Sunday, August 31, 2008

welp, i guess i best finish off the ice cream...

because tomorrow kicks off 30 days of no sugar for this sugar-overloaded chicky!
would anyone like to join me?

Saturday, August 30, 2008

the final celebration

we believe in celebrating birth-months around here, not just the birthday, so last night we finally got around to having a few friends over the for whole cake and ice cream (take two) shabang.

i laughed and almost blew out my candles here, but naturally there were far too many candles to blow out with one mere burst of laughter.

and who can leave out the always flattering blowing-out-candles-face picture? and yes that's guitar hero in the background. always a crowd pleaser.

atticus' quick little hands made a swipe at the frosting before dad could stop him. oh well. at least it was more pleasant to clean up then last week when dad couldn't catch the quick swipe during a daiper change. eek.

the donigans with the babes - sorry i didn't get a better picture of your smiling faces, friends. how cute is mini-wangchung? admit it, you sort of want to eat him, huh?

jhord brought the RCT's which was for sure a high point of the party for me as i've been craving the delicious treats for some time now (and perhaps will partake of one right now). darek would argue that the playing of enchanted forest was the highlight of the party. luckily i had a teething babe that kept me from full participation in the grueling game.

and what's a party without "everybody wangchung tonight?" i even got to hold baby wangchung, another highlight!

thanks for the party friends.

this little guy deserves some saturday morning tv

because he has had some bru-tal nights of teething. seriously, i thought he was going to wake up with a full mouth of teeth this morning and was so disappointed to discover otherwise. i'm pretty confused about this whole process. i've spoken with three doctor/nurses over the last 48 hours and been told totally different things about teething, symptoms, fevers, running nose, coughing, etc. etc. is this all a part of teething or does he have a cold? an ear infection? unfortunately the first two nurses i spoke with told me that it's all teething and to give him tylenol and wait it out. it wasn't until the doctor on call told me in the middle of last night that it sounds more like an ear infection and that he needed to be seen...but our clinic is closed until tuesday, so we'd have to take him to the ER. i was just about to do so at 2 in the AM but then atticus chilled and slept for a while. this morning he seems to be doing pretty well. no fever, no fussiness..but no new full head of teeth. i hope they are close to cutting, for crying out loud (literally!) what is a sleep-deprived mother (and father!) to do?

Friday, August 29, 2008

martha's vineyard

so it's time i finally blog about going to martha's vineyard for my birthday...

but first things first - the breakfast! mmmm...ihop

yes, that's ice cream on my pancakes. i decided that turning 30 for sure gave me the right to eat ice cream for breakfast...

and lunch...

and dinner...

ok, now on to the vineyard!
martha's vineyard, part I

we got up nice and early to make the drive down to the cape, hop a bus and float on a ferry across the bay to the vineyard. it was beautiful and atticus was in love with the busride, his first one.

we took the ferry into the port at vineyard haven and did a little shopping before heading over to oak bluffs where we spent most of the day. we made the mistake of thinking that oak bluffs was "just around the bend" so what we thought would be a ten minutes walk was like a 2 hour walk...with no sidwalks...on a trafficky road...with mosquitos...but again it was beautiful and i was loving taking pictures and being in the sun.

this is one of the shops at vineyard haven

and one of the houses on our long walk

when we finally arrived at oak bluffs we had lunch on the board walk, and i had sweet potato fries. i won't insult your intelligence by telling you that i am sweet potato fries' #1 fan. i'm sure this is a well-known fact.

then we did some shopping. atticus took a little rest on the merchandise while we looked around.

then he got to go on his first carosel ride. oak bluffs felt a lot like balboa island, for those of you who are familiar with newport beach. it made me a little homesick, but what's new right?

atticus was more excited then he's pretending to be in this photo

read on for the rest of our adventures
the gingerbread houses

oak bluffs is full of awesome shops and quaint neighborhoods. i liked this sign that lists how far away some major cities are. pretty cute.

we have a tradition of buying magnets as souveniors ( the movie and win a prize) of all the places we go. as i searched through shops all day looking for a magnet i kept coming across ones that had little tiny homes that said "gingerbread house" on them. i finally asked what they were and we were directed into an entire neighborhood of tiny cottages, all painted and decorated so cute and fairy-tale-ish. people really live in these houses and they're cool with tourists just passing by all day long taking pictures. some of them even practice witchcraft and fatten up kids with candy to eat for dinner! needless to say, i took 1000 pictures, but will limit my blogging to these few...

they all had beautiful gardens and landscaping as well

most of them had themes and names, this one is the purple angel

and i snuck a picture of gretel playing on the porch

the park

we spent a lot of the afternoon playing in this incredible, huge, beautiful park that overlooked the ocean. the houses along this road were all gorgeous martha's vineyard cottage-looking mansions. it must be nice...

atticus was really into running through the grass

and watching the kites

and practising his waving

and meeting the local pups

and getting thrown about by mom

well, and basically just having way too many photos taken

we took a walk along the beach before dinner

dinner and the sunset

again we ate dinner along the boardwalk and watched the sunset. atticus was taking sips out of dad's straw. and for the second time i had sweet potato fries for my birthday ~ perfect!

overall it was a great day! we had so much fun. my boys for sure spoiled me in celebrating my 30th. it's going to be a good year!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12-13-14-15-16-17-18-19-20-21-22-23-24-25-26-27-28-29-30 candles

well actually that's 24 candles shapped into a 3-0. darek was worried i'd be too winded at my fragile age by blowing out 30 candles! we were too tired when we got home from martha's vineyard last night that we had cake and ice cream tonight. it was delish!

darek told me to take a big bite out of my cake for the video camera and not only did i do it but i am now shamelessly posting the after shot here for your viewing pleasure!

we tried to take a decent family photo...

and then we tried again

and we finally succeeded!

but this is my favorite!

it just kind of got worse and worse...

but it was lots of fun and oh so yummy!