Tuesday, September 30, 2008

"wake me up...when september ends..."
~green day

this has been my theme song today. atticus and i blasted it this morning and had a dance party during breakfast. i can't believe the summer is over. i can feel a fall foliage drive and apple picking trip a-brewin! we are in full blown fall around here people - not like you utahns enjoying your 85 degree weather! and believe me, i'm rarely jealous of utahns. although darek is in utah this week for work and i am quit jealous that he will be hanging out with family and friends and having all manner of fun while i develop a severe case of cabin fever during tomorrow's hurricane. we thought we'd be frugal, what with the world falling apart and the impending depression and all, and not fly atticus and i to utah - but i'm regretting that sad attempt at frugality right about now! maybe i'll go shopping and call it even...

so as a final farewell to summer our ward went on a little boat tour up the charles river two weeks ago. our bishop knows everything there is to know about everything there is to see along the river so he ocassionally hosts boat tours and passes along his knowledge and stories. it was really fun although with the sun setting earlier (*sigh*) we didn't get too many shots. thank you to jhordan for taking a few of the fam:

atticus sleeping in daddy's arms wearing his totally radical 80's sweatshirt covered in ghetto blasters

and here we are seen passing very quickly through the scary tunnel at willy wonka's chocolate factory (the gene wilder version of course. if you don't remember this scene that's probably because you blocked it out of your little childhood mind as to avoid the resulting nightmares)

it took a few tries to get a picture of atticus looking at the camera, but i just love how he's staring up at darek, loving dad!

finally got him looking at the camera, but alas, sans smile

and if you've ever wondered where atticus gets his oh so serious stare, that's all darek. in fact if ever you've doubted which of his parents atticus resembles, doubt no longer. darek+atticus=twins

exhibit A

baby darek, staring

sadly, i've had to reconcile myself to the fact that the only physical attributes my son has inherited from me are my gappy front teeth and my long third toe...admittedly, not my top qualities.

and if atticus continues on the "i must be like dad" path, this is what is in store:
look closely...do not miss the nappy hair, the muddy face, the muddy shirt, the muddy hands, the muddy everything, the pop belly emerging below the too-small shirt, the hand-me-down-from-three-older-brothers shoes, the i-didn't-want-to-stop-playing-to-go-inside-and-use-the-bathroom wet pants, the random stick in one hand, the second random stick complete with hook looped around the neck, and last but certainly not least, the random black kitten falling off his arm, or perhaps just recently launched off something nearby and attempting to land on the arm...who knows? and if i'm not mistaken that expression screams "ouch! rambette's digging her claws into my arm!" nevertheless - this is what lies in store...

look again, it gets funnier each time

and speaking of long third toes and fall foliage, i took this photo on a fall foliage drive to vermont a few years ago. i suppose if i'm going to humiliate the husband with the sweet above photo, i should be willing to display my most appealing attribute as well. these puppies kept me flip flopless for much of my young childhood. i evenually embraced my deformity, admitted that size 10 square toe shoes were much more comfortable as to allow space for the third toe and have been a proud "third toe longest" club member for some time now.

and on a different note, i've been thinking lately: why buy toys when tylenol bottles are readily available?

and if you're into that whole "don't let your children play with harmfull substances" safety hooplah, tupperware will do the job.

ah, 7:59. perfect...time for 90210 (sizzle)
t.h.r.e.e & f.o.r.t.y

my parents are celebrating their 43rd wedding anniversary today! how great is that? i didn't have a picture of them from their wedding so i'm posting one from mine. they've inspired me to make my marriage happy and successful like their's so i thought it was appropriate.

thanks for creating a happy family and providing a happy home
i love you

Sunday, September 28, 2008

this week, this little guy...

B-E-L-C-H-E-D so loud during sacrament meeting for all to hear

thought it was real funny

pulled himself up all over the place

(the crawling days appear to be numbered)

disocvered his belly button

and outgrew his bouncer

it's been a busy week

the latest discovery...

Saturday, September 27, 2008

angels & airwaves

so remember how darek got us tickets to the angels & airwaves and weezer concert last month for my birthday? well, the concert was last tuesday and it was spectacular! i've been a big fan of tom delonge since his blink 182 days and although i daresay i shed a tear or two when they broke up, i love his new stuff with angels & airwaves. i must admit, however, that as much as i love the music on their two albums they didn't sound super great live. it seemed the equipment was a little shoddy and tom's mic kept going in and out. bummer. nonetheless, i loved every minute of it and couldn't wipe the smile off my face!

tom is a total rock star: tight pants, shaggy hair...i think i love him. he's not the same tom of blink 182 though - he's got a whole new approach to the punk rock scene and it includes some very jazzy dance moves. he fluttered and flitted about the stage with some very fancy foot work. he was kind of goofy and maybe even a little nerdy in his rocking out but rock stars are allowed to act nerdy and still be cool. his dance moves were something akin to a punk rocked out version of yoga, all manner of lunges and leg lifts. but i thought he was great, dancing and all. i love his voice and he sings his lyrics with such unabashed passion that you can’t help but love it. and i felt quit confident that he was singing breathe to me and me only! since they weren't head lining they only played about 10 or so songs, mostly from iEmpire (second album). i was shocked when they exited the stage so soon. especially since tom didn't sing me a little's enough even though i had been begging and begging him to do so. oh well, next time...

i’ve always been nothing more then a lukewarm weezer fan at best. in fact i’d even vetoed weezer from my pandora but i must say, they were incredible in concert! they sounded great and the lead singer is such a spaz, sort of like a spazzy little bunny, bouncing and twitching all about. and one doesn’t necessarily even need to be much of a weezer fan to enjoy them in concert since so many of their songs are so well known. i mean, i think even my mom could sing “if you want to destroy my sweater, pull this string as i walk away…as i walk away…” they played all of their classics and everyone sang along. they also played really new and really old stuff so all the weezer fans where in heaven. my favorite part was when weezer brought tom back out on stage to sing the sweater song with them. they also had held a contest to have local musicians come up on stage and play with them so as an encore about 30 musicians with all kind of instruments (my fav was the saxophone) played a couple songs. it was really great and i must admit, they impressed me...maybe even made more than a lukewarm fan out of me.

we weren't sure we could take our camera in with us so we took a quick pic before going in

then used darek's phone for more pics inside

i was a bit worried that we would appear to be aging hipsters going to this concert but alas, i was wrong. i saw more then one receding hairline in the crowd, not to mention weezer's lead singer's bald spot! that made me feel much less self-conscious about my own bald spot (kidding)

darek wore his atticus shirt to feel that we had brought the son along with us on our adventures. it was the first time we had left him with a babysitter!

you say, "wait, isn't atticus like 10 months old?"

yes, 10 months. obviously it has taken me a while to feel comfortable leaving him with sitters (thanks coxes, you guys are the best!) but it went great. we put him to bed before leaving and he slept the whole time. such a relief. maybe i'll even do it again some day...maybe.

the husband bought me a glorious A&A shirt to always remember that an anging hipster, i am not! the concert was so great and just like every 4th of july when i think to myself "i forgot how much i love fireworks!" i had forgotten how great live concerts really are!

thanks to the coxes, the husband, tom and his band and the balding bunny and his boys - it was a night to remember!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

t.e.n m.o.n.t.h.s o.l.d

our run today turned into a picnic. atticus has been a little anti-stroller since becoming mobile. such independence! and you can get a tiny peek at his top teeth, complete with the roper gap!

and creating all manner of havoc.

how does a ten month old figure out how to open a cd player and remove the cd???

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

do not delay

bronwyn's peach cobbler
will change your life

3/4 c. flour
1 stick margarine or butter
1 t. baking powder
1 1/2 c. sugar
1/2 t. salt
2/3 c. milk
4 c. fresh or frozen fruit

Melt butter in 1 1/2 to 2 quart baking dish. Combine flour, baking powder, 1 cup of the sugar, and the salt and stir into the butter. Add milk and stir well.

Boil fruit and 1/2c. sugar in a saucepan. Pour hot fruit into baking dish-- do not stir, peaches will sink to the bottom.

Bake 400 degrees for 30 minutes or until golden brown.

Monday, September 22, 2008

dear greazy gym rat,

who repeatedly strutted passed me all rico suave, although i was polite and pretended not to see, i thought it was incredibly hilarious when you tripped over the weight machine and FELL on your buff little bottom! thanks for the laugh!
growing up so fast!

it was a pretty major week for this kid last week, so this post is going to have lots of pictures. i'm behind on blogging but want to make sure i record this stuff...

we played at the park a bunch last week and had lots of fun until a creepy man approached us and we had to bolt - but i won't share that story because it was kind of scary! eek. atticus had lots of fun though on the swings, and it was the first time he could crawl around and explore the play area...which promptly resulted in a face plant and his first neosporin-worthy scratch! alright! how appropriate that he was wearing his "i do all my own stunts" shirt.

so he had his 9 month check up last wednesday (19 lbs. 6 oz. 30 inches long) and we were just sitting in the waiting room...waiting...just like this...

and next thing i know he's cruising across the floor looking for food - crawling, forwards and everything! it was exciting!

and pulling himself up in his crib

well, and just making messes in general

we also took another outing to the children's museums where we played with pinwheels

and spent a lot of time in the baby-proofed padded room. it was so fun. atticus was screaming and squealing, he loved it so much.

the waterbed hole was my favorite, but not his... and please take note of his sweet daisy dukes tan line here

they also had costumes for the kids to dress up in and since we always call him the bug i put this lady bug costume on him. as soon as we put the hood up though he ripped the whole thing off - does not like items on the head.

we finally lowered the crib and it has once again become one of his favorite playing areas. he freaks out when darek hides below the crib then pops up to surprise him. i love his anticipation in this picture.

and remember how i put all his favorite toys on the bottom shelf of my bookshelves? yeah, that's the best idea i've ever had!

i can't believe how fast he is growing. he looks like a baby to everyone else but he seems like a big kid to me. he's so curious and mobile, it's hard to keep up. he's also clapping and waving, usually both hands high in the air. his tiny fingers find every little spot, hole, bump and crumb possible. he is fascinated with my red toenails and is always reaching to be picked up or crawl into my lap. he still sucks on his tonge constantly, anti-pacifier style and he ooohs and aaahs at every dog we see. even as i have been writing this post he has reached up to the computer and deleted what i wrote, reached under the couch and pulled out a dust bunny which went straight to the mouth and reached for the cheerio i swept into the dust pan i used to clean up his dust bunnies after wrestling them from his hands! he is the absolute joy of my life and i love being his mommy!

on saturday sept. 13 the cambridge wards (church congregations) held a groundbreaking ceremony for the building of the new cambridge stake center. the church members of the area and surrounding communities are very blessed to be having this building constructed as it represents the growth of the church in new england. the plans and blueprints of the building look beautiful! i must admit, however, that as exciting as it will be to have our new stake center (with a gym and a real mother's lounge and an actual foyer and parking and so much space!) the members of the cambridge wards feel a bit torn to leave our current building. we currently meet for church in a renovated boiler factory. it is an incredible building with so much character and history that it will be sad to say goodbye...

after all the big wigs and important people took their turn overturning a shovel full of dirt to kick off the groundbreaking they let us little people have a turn as well. we feel lucky to have been able to participate in such a historical and memorable event, although atticus wasn't quite sure what to do with his shovel.

or the dirt left on his hands

Friday, September 19, 2008

if i had had a piece of chalk

i would have written "me too!!"

people seriously still litter?

i really love my neighborhood but i really can't believe how many people litter everywhere! seriously, didn't your mother teach you? i thought we nipped that in the bud back in the day during that whole "just say no" and "stop, drop and roll" era. littering is so 1980! so anyway - just in case you're wondering...yes, i'm that nerd walking along the bike path picking up litter...
so i went to a kickboxing class last night

for the first time in a while and i'm standing toward the side wall looking in the front mirror waiting for the class to begin, and i think to myself, "hmm, this mirror is distorted" so i take a step to the right to get a better view and discover - oh, no the mirror's not distorted...my legs are...good thing i'm getting back to the gym!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Trip to NYC

we went to NYC last saturday and stayed with our friends matt and mary until wednesday. we had such a good time. they took us to eat delicious ethiopian food saturday night. we got completely drenched in the pouring rain but it was still fun to be out in the city. sunday was gorgeous and after church we took a stroll through central park.

the gardens were incredible!

and how could i resist posting this photo of darek's awesome face?

we spent all of monday with mehrsa as tour guide, trekking through the entire city. we started on canal street, walked through little italy, to soho, through the village, had lunch in washington square park, walked through union square with a little stop at the shake shack, through midtown passed madison square garden, and finally to times square to meet up with matt, then on through central park to meet mary and jared at patsy's for dinner on the upper west side. after dinner the husbands headed home with the babes and the ladies went out for dessert and a pedicure. it was perfect after hours of walking as my feet had never been nastier! i felt real bad for the nice little lady whose job it was to fix up my toesies!

times square

i had such a good time just chatting the hours and miles away with mehrsa. we seriously had so much to talk about and it was really nice. thanks, mehrs, for being such a great tour guide and chatting companion!

miggy also met up with us for our ladies night out. i wish we could have hung out longer but it was still great to see her.

tuesday was rainy rainy so we mostly stuck around matt and mary's apartment. i hung out at mehrsa's for the afternoon while the boys played rock band since matt was "working from home" that day.

wednesday morning we took atticus to the central park zoo. he loved the children's petting zoo, it was for sure the highlight.

checking out the fishies

freaking out about the animals

braving the llama (and it was a scary llama! look at that thing! i got real scared feeding it, i thought it was going to bite off my fingers when it's furry little lips were vacuuming llama pellets off my palm.)

grabbing horns
and ears

and eyes

and just general enjoyment of the wildlife

this was our nursing bench at the zoo.
i especially liked atticus' side saddle sitting position in this photo.

after the zoo was walked to times square to meet up with Kdub for lunch, but first we strolled through rockefeller center since darek hadn't been there before.

and finally found OG (um, that's olive garden for you non-locals) and had lunch with kamilah before heading out of town. i was bummed to not be able to spend more time with her, plus packy was out of town which was also a bummer, but maybe we'll meet up for a girls only trip in novemeber.

it was a great trip and a fun way to bid farewell to summer and welcome fall. even though it's not cold yet i can feel the holidays coming. i admit, much to darek's dismay, i've been singing christmas songs all day! not because i think it's time for busting out the christmas tunes but because i can't get them out of my head. and we had to turn on our HEATER last night so it totally felt all warm and cozy when i got up with atticus this morning. where did the summer go???