work" award. quite well deserved, i must say


atticus loves his new car that his dad made him, even though (as usual) he's not accurately demonstrating his enthusiasm in this picture. i love the push-a-car-around-while-saying-zoom-zoom phase of toddlerhood. one of my favorite phases to date.




cori said...

sweet! i love how little boys just naturally say...vroom vroom. i realized that one day. huh...little girls don't really make those sounds. nope. just boys.

good job on the car! that is so fun for a ward activity.

Bonnie said...

so cute- I heard about the ferrari car! Nice to see it in person.