Tuesday, March 31, 2009

red envelope day!
please participate!
this is a grassroots project to let president obama know that there a people in this country who are against the freedom of choice act (FOCA) that he signed which premits partial birth abortions as well as forces faith-based health facilities to perform abortions.

Monday, March 30, 2009

sad little neglected blog

i know, i know. my blog had been lacking and quite boring of late. i'm not sure i have any good excuses. perhaps just the result of a boring life? no, that can't be it. darek was home early from work a lot last week and when he's around all we want to do it hang out which perhaps leaves little time for the bliggity blog. i suppose i could also admit that i bought twilight the day it came out and have redeveloped a twilight obsession this last week, but i'm too prideful to admit it. yeah, twilight. you remember, that movie i hated in the theatre, then saw it again in the theatre because i wanted to love it? well i still pretty much love hate it. such a good story. such awkward acting. anyway, i've recommitted myself to the blog this week. so get excited!

atticus got up at 10 this morning. i know people think i lie about that but really the kid is just a sleeper. it's not even that he's such a sleeper but that he loves to hang out in his crib. he plays then sleeps then plays then sleeps all night long. i heard him at about 9:40 this morning but then he just played for a while before he asked me to come in and get him. so anyway, the other day i got a little glimpse of what he does to keep himself occupied all those hours of non-sleeping crib time. take a peek.

he's such a spaz. i thought i birthed a child but apparently not. he is, in fact, a monkey. climbing all over everything, even non-climbable items. it is no secret that i die over him so i'll not bore you with reiterating that obvious fact for now.

so we've been blessed with a lot of miracles lately. i feel so grateful and so hopeful. you'd think that i wouldn't consider the recent $1500 dropped on car repairs a blessing, but the tax return that we got that covered that bill was a miracle and for that i'm grateful. you'd also think i'd be a little bitter about the 45 degree rainy "spring" weather we are (not) enjoying today but as far as i'm concerned it beats 32 degree snowy weather so i'll take it (for now, sun soon please.) and it was nice enough to go running this last weekend so that's always great. other fun things are happening for us but for now they are to be kept secrets, just so you'll be sure to stay tuned...

i'm headed to UT this weekend! i can't wait. sadly i won't be able to see most of you UT friends because i'm there for a short time and it's jam packed but never fear, i'm planning on being in UT for all of july this summer so there will be mucho hang out time. i can't wait to see you all!

and how excited are you people for general conference?! (note to those who aren't familiar with general conference. it's a conference held every six months by the leadership of the LDS church that is broadcast world wide. we get to hear several of the leaders, including the Prophet Thomas S. Monson, speak on topics that teach us more about the gospel and provide us with comfort and direction in life. it's fantastic. so motivating and re-energizing! past talks can be read/heard HERE if you're interested and this weekend's conference can be heard HERE) i'm going to the sunday afternoon session and i can't wait! and i'm praying for nice weather. what's conference weekend without the sun, i ask you?

alrighty, i have a lot of randomness going on in my mind but i'll spare you. i'm sure it will appear in future posts. i've gotta do a speedy clean of the house while the bug naps. i hope you are all happy and well and feeling blessed and grateful!


Thursday, March 26, 2009

to my new york ladies
i wish we were reunioning again this year
i miss you

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

first day of spring???

these pictures were taken at tadpole playground in the common last friday. for the rest of the world i believe that last friday was the first day of spring but for us new englanders it might as well have been january 1st. it was beautiful but below freezing with the wind chill. four years in this part of the country hasn't taught us our lesson that sunny does not equal warm. we took the T to mass ave then walked to the river and started a little stroll along the esplanade. our little stroll resulted in frostbite and frozen tear icicles running down our cheeks from the biting wind. brutal. we finally made it to the common where it was less windy so it was fun to play on the playground for a while. atticus loved chasing the pigeons and squirrels. it's going to be a fun summer...if it ever arrives.

this little guy was also 16 months old yesterday which is just crazy to me. he is getting bigger everyday and learning new things so quickly. he's signing "more" and "please" regularly now and working on "thank you" and "water." he also points to his nose and belly when asked. he's had a cold this week which meant i was up late one night rocking him and singing to him and let me tell you, it was the most magical moment of 2009 so far. it's sad when he's sick but oh so happy when he's cuddly. he's already getting better so the cuddle bug is back to the spaz bug but that's fun too. he's also blowing me kisses when kissing me goodbye when i leave for the gym in the evenings. he's got the happy dance down by stopping his feet really quickly when he gets excited. and to his mother's delight he (sometimes) does the hand motions to itsy bitsy spider and to his father's delight he loves to make slam dunks in his nerf basketball hoop.

playing with dad

have a happy day!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

do you remember what i blogged about one month ago today?

allow me to refresh your memory. i got up early, i scrambled out the door, i made it to atticus' 15 month appointment only to discover that i was a month early. it was scheduled for march 19th, not february 19th. well, can you guess what i did today? i didn't get up early. i didn't scramble out the door. i didn't make it to atticus' 15th month appointment.


can you believe it? what world do i live in? apparently fantasy land. and this is even after i mentioned to some friends at a playgroup at my house yesterday that his appointment was today. i said it out loud and never thought about it again. it's like saying it out loud just made it slip right out of my head and into oblivion...where i spead the majority of my time.


how do i function, i ask you?
i'm telling you, if my head weren't attached to my body...

i hope your day was more memorable
and i also hope that your bracket is doing better than mine
i'm thinking i should just cut my losses and head to bed
sweet dreams

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

* happy * st. patty's * day *
from this wee little lad

we had a sunny day

we played at the park

we ran around the house

we giggled a lot

* and felt very lucky *
this is so funny
poor little sleepwalking dog
i don't know how the owner didn't laugh while filming this

check it out

Sunday, March 15, 2009

"is it drivable?"
"no, it will blow up."

that's what the mechanic said. our car, the atomic bomb. we started driving through our neighborhood yesterday on the way a friend's house. within a block of our house there was all kinds of madness going on in the engine. apparently that's what an engine smells like and sounds like just before it blows up. luckily we got to a mechanic close by before any fireworks ignited. we changed our plans and instead walked to the tot lot and let our tot tot around for a while. he teetter tottered and basketballed his little heart out.

then we rented australia. i thought you people said that movie was good? we only made it half way through. maybe the third hour is the good part...sorry coxes. no hilariousness this weekend.

and hooray for beautiful weather this weekend. we won't talk about the yucky weather making its way to boston even as we blog. packy and i came up with the crazy idea to spontaneously run the provo half marathon with lil' leah on conference weekend. i went on a long run yesterday to see if there was any possiblity i could whip out a half marathon sans training. it was so beautiful and i was in runner's heaven despite my right foot almost falling off. happily that was the only indicator that i might be crazy thinking i can run the half, but i'm not too worried about it. foot shmoot, that's what i always say. nothing a little yoga can't fix. oh and yes, i was that nerd doing yoga all by herself in the common yesterday, just in case you were wondering.

and atticus has all kinds of new tricks. remember how i tried and tried to teach him sign language and he was totally anti? well a couple days ago he wanted a snack and i said, "can you say more please?" and out of thin air the bug busts out "more" sign language and a squeaky "more please" imitation. i couldn't believe it. i cheered and clapped for him and now every time he does the "more" sign he claps for his genuisness afterwards. it's awesome. today i tried to teach him to sign "please" and rubbed tummy to show him the sign. when i asked him to try he came over and rubbed my tummy too. such a smart wee lad.

and i made delicious cookies tonight!
from scratch!
that never happens.
'twas indeed a weekend of miracles!

one teeting tot

he wasn't so interested in being pushed around in the car
as he was in pushing the car around

bug heaven
i hope you all had a dreamy weekend as well!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

i entered a giveaway

for a free photo session with THIS very talented photographer
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Friday, March 13, 2009

sorry for the post lackage

my computer has been out of commission for most of the week and guess what i've discovered? i have so much more time to do other things. imagine that. but alas, darek left his work computer home with me today so where do i find myself? blogging. it's business as usual around here. atticus is chitter chattering himself to sleep in his crib and i'm sitting at the computer while my dishes and laundry await my attention.

how brutal is this weather? not brutal because it's all snowy and yucky - but brutal because it's beautiful and gorgeous...and FREEZING! i totally got tricked yesterday. headed out to the park with only a sweatshirt on, foolishly believing that blue skies = warm weather. lasted about 15 minutes and returned home with frozen fingers and frostbitten ears. luckily atticus was more bundled so he wasn't suffering as badly at the park, but the poor little guy had to cut his park time because mom's warm bloodedness was hacking it. spring, don't tease me. just come already. don't be shy.

so i was laughing at myself a few minutes ago and wondering if any of you peeps out there can relate. i've been battling of late with my sweet tooth. it's a love hate relationship between the tooth and i, has been for years. well last week at target i bought a bag of individually wrapped ghiradelli chocolates, because we all know about my recent love affair with chocolate that seems to have been birthed by my thirtieth year. anyway, i figured that if i got real yummy chocolate, that was individually wrapped, then i could just indulge once a day, on ONE. satsify my sweet tooth and move on. well, sometimes that works. i won't talk about the other times. anyway, atticus was distracted doing atticus things so i snuck into the kitchen to retrieve my one daily piece of deliciousness. i pulled it out of the bag, then closed up the bag tight and replaced it on the top shelf of the cupboards. but then i slid it to the back of the shelf and put my extra supply of skippy's natural peanut butter and canned tomatoes in front of the bag of chocolate, lest i get greedy for a second piece and come a-looking. so i settle at the computer, check my blog reader as i enjoy the goodness, lick my fingers and wait...wait...wait...hmmm, i kind of want a second piece. i think to myself, "hm, should i have a second piece? i'll have to reach all the way up to the top shelf. move the skippy's natural peanut butter. push aside the canned tomatoes. reach onto my tippy toes to get the chocolate...hmmm...yes, i want another piece!" who was i kidding? did i actually believe that skippy's natural would be barrier enough to keep me away? why do i think that if i put it in a slightly less convenient location it will keep me from eating more? let's be honest, if i'm looking for a slightly less convenient location to keep my chocolate, i should have left it at the store. the effort required to go to the store would be enough for me to take a second thought and perhaps decide against it, but really, if it's in the house, it's in my mouth. this is the part with which i'm wondering if you can relate?

well, i might as well tell you the ending of the story. so i'm in mid reach, peanut butter pushed to the left, tomatoes pushed to the right and enter atticus. you know how i call him the "bug"? well, sometimes he warrants the name "stink bug." you know, because he's a little diaper wearing dude and sometimes a stinky little diaper wearing dude. so stink bug comes in, looking at me suspiciously as if to say, "i thought you already had your one piece of chocolate today." so i quickly hide the fact that i'm reaching for the chocolate and instead take him in the other room to remedy his stink bugness and by the time i'm all done, all desire for chocolate has dissipated! can you believe it? what a miracle. so yep, only one piece for me today! well at least so far. it's only 2:15.

so that's it for now folks. thanks for reading. enjoy your chocolate~

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

*t*h*i*r*t*y* pictures for *t*h*i*r*t*y* years!

darek turned THIRTY last sunday! isn't that great? it's always sad to say farewell to a decade of your life but i'm sure our 30's will bring us lots of happiness and adventures!

we celebrated a little bit each day of the weekend. darek "worked from home" on friday so we had a fun family day and went out to eat that night. nothing fancy, we went to the food court at the prudential center so that atticus could run around like the wild child that he is. we also got ice cream from coldstone that we so delicious i've been dreaming about it ever since then. on saturday we tried to do a little b-day shopping but couldn't find what we were looking for so we'll be doing some more shopping soon. saturday night we met up with the coxes to see a movie and then tried to get some incredible "great wall of china" chocolate cake from PF Chang's because you know how we worship that splendidity! sadly the wait was an hour and half so we had to settle for CPK.

after a busy day at church on sunday we had the coxes over for dinner, cake, ice cream and a super hilarious game of humdinger where we learned that jhordan hums with her mouth open and shawn hums "the rose" when he means to hum something else. we laughed harder then we maybe ever laughed in our 20's. it was really great.

so i asked darek if i should to the typical "30 things i love about darek" post for his 30th birthday and he vetoed that idea. instead you get to enjoy 30 pictures of his 30 years!

such a cute little babe sitting on his mama's lap
making a very serious atticus-esque face for the camera
isn't his mother so beautiful?

the beginning of his messy years...these years continued through his 20's and have hopefully come to an end with his 30's

nappy little dude

so cute little dude
isn't this picture so darling?

and back to nappy. this is a recurring theme in his life.
this picture has honored the blog before but it is too classic of darek's childhood
to not post in this "ode to his thirty years" post.

i think he's about five years old right here

and ever classic "two faced" photo of the 80's

and the beginning of his "blowing out the candles" photos that started at age two

five candles

hmmm...five candles again, he must have turned five twice

nine candles

oh and he got a very high tech camera for his ninth birthday. he just sold this camera on e-bay a month or so ago, for $2.50. such a shame to sell an antique for so little. speaking of little, check mini garlan on the right.

twelve (i think) candles

hmmm...turning four again
check jason's face in the background!

there's mini garlan again!
i think this was senior year

when darek was 18 years old he was busy falling in love with his future wife

it was a tradition to take darek snowboarding every year for his birthday while we lived in utah

i made him some stellar brownies after our first birthday snowboarding date on his 19th birthday

when darek was 19-21 years old he was serving as a missionary in colombia
this is the birthday package i sent him in colombia for his 20th birthday.
love the ghetto tide box i sent it in.

wearing the huge birthday cowboy hat at ruby river for his 23rd (i think, the date is wrong on the camera) birthday when we were engaged.

darek was 23 when we got married
carrying me over the threshold

24 or 25? in our sweet dungeon apartment in provo

for his 26th birthday darek got the gift that keeps on giving for a lifetime...the dovness

by his 27th birthday we had moved to boston and darek was a working man!

we started a new tradition of going to a sonics and/or celtics game for his birthday
not this year. sold out. boo hoo!

and finally, darek's a daddy and turns 30

this year he only had 1 candle to blow out as i didn't want him to over-exert himself at his delicate age
the birthday boy with the coxes

it has been a happy thirty years. here's to 70 more!
i love you derelique!
happy birthday!

Saturday, March 07, 2009

these are the fears I deal with on a daily basis

that atticus is going to grow up and realize that his mom isn’t as cool as he currently thinks she is

that my right hand isn’t going to realize what my left hand is doing and one will turn on the garbage disposal while the other is down there digging something out

that i’m always going to live so far away from my family

that i’m going to accidentally inhale while i’m changing the diaper genie

that i’m going to lock myself out of the car or house and atticus inside the car or house

that the sunny days will always be cold and the warm days will always be cloudy

and spring will never come…

that blink 182 is never going ot get back together

but never fear people!

for my winter melancholia was banished today when i learned that that last fear is not warranted – for the boys have reunited! 'tis quite exciting!

PLUS – we have a babysitter for tonight so we can go out for a little b-day fun for the old man

(i won’t mention that i’m OLDER then he is)

ok, that's all

have a happy saturday night!

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

*missing dad*
darek always requests pics and videos of the little dude while he's out of town.
atticus was just in his own little wold, running around playing this evening.

he is one busy little dude!

for anyone who may be curious

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

so it's pretty much chocolate and midol
for breakfast, lunch and dinner around here
hmm, i'm sensing just a touch of TMI here so i'll spare you any details on that subject.
this too shall pass...
and i don't know what kind of mom thinks that tin foil is a sufficient barrier between her one year old and a dove chocolate egg, but i do know what kind of mom take pictures of the event instead of taking the chocolate away. me.

foil and all
don't worry, i got the foil out of the mouth
just after the chocolate got sucked out of the foil

all with minimal mess

and he even brushed his own teeth afterwards.
i think he has the chocolate eating thing down. he must be my son.

PS - i'm can't remember if i've blogged about this or not (i kind of think so but we all know how well my brain functions these days) but is it just me or does compulsive chocolate consumption increase with age, specifically the age of thirty for the female gender? i've never been so chocoholic. someone save me.

Monday, March 02, 2009

i need your vote please!
i entered a little dream assignment photography contest.
the contest is just the best dream assignment idea
and i need you vote for my idea to move ahead in the contest.
check it out by clicking on my button to the right.
thanks folks!
at least i get to sleep in an L

that's what derelique reminded me on his way out the door this afternoon. he's in NYC for the week at a work training. my only consolation is that i have the whole bed so i can sleep in an L shape which greatly enhances the quality of my sleep. i know, so weird, but 'tis the case nonetheless. it's always a little lonely to have darek out of town so i bought some dove chocolate to keep me company. and tomorrow night some good friends, old co-workers, are coming over for dinner. take out from bukhara indian food and chitty chatting all night long - does.not.get.better.than.that!

and can we all take a moment to die over this picture please?
apparently atticus is also quite bummed that his dad is out of town
looks like i'm forcing him to do some dreaded chore of sweeping or something
the face and the protruding belly ~ it kills me!

hmmm...well it looks like that's all i've got for the bliggity blog tonight!
sweet dreams!

Sunday, March 01, 2009

~*~ "It's spring fever. ~*~
That's what the name of it is.
And when you've got it, you want ~
oh, you don't quite know what it is you do want,
but it just fairly makes your heart ache,
you want it so!"
~ Mark Twain
oh i want it so!