Wednesday, November 26, 2008

love that holiday spirit!

there's nothing like a trip to the grocery store the day before thanksgiving to get you in the holiday spirit. i had to drive around for ten minutes to find a parking spot and then punch a lady in the face to get the turkey i wanted! i'm in the full swing of things now though. i've been spic and spanning my house all day to get ready for the shin dig tomorrow. we are having the coxes over and i'm making the turkey...i'm not sure how that's going to turn out. i'm just not a high maintenance cook you know what i mean? i mean, clean it out, tie it up, marinade, massage, rub, love, tickle, kiss, then baste, baste, baste for four hours? yeah, we'll see how that goes...

i am excited though! i love the holiday season and feel incredibly grateful this year for all my many blessings, which includes each of you of course. we busted out the christmas music this morning and that will pretty much be my life's soundtrack for the next month. plus i bought peppermint ice cream today. that's when you really know it's the holiday season! there is so much goodness to be had. alright, i best get to marinading this bird...wish me luck!

Monday, November 24, 2008

~*~ H.a.PP.y ~ bi.R.tH.d.a.Y ~ ~*~
this is my O-N-E year old son

we had a really fun day celebrating his first birthday

last week we had a birthday party playgroup with other little ones in the neighborhood who were also celebrating their first birthdays. atticus got to play on his friend's new bike and loved it despite his typical serious face here.

today was his actual birthday and i let him do everything that he loves
he got to climb up onto the dishwasher door to get good access to all the dishes

and he got to play with bubbles
and i was oh so clever and cut his bread into a one

we went to a drop in music playgroup and atticus got to go in his jammies because he didn't feel like getting dressed. he loved the drums and naturally had to climb on top of the big drum so that he could play with the lollipop looking drums.

this was one of his birthday gifts which he totally loves, he cruises everywhere with this thing. it's so funny to watch him walk so speedy.

it was pretty chilly outside but he was still sad when we had to come back in after playing

this was maybe the favorite part of the day for darek and i - turning the carseat around! amen! we've been waiting all year for this.
hey LV mccoys - take note of atticus' shoes! can you believe they fit him?

atticus wanted some chicken tikka masala for his birthday dinner and we were more than happy to oblige

the loot, wrapped in last year's christmas wrapping paper

atticus only let me place the birthday hat on his head when he was distracted with devouring his cupcake and there was no chance of him allowing me to actually tie the ribbon under his chin. oh well.

birthday boy seat of honor

we got a happy birthday e-mail from the children's orchard today inviting us to come in and pick out a $5 toy for free. i let atticus check out the toys and we decided on this wooden train which ended up being such a great choice as he loves playing with it.

and what would be a first birthday without getting some old school alphabet blocks?

atticus played

and played

and was so happy

i guess he was getting tired of his old toys because he was in heaven with all his new loot

and of course the day ended his favorite way, with a bath

precious atticus, i love you more than anything in all the big world.
you've brought me more joy this last year than i ever imagined possible.
happy birthday sweet child

Saturday, November 22, 2008

this is the note i just wrote to myself

when in doubt:
drink some water
read a scripture
say a prayer
skip the treat
get some rest

i thought i'd pass along the adivce
good night
sweet dreams...

Friday, November 21, 2008

it was painful
not in a good way

but i really want bella's hair

**39 minutes later**

ok, ok, i've had 39 minutes to think it over and maybe there were a few parts that were good
but mostly bella's hair was the best part
since atticus loves playing in the bathroom

i thought i'd do a quick bit of baby proofing and let him play in there for a minute while i cleaned. i thought i got all the potential mess-making, germ-ridden, breakables out of the way.

i left for a second and came back to this

yum! oh well, it could have been worse. and so much for the fool proof turn around of the TP. looks like the wise guy figured out my little trick!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

my toaster actually has a Pop Tart setting

which is one of only two settings present on the contraption. "pop tart" and "dark." hmmm, that sure simplifies things. how random though. apparently toastmaster is in cahoots with kellogg's. have you even had a pop tart in the last 15 years? yeah, neither had i. until this week when i discovered the gingerbread printed fun special holiday edition pop tarts...mmmm...for once i was grateful that my ghetto cheap toaster came with built in pop tart instructions.

and if you've never heard brian regan's rendition of the art of pop tart preparation you best remedy that situation right now if you know what's good for you.

and while we're on the topic of breakfast foods atticus tried to make floor scrambled eggs yesterday. i'm sure that this is only the first of many broken eggs in this child's future. please note the toothbrush that be loves to chew. he used it as his spatula.

he also helped me put away groceries a few days ago and through out the day i found two apples looking like this stashed around my kitchen. i love finding such treasures.

alright, enough with the random photos.
have a good day.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

it has sometimes been theorized

that this round little head

somewhat resembles this round little head
so you can imagine our excitement
when we found this onsie at target last night
and it even matches the giraff baby legs!
what a find!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

sometimes i like to pretend like i'm actually
going to get around to sending holiday cards this year

and then i quietly chuckle to myself
i know better than to put impossible requests on my christmas list

i mean i asked for a pony and a cat e.v.e.r.y s.i.n.g.l.e c.h.r.i.s.t.m.a.s of my childhood years and it all came to naught. needless to say, i learned my lesson and now that i'm a grown up 30 year old i know better. however in a burst of holiday spirit i once again took up the facade of being on top of things at the holiday time and set up the tripod for some good family fun. after 40 fake smiles this one turned out to be my favorite...

you know...the "silly" one you take at the end
i mean, look at the silliness. it's uncanny!
and i liked that darek and i are...making the same face
it's like we're married or something
and atticus is totally over it

and of course, i did love this one for reals

which reminds me...
it has come to my attention that some of you are beginning to feel like my blog has become something of an atticus obsession, an "i-worship-my-child" fiesta, an atticus-palooza if i may...
well to you folks, and you know who you are, i have only one thing to say:
you're just barely figuring this out??? sheesh! get with the program. my obsession has been going strong for almost a year now, nay, i daresay longer...perhaps since conception. but i won't share that part.

you will get no rebuttal from me on this count.

anyway, back to the issue at hand. you may (but won't) be receiving a holiday card (perhaps an e-mail) from the mccoy family (most likely just a blog post) highlighting the highlights of 2008 (namely, atticus) as well as one of the several (none) great photos taken today of our sweet (that part's true) family! (don't) get exicted and make sure to (not) watch for it in the mail!
that kind of felt like a mad libs, right?

happy holidays!
and sweet dreams...

Friday, November 14, 2008

this little boy's whole world changed today
he was introduced to balloons
which he tried to eat
many times

atticus' cuteness earned him two free balloons today - one from iParty and the other from trader joe's. it's been much too long since i enjoyed free handouts for being cute...*sigh*

he went totally balistic playing with them, nothing has ever been more fun!
totally mesmerized

at this point he lost sight of the balloon and immediately set out to retrieve the camera from my hands, his never ending quest

atticus will be one year old on the 24th of this month which is completely unbelievable to me! we've decided to just have a family birthday party on the 24th instead of trying to orchestrate a big party. however, i initiated a november birthday party playgroup through JP moms for all the november born babes in the neighborhood, so that will be fun. i put together some little party favors in sippy cups to hand out to all the birthday friends at the party. i'll be sure to post pics of all the birthday babes!

sweet dreams...

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

"how we spend our days
is how we spend our lives"
i stole that from tisha's blog, who stole it from her friend's blog
so feel free to steal it from my blog

i always keep my little point and shoot camera with me in my diaper bag and i downloaded it today and found so many random pictures. i don't really want to blog each separately but i thought that they were a good record of how i spend my days...

totting atticus around in the moby wrap and under my coat when darek accidentally takes the car to work with the stroller in the back

loving the carousel that is now carouseling in frog pond

wanting to ride the pink horse on the carousel that is now carouseling in frog pond

taking atticus to the park to play because he napped too long for us to make it downtown for the veteran's day parade

watching atticus watch the big kids play at the park

and kind of dying that atticus himself is looking like such a big kid

taking the bug to the aquarium to check out the jelly fish

making sure atticus and teddy bear get a well rounded dinner

going in to check on atticus an hour after bedtime and finding this, not sleeping

laughing real hard when this little critter climbed onto the BOB to eat the bug's snacks

and check out his shoes

taking the kiddo to dad's work to crawl around and disrupt all the workers with his echoing screams

trying to figure out what in the world all these white speckles are

while the bug is acting so sly like he did nothing wrong

then finding this paintless spot on the crib and realizing where the white speckles came from

and rejoicing that i finally found where i can buy live poultry fresh killed!

how did you spend your life today?