Monday, June 30, 2008

it's always a little sad to say goodbye

but always so nice to be home. we had such a great trip. i usually spend 3-4 weeks in ut when i go visit (and come home totally wasted!) but this time it was only 2 weeks (so i'm only half wasted). it was pretty jam packed though so it was probably time to come on home and recover. we saw lots and lots of people that we love love love so much! i've got to go through my pictures and do some blogging but highlights were: unexpectedly seeing spencer and sarah and their cute family, cafe rio (mmm...), hanging out with garlan, family BBQ for father's day, another family BBQ with my cousins on my mom's side most of which i haven't seen for 3+ years, a surprise 70th birthday party for my dad, hanging out with my family (we missed you, seattle ropers!), getting FREE one hour massages - amazing (thanks J & K), and all the adjustments my aching back could desire from my chiropractic bro-in-law (gracias J!), playing in the fountain at the gateway, catan and canasta with my siblings, a spontaneous trip to VEGAS (viva las vegas baby!) and seeing the vegas mccoys, daydreaming about possibly moving to vegas, seeing many friends: nikki and fam, the dovs, the wrights, jen and steve (and gracie and jack, of course), wayne and courtney, tisha and her three beauties, hmmm, did i forget anyone? we stayed in p-town for part of the time which was nice because i got to spend more time then usual with friends there, although no photos were taken! you'd think that of the millions of photos i took i'd have more of our time in provo. lame. we went to seven peaks and atticus went "swimming" for his first time. i ate at hickory kist and relived many a provo moment, including kamilah, packy, leah and becky doing a cheerleader cheer for me outside of hickory kist the day i went into the MTC and when i ran into hector there after the mission and found out he'd joined the church and when i ran into good old brian emerson after the mission and he found out i was married and couldn't go on a friend date with him to mcdonald's so he asked me if i had any beautiful 26 year old friends that he could marry. i had to skip my favorites at Gondalfo's and Bombay because i'm still eating no dairy and no soy for the sake of the bug's tummy but it will make p-town food all the more delicious the next time i'm in town. i chopped off t.w.e.l.v.e inches of my too long hair and lost a quick 5 lbs. in the process (thanks megan!) um, i kind of got a sort of tan but it's gone now. i went shopping with my sister at DI and seriously found some deals! i walked up to BYU bookstore to get atticus some momorny baby books and had some serious flashbacks, but i'll spare you the tedious task of reliving the six years of my life i spent on that campus. i felt like a ghost haunting provo, my byu generation has been replaced by all the new young hotties and it's depressing to think that i probably look real old to them just like they look real young to me. i hung out a lot with my nieces and nephews and took lots of pictures. i spent a few nights up with the babe while he grew his second tooth. and i came home totally sleep deprived and exhausted...all the signs of a great trip. it was fun to see all of you that we saw and sad to miss those of you we didn't see. i'll get around to posting pictures at some point. as for now ~ sweet dreams...

Sunday, June 29, 2008

this neglected blog...

we've been in utah (and vegas!) for the last two weeks and although the blog has suffered some major neglect you better believe that i've taken over 800 pictures (yes, true) that will surely find their way to the blog sooner or later. we've had lots of fun visiting family and friends and are sad to fly home tomorrow, although it will be nice to get home and back into the normal routine and such. atticus has been a champ despite the crazy traveling, crossing three time zones and growing his second tooth!

~ s.e.v.e.n ~ m.o.n.t.h.s ~ o.l.d ~

and the happy owner of TWO little teeth

Thursday, June 12, 2008

a round of applause please...

this dude sprouted his first tooth this week! such proud parents we are. please forgive the applesaucey face below, and of course the tooth nub is just barely visible but it's exciting nonetheless. he also survived his six month shots today. he weighed in a 17 lbs 12 oz - 44th percentile, however he measured an impressive 28 1/4 inches long - 91st percentile. tall and skinny with a mini head (a measley 16th percentile!) still real cute though...

and he's pulling all kinds of acrobatics like sitting up (then toppling over) and making scooching efforts towards toys. i can't believe it!

blurry yes, but it made me laugh so it got included. he was super spazy during lunch today.

such an innocent messy little face

we go to a new moms group on tuesday in our neighborhood and we got there early this week so we had to wait outside in the NINTY-FOUR degree weather! plus the million % humidity - misery! luckily atticus had his sweet shades and water bottle to keep cool.

and some shots just playing (mostly eating his non-edible toys)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

baby blessing

this post is three months late...i was waiting for some family photos to get forwarded to me. better late then never

the blessing was beautiful, this is such a special little soul

during the blessing atticus started to fuss just a little bit but then he looked around the circle until his eyes found darek and as soon as he saw his daddy he stopped crying and was totally calm. how sweet is that?

we did the blessing in may parents' ward in salt lake. atticus' cousin was also blessed the same day which was really special. and another of his little cousins was baptized the evening before so the whole weekend was pretty cool.

darek's parents made it from washington for the blessing

a guy in my parents' ward did some family photos. all you photography friends out there please forgive the very posed pictures (leah, i'm sure you're cringing!)

the four generation photo: my dad, his mom, my babe and me

the whole roper clan

together for the first time in many moons. how sweet is it that my little niece "A" is reaching behind her to hold atticus' hand! she was so cute during church. she and her dad were holding atticus and she leaned to her dad and said," look dad, he has darek's nipples!" her dad said, "his what?" niece repeated, "his nipples" her dad says, "um, i think you mean his dimples!" niece, a little embarassed, "oh yeah..."

9/37 of the mccoy clan.

we were so grateful that brandon drove up from vegas with two of his sweet kids and that grandma and grandpa mccoy and uncle G could all come. it was fun to hang out and pretty wild and crazy as things tend to be when you get to many mccoys together.

father and son

we did a little touristy SLC stuff while darek's parents were still in town. the whole weekend was so great. thank you to everyone who came and participated. you are each a blessing to our little family.

Friday, June 06, 2008

this week's collection

it's time to make my first drop off of donated baby clothing to the Room to Grow program. I've been collecting and washing and sorting and folding and organizing all week and i'm excited to be able to give all of this to families in need. thanks to all the moms who contributed. i'm going to keep collecting off and on through the summer for those of you who still have hand-me-downs to pass along!

Thursday, June 05, 2008

teething, teething, teething...
and yet no teeth!

now, i realize that i am still fairly new to this whole raising a baby business but silly me thought that teething led to teeth, not just more teething. this poor little dude has been dealing with all manner of teething "symptoms" all week long (and off and on for a couple months, it seems). actually it hasn't been that bad, i'm just used to him being so happy and cheerful and sleeping as all good mccoys do (versus the roper insomnia curse which i bear). anyway, hopefully those little teethies will pop up soon and we can move on with life...until the next teething episode of course!

Sunday, June 01, 2008

a new project

as i have recently been the recipient of some so great FREE baby clothing/toys from the children's clothing exchange - including the exersaucer pictured below which i totally spic and spanned and brought back from the dead - i am now feeling inspired to start a new little project...a baby clothing/equipment collection and donation. I've posted on the JP moms message board that I'm collecting clothes, etc. that i am planning to donate to a program called Room to Grow which helps babies born into poverty. it kills me to think of all the sweet little babes out there that don't have what they need to be healthy and safe and strong so hopefully this will help a little. if you are around here and have stuff you'd like to me donate just let me know! i'd be happy to take any clothes/toys/baby gear off your hands and pass it along to a family in need! this new project really makes both the social worker and mommy in me very happy!

other new adventures this week:

our landlords built a swing set in the backyard which i was real excited about but atticus could pretty much care less about (the picture says it all) was pretty funny. he was mostly interested in trying to eat the rope and staring at the purple swing hanging next to him. perhaps when he gets a little older.

and a little roley poley oley! he's unintentionally rolled from his tummy to back a few times when he's gotten mad during tummy time but this week he has started to roll from back to tummy, always in pursuit of a toy, of course. i realize that i say this on pretty much every post but i really can't believe how fast he's growing. it sort of makes my heart feel a little squishy and tender and maybe like i want to cry.

and thanks to jhordan i had a little girls night out a couple nights ago while the hubbies were busy watching the celtics get ready to head to the finals (sorry jared, your sad little lakers are going down!) jhordan and i went a saw a little chick flick, the oh-so-predictable-but-still-real-cute-mostly-because-of-dr.-mcdreamy Made of Honor. jhordan and i laughed and laughed and pointed our fingers at all the crazy giggley girls totally DECKED out in formals and stilettos that where out to see S*x in the City. the line was a mile long and full of S.J. Parker wannabes. it was humorous.

and, thanks to bon bon i'll be reading stephanie meyer's (author of Twilight series) new book this week, The Host. the plot sounds a little strange but who would have thought that teenage vampires and werewolves would be so addicting?

and my food storage is happening...slowly but surely. is yours? we're on week #3 of "food storage on $5 a week" listed on my sidebar, so join in on the fun and have 500 cans of tomato soup when the world comes to an end!

PLUS - a nice guy named pete from craigslist is giving away a free polaroid camera and i called dibs first so first thing tomorrow ole pete's going to drop it in the mail to me! so lucky!

hmmm, let's i have anything else to ramble on about? i guess that's it for now.

as always - sweet dreams (i've been having nightmares lately, please wish me sweet dreams...)

good night, sheesh