Friday, June 26, 2009

i'm taking this photo
to my stylist tomorrow

what do you think?

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

it seems highly unreasonable

that after surviving a brutal new england winter we have no rewarding summer to enjoy and thaw out our bones. seriously, when did seattle move to boston? where is the sun? rain, rain go away. on the mission it was common knowledge that the more you got rained on as a missionary, the hotter your future husband would be. clearly i got rained on a lot during my mission, and my hot husband was well worth all those italian raindrops. but what reward are my current raindrops earning me? i suppose getting nothing for something builds character and character is something so that's not nothing. but did you see the forecast? sun on thursday. please don't be a lie. and let's hope we don't drown before then.

june marks our four year anniversary of moving to the beautiful, albeit rainy, bay state of massachusetts. honestly what i remember most about that summer is the 90 degree, 100% humidity weather. that's like living underwater. hot water. you have to grow gills to breath. but nevertheless we love living here and have had many a great adventure in the last four years. we were that crazy, clueless couple who cruised into town pulling a u-haul carrying every worldy possession to our names. anything that didn't fit, we left behind. we didn't know a soul, had no clue where to go, where to live, how to interpret the local accent, it was a total debacle. but such a fun debacle. we had spent nine days driving across all the states united visiting church history sites and just figured we'd come up with a plan when we hit the ocean. we hit the ocean and we fell in love. there is nothing like new england. now it's no secret that my heart still dwells in california and i'll forever be a sunshine girl, but as i said before - living in new england builds character.

we've visited all the surrounding states, been to the NYC over ten times between the two of us and explored the great gatsby mansion in newport, RI. we've been on a duck tour, a boat tour, a trolly tour, a walking tour, a guided tour, a headset tour, a museum tour, a mansion tour, a cemetary tour, you get the picture. we've eaten lobster that was alive ten minutes ago, the best clam chowder in all the history of clams made into chowder and cake batter and oatmeal cookie ice cream from JP Licks. we've made a whole family of friends out here although have always missed our families and friends back home. and we've become parents here in boston, which certainly has been the most life changing and heart touching experience of all. and as soon as the sun comes out i'll remember all the other wonderful things about boston that keeps me loving this life we've created out here.

it's time for some chocolate.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

one of the reasons i married this man
is because i always knew he'd be an incredible father
and he has not let me down


HaPPy FaTHer's DaY
to all the wonderful fathers in our lives

do you know what my calendar says?
that today is the "first day of summer"

i'm not convinced
i'm jealous of all you who are soaking up the sun
while we're soaking in the rain
summer hasn't reached the east coast yet
and perhaps never will

since i last blogged:

i got chewed out by a homeless woman for my "savage behavior" that she totally imagined.

i also got chewed out by a complete stranger for startling her when i ran past with my jogging stroller. she. was. m.a.d.

we got a real live babysitter and went out for a friend's birthday and had the most delicious cake that i'm still salivating for.

atticus got his first real skinned up knee that actually required a band-aid
and grew his final two canines which makes 6 new teeth in a few weeks.

we did a little service project for Room to Grow

atticus was a champ in nursery

we went running in the rain and got soaked playing at the park because i'm sick of staying inside

i saw a hawk
in a tree
at the park
staring at me

atticus started wearing the little sandles from jerusalem that i bought my "future child" when i was nineteen

i read this book and felt a little dissatisfied
but it's a classic so i had to check it out

and i started reading this book for book club and i think i'm going to love it

and i ordered a lot of other books from the library - thanks for your suggestions

i saw some old friends who have moved away and that made me so happy

and we've got other fun things cookin but you'll just have to stay tuned...


Friday, June 19, 2009

i know my blog is lacking
sorry little blog
but sometimes a girl's just gotta not blog
for a bit
have a happy day

Monday, June 15, 2009

~ yummy food ~


the hot babe pictured above sent me some delicious recipes this week. i've already tried two of them and they were so super yummy that i posted them on WHAT GOES WITH COCOROOS so that you can all partake!
note: yes, this picture is old, taken in park city from our trip a few months ago
but the one on my camera was blurry so i stole this one from packy and am just posting it now.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

best body work


our ward had a pinewood derby last night. because we only have 3 cub scouts in the ward everyone was invited to participate. darek slaved all week making the ferrari that may not have been the fastest car on the race track, but was certainly the best looking. indeed, so fancy that he was awarded the "best body work" award. quite well deserved, i must say


atticus loves his new car that his dad made him, even though (as usual) he's not accurately demonstrating his enthusiasm in this picture. i love the push-a-car-around-while-saying-zoom-zoom phase of toddlerhood. one of my favorite phases to date.



Thursday, June 11, 2009

because bath time

just isn't bath time without an "i'm a little love" bib on


atticus pulls most of his bibs off while he's still eating. but for some reason he never lets us take this one off. such a little love.



i've been looking over THIS LIST
i think i've read about five of those
any recommendations?

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

~ strawberry picking ~

we went strawberry picking today and it was delicious


atticus even found his very own tractor



Tuesday, June 09, 2009


atticus and i were in new york last week hanging out with kamilah, packy and clark. we had the best time. i laughed so hard i think i cracked a rib (literally, i have a sore rib). we did some serious kareoke-ing but i (unlike kamilah) am wise enough to choose against posting any video of our non-harmonizing.

the place we went to had little rooms that you can rent so no one else is subjected to listening to your singing. this was great because then atticus and clark could run around like little maniacs in a closed in space. clark was as happy as could be. atticus was happy half the time and crying from the loud screaming/singing the rest of the time.

packer rocking out

eventally the boys stole the microphones and then stole the show

kareoke was for sure a highlight of our trip. not to mention running along the beautiful riverway, playing at the park in the pouring rain, eating so much delicious food that every meal i've eaten since has felt like a let down, cupcakes and macarons that i would give my left arm for, chasing atticus through the museum of natural history, and staying up until the very wee hours of the morning laughing it up with kdub and s-thang ("hay-loh"). i can't wait until our next reunion. you guys are welcome to come to boston anytime, just bring me a vanilla macaron and a lemon cupcake, please.


Tuesday, June 02, 2009

i recently added
chopin to my pandora
because i read THIS article
can also be found in the june 09 ensign, pg 55
and specifically this quote:
"If we could peek behind the heavenly veil,
we would likely be inspired by the music of heaven,
which is probably more glorious than any music we have heard on this earth.
When some music has passed the tests of time and been cherished by the noble and refined,
our failure to appreciate it is not a condemnation of grand music. The omission is within.
If a young person grows up on a steady diet of hamburgers and french fries,
he is not likely to become a gourmet. But the fault is not with fine food.
He just grew up on something less.
Some have grown up on a steady diet of musical french fries.
This would be a good time to sift through your music library
and choose primarily that which uplifts and inspires.
It is part of the maturing process of your eternal journey."
~ Douglas L. Callister
don't be shy
i know you're curious

whose team are you on now?