Thursday, July 31, 2008

Derelique in WA (go Graham!)

Saw the new little nephew in Seattle! Cute little guy. And of course always silly times hanging out w/ my cute little niece...

At Tanwax Lake w/ the Folks and Spencer's fam. It's been YEARS since I've been behind a felt SO great. Still gettin' some mad hops over the wake, yeeeeah! (oh and when you're that ripped, you don't need to buckle up the life vest). Wakeboards are a lot more squirrley than the snowboard I'm used to, and man were my arms burning after two tows!

Spencer working the Hyperlite...

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

in response to the following comment left on my blog:

Abe said:
(note: i have no idea who this fool is)
"I just want to tell you, you have a beautiful boy, god bless him...but why such a ugly name?
How is he going to grow up with that name? Atticus?
i'm sorry but he is too cute to be called like that."

Dear Abe,

just an FYI - complimenting my son doesn't earn you the right to criticize his name.
and a bit of advice - don't be a jerk. it makes people not like you.
good luck with the name abe.

PS - please feel free to not visit our blog in the future

have a great day!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

i love it when the weather man lies

atticus and i had plans yesterday morning with a friend in cambridge. even though the weather man predicted storms, it was such a beautiful day so we decided to run instead of drive. it was the first time i had run from jamaica plain to cambridge and it was really beautiful to run the path along the riverway. it was so green and gorgeous. we had fun hanging out with our friend in cambridge, although we were helping her pack up because she and her family are moving soon, which makes me real sad. after that we decided instead of running back to JP we would walk along the charles river and the esplanade toward downtown. we ended up at the public gardens and the boston common hanging out for the afternoon and waiting for darek to get off work.

you cannot be a boston bred and born baby without a picture with the Make Way for Ducklings statue. as usual it the sun was too bright for atticus to look up at the camera but he was busy picking up and eating little rocks anyway.

he even got to take a picture with two local celebrities ~ romeo and juliet, the swans that inhabit the public garden pond. to read about how romeo and juliet are actually a same-sex couple (juliet and juliet) see this article. pretty funny and very boston-appropriate.

and then i laughed when this squirrel graced our photo as well. who knew that we'd encounter so much wildlife in the public gardens?

then we went over to the common to play in frog pond which is a big wading pool for kids. atticus got kicked out for not having a swim daiper on. it's not like he was really swimming much, just putting his feet in the water. sheesh. he loved it though despite the daiper discrimination.

we played on the grass for a while until atticus was soooo tired he couldn't keep his eyes open. i went on another walk through the city so he could fall asleep in his stroller. finally darek got off work and on our way to the T (subway) to head home we decided to revisit our pre-parenthood days and spontaneously see a movie...although this time we had a baby with us. atticus loved watching the previews but in the interest of limiting this kid's already high chances of developing ADD we rocked him to sleep and didn't let him watch the movie. not to mention the movie was the new batman movie so obviously i didn't want him checking out the violence. darek had already seen the movie so he took atticus out during the loud and violent parts. it was fun to see a movie although we were all so beat on the subway home at 10:30 PM. atticus had been out for over 12 hours. i'm such a bad mommy, but it was still a really fun day and he's such a chill kid it's easy to keep him out all day. and atticus got woke up and got all hyer and slap happy on the T and made everyone around us giggle. i loved it!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

the most amazing thing just happened...

darek went out of town
atticus stopped nursing

darek got home
atticus started nursing

oh i hope this is the official ending of the nursing strike. it was not fun. we just got home from whole foods where we were searching for all things dairy and soy free in case atticus didn't go back to breastfeeding. i was close to giving up and calling it good for nursing, but honestly i'm not really ready to be done and it was making me so sad that atticus seemed to be over it. but as soon as we got home from whole foods the dude nursed just as normally as he always had, as if he hadn't been refusing to for the last six days. i'm so relieved! i guess atticus was just missing darek like i was! we're so happy he's home!

sweet dreams...

Thursday, July 24, 2008

e.i.g.h.t m.o.n.t.h.s o.l.d



we had a little photo shoot in the (warm) rain today. this is the only shot that i got him looking at my because he was in love with the rain and busy eating the foliage.

so this little guy is still on a nursing strike ~ three days. it's sort of (totally) breaking my heart. i've been reading all about it and i guess it's common while teething and sometimes before a developmental change, such as crawling. so maybe that's the case? does anyone have advice or any similar experiences? i'm so not ready to wean from nursing. i've been pumping but already my supply is down! makes me sad...but i am grateful i've been able to nurse this long and i'll just keep hoping for the best!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

loving the sand

we went to westgate (MIT student housing) today to hang out with mommies and babies for a little playdate. they have a huge playground there located right between all the apartment buildings which is heaven for the families living there. atticus was super stoked about the sand, grabbing fistfuls and trying with all his might to get them to his mouth before mom intervened. the dude is on a nursing strike right now (not fun...) so he was probably craving some kind of nutrients or something. i think we're headed into the second wave of teething, hence the anti-nursing streak. i hope it ends soon...pumping is the worst!

he is seriously screeching for joy right here. he could barely contain himself. he was trembling and shaking from squeezing the sand in his hands so tight . such a little spaz!

then it was swing time. doesn't he look like 4 feet tall in this picture? oh yeah, that's because he's like 4 feet tall!

staring at the big kids next to him. he wants to be a big kid so bad. he's always trying to wiggle out of my arms so he can go run around with them and i have to kindly remind him, "you don't know how to walk yet, little dude."

yes i again... i just have a thing for tiny shoes. perhaps compensating for my oh-so-large feet and inability to ever find shoes that fit? (it's the long third toe issue, as usual)
and i had a classic atticus moment last night: he loves to play with all his toys in his crib and listen to music and stare at his mobil rotating above him. he generally squeals and kicks and screams the whole time. well last night i realized that he was being awfully quiet while playing in his crib before bedtime. i peeked around the corner and this is what i see:
tiny hands straining to reach for the floating monkey

he finally caught it and it went straight to the mouth, as does everything within a five foot radius of this kid. i can't believe the beating this mobile has endured for the last couple weeks. i guess it's time to lower the matress.

sweet dreams all...

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Memory tag
Calling all Memories!! So here is a fun new blogging game:

1. Leave one memory that you and I had together, as a comment on my blog. It doesn't matter if you know me a little or a lot, anything you remember!

2. Next, re-post these instructions on your blog and see how many people leave a memory about you. It's actually pretty funny to see the responses. If you leave a memory about me, I'll assume you're playing the game and I'll come to your blog and leave one about you.

Have a nice little trip down memory lane!

Monday, July 21, 2008

this little bum

we've been taking lots of pictures
which shouldn't be a surprise to any of you

to e-mail to darek while he is out of town ~ we really miss him

atticus was particularly fond of his shoes yesterday...and he chewed on them all day

Saturday, July 19, 2008

come to boston!

it's time to take that spontaneous trip to boston you've been considering! darek is headed out of town tomorrow and will be gone all week so i promise that if you come to town to hang out we will do all kinds of fun things and eat good food and see cool sights, etc. etc. what do you think???

Friday, July 18, 2008

i'll take an order of permanence with a side of stability please...
cheesy, i know, but oh so true

so, i've been reviewing my track record and it goes as follows:

from birth to age 18 years i moved only twice
once: california to idaho = mistake
twice: idaho to california = unmistake

BUT from age 18 years when i moved out of my parents house until age 24 years when i got married, in other words, over the following 6 years, i moved E.I.G.H.T.E.E.N times. that's a lot of moving people! but you know, it was college and mission and all that jazz and moving was just something that happened every semester or so. plus i pretty much just had to fill up my car until it was overflowing with clothes (and maybe a bag or two of coco roos), drive to my new place, transfer the clothes from car to closet and i was good to go.

but now i think i'm getting ready for something a little more permanent. as we've just celebrated our sixth anniversary perhaps it's fitting that we are possibly looking at our S.I.X.T.H move since getting married but i have to admit i don't feel like moving again! it's all dependent on whether or not our landlords sell our place, which is still in limbo! can you believe it? and, to complicate matters, we've just found out that even if they don't sell our place they may be filing for bankruptcy which means the bank could be kicking us out anyway. in either scenario it's probably time to start looking. craigslist here i come, old friend. *sigh*

i've actually always kind of liked moving. i like change. i like redecorating. i like getting settled. i like having a new place to explore and a new routine to establish. i like to go through my stuff and get rid of it (i've been working on my innate pack ratting tendency inherited from my mother for the last few years and i must say that it feels soooo good to get rid of stuff! just let it go for crying out loud!) BUT at this point in my life and marriage i really just want to get settled.

i was hoping that our next move would be when we were ready to move back west and be near family and hopefully buy a house somewhere and stick around for a while. if some miracle occurred and darek's job could get us transferred out west and some homeowner wanted to give us a killer deal on a cute little starter home by the end of summer i'd be all for moving, but as it is we're probably looking at another move across town. it feels so unproductive to pack up 400 cardboard boxes only to drive them to the other end of the neighborhood and unpack them. and this will be our first move with all of atticus' stuff and i think he has more stuff then darek and i combined.

i'm torn. on one hand i just want to head back west to get a little more settled, on the other hand i'm not ready to leave new england. i guess i'm glad to be able to stay here longer but i just wish we weren't going through the apartment search routine again. plus we love our current apartment and it's such a deal...oh well, easy come, easy go. anyway, i'll stop complaining. things could be worse. wish us luck.
the gateway

i'm behind on blogging all my pictures from our trip to utah and las vegas...slowly but surely...

we took the kids to the gateway in salt lake one afternoon to play in the fountain. atticus was running around all ballistic and crazy as usual...ok, he wasn't running around, but he was really wishing that he could. as you can imagine it was HOT in ut so the fountain was a great pass time. and playing in the fountain reminded me of playing in the fashion island fountain after one of my high school proms in my prom dress. good times!

it was nearly impossible to get atticus to look at the camera because he was so enthralled with the pillars of water shooting up behind him. the sweet little lady in pink is one of atticus' cousins, little "R"

as always darek was being such a fun uncle taking R and A into the water and being all wild and crazy. they L.O.V.E. uncle darek. i can't say that i blame them.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Kdub comes to town

one of the major bonuses of living in boston is that kamilah is married to a bostonian, which means that every now and then she pops into town and we get to chat all through church together! i love it! i'm so happy you came to see me my frient! maybe next time we can make some prank phone calls and shoot bottle rockets (miss-iles) into crowds of unsuspecting people.

and in case you're wondering, yes, i do carry with me at all times a portable fan in the event i'm going to have to spontaneously pose for a photo and want to ensure that i get that hair-blowing-modelesque look.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

last weekend we went to salem to do some sightseeing on our anniversary. salem is a beautiful city, of course infamous for the salem witch trials held in 1692 when nineteen men and women were convicted and executed for witchcraft. so besides the whole murdering of innocent "witches" it's quite a quaint little city and rather lovely.
we started out at the new england pirate museum since my husband believes that perhaps in a previous life he (and dov) were swashbuckling pirates who pillaged and plundered the stormy seas together. although salem is most well known for the witchcraft trials there is actually a longer history of known new england pirates that originated from the area and plundered merchant ships through the 17th and 18th centuries.
my boys with captain blackbeard (um, maybe. i sort of mixed up all the pirates...except for ned lew. i remember him because he was a crazy man who would do nasty things like capture an enemy, cut off the enemy's ears, salt the ears and feed them back to his enemy before killing him. as you would expect his crew mutinied against him and threw him over board. he was rescued a couple days later but someone on that boat recognized him and knew what an evil dude he was so they executed him. see, now you won't forget who ned lew is either.)
then we dressed up like pirates and said things like aye and argh.

and if you think my pirate face is pathetic...

check out darek's!

and darek chased this pirate up his rope ladder

we ate lunch at salem (ROOT) beer works. (do you recognize this place HAMBOS? remember our delicious lunch here three years hence?) i quickly informed our waiter that we don't drink as he jumped into his "we have 50 million flavors of beers" schpill at which point i saw that why-in-the-world-would-you-come-here-to-eat? look on his face. and i'll tell you why in the world we go there to eat: sweet potato fries and corn bread...mmmm....delish! beer schmeer!

so then we had a little visit to the local burial ground known as "the burying point" which is the oldest burying ground in the city. several "witches" are buried here as well as justice john hathorne (an ancestor to nathaniel hawthorne) who was one of the judges that sent those convicted of withcraft to their deaths. as always, atticus tried to eat the grass and anything else that got within his reach

and then we dressed up like witches
my favorite part of this picture is the bug's tiny hands holding onto the brim of the witch's hat. don't worry, darek is back there holding him. we didn't just hang him there and leave him although he seemed to think that was our plan.

i was a woo woo witch. woo woo!

and i just took a quick shot of the pretty sky on our way out of salem.

and in keeping with the pirate theme i busted out the baby legs yesterday to help protect the bug's knees in his attempts at crawling. i suppose that if i must force this little guy to wear leg warmers in true flashdance fashion they might as well look as intimidating as possible.