Tuesday, May 26, 2009

~ boston wild life ~

i hope you all had a wonderful memorial day. we played in the water downtown along the greenway which was great.


we also saw a couple of crazy sights. the first was a deer galloping down the esplanade while we were running along the river. it was totally crazy. the poor thing was frantically racing along, trying to figure out how in the world it got into the city, as were the rest of us.

then later we saw this huge monster wasp! the thing was seriously the size of my palm. ok maybe atticus' palm, but it had a four inch long stinger. beast! i'm pretty sure i nightmared about it last night as well. now i've been known to exaggerate a time or two in my day, but this is no exaggeration. this thing could have taken out an elephant. luckily darek's flip flop did the job but not after a violent man-vs-beast battle to the death.

then this morning i saw a hawk while i was out running. he was just chillin on top of a chain link fence tearing apart a plastic bag. it was huge! i'm glad it was just a plastic bag and not a mini rodent of some kind. so anyway, no need for a trip to the zoo this week!


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familia Bybaran said...

That's nuts. If Cyra had seen the wasp, she would have been talking about it for a month! I love these pictures. You are great with that camera of yours.