Friday, May 30, 2008

all lilacs are not created equal

yes, i admit, i am the nerd at the arboretum that not only stops to smell EACH lilac bush (i can not help myself just smells tooooo good!) but i am also that nerd that stops to read each plaque in front of each bush to learn the differences...nerd...

but this one is by far my favorite. it's called "sensation" because it's sensational. each purple petal is outlined in white. the blossoms were much brighter last week when i first saw them but i couldn't get a picture until this week so it doesn't quit do them justice...nevertheless, sensational!

the sensation lilacs were too high for atticus to admire but he was still a fan of those he could reach. it has been such nice weather lately and i love running to the arboretum in the mornings. luckily atticus digs being in the BOB (most of the time) so we can get out and about pretty often. it's doing wonders for my (farmer) tan as well...

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

we ran out of gas...

again? you ask. yes, again. that makes one-two-three-FOUR times! needless to say we have not gotten the gas gauge fixed. i know, i know. we're lame! matt and mary came from NYC to visit for memorial day weekend and really the only thing on there "must see" list (well, at least matt's list) was the basketball hall of fame in springfield, ma. too bad we didn't think to fill up before getting on the freeway. we won't make that mistake again!

at first the boys got 1/2 gallon of gas from a nice lady who lived near the freeway. sadly the 1/2 gallon wasn't enough to get the car to turn on.

darek pouring the gas in, matt supervising

mary, atticus and i set up camp away from the freeway while the boys hunted down some gasoline. surprisingly not a single soul stopped to offer help. two women with a baby? come on people! i know, let's be honest, it's not really considered safe to stop and help strangers on the freeway and i'm sure i would have passed up a stranded car as well. can't blame them.

yes, it looks tranquil but in reality it was windy and buggy so we were real glad when the boys showed up with the gas.

sadly when the gas was insufficient we had to call the cops to come rescue us...oops, i mean write us a $50 ticket! yep, apparently that's what happens when you run out of gas and call upon those who have sworn to serve and protect for help! how lame is that?
waiting, waiting...

even with the cute little bug all bundled up against the chilly wind the cop's heart did not soften

so once again we've learned our lesson.
we had so much fun having matt and mary here for the weekend. they were great houseguests and as you can imagine the boys watched basketball while mary and i chatted and chatted and chatted like girls tend to do. we had a great time. thanks for coming guys! you're the coolest!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

six months old!
i cannot believe how big this little dude is getting!

chillin in his chair

rocking out with dad

hanging out with mom

basketball with dad

love this little guy!

Friday, May 23, 2008

this little champ

slept 11 1/2 hours last night with no wake ups! hooray! we've been using the cry-it-out sleep training method for the last week ever since A's pediatrician informed us that a S.E.V.E.N.T.E.E.N pound almost-six-month-old should easily be sleeping through the night! this little sneaky sneak was tricking me into thinking that he needed to eat every four hours! we've weaned him off the night time feedings and hopefully it lasts...

Thursday, May 22, 2008

the avon walk for breast cancer

i'm on the enrichment committee for my ward and helped to organize a cheering station for the avon walk for breast cancer last saturday. it was amazing. about 3000 walkers participated in this fundraising walk that raises money for research, treatment and the prevention of breast cancer. i was really touched and often choked up while we watched the walkers pass by knowing that each of them had somehow been affected by this disease. we cheered our little hearts out to help them during the 26.2 mile walk that they completed on saturday. they then walked another 13.1 miles on sunday. it was pretty amazing.

each cheering station was supposed to have a theme. we choose FLOWER POWER so we could dress all springy and seventie-ish and play sweet disco music! i was a total spaz cheering everyone on which should be a suprise to no one. i especially loved cheering the funny things that people had printed on their shirts. my favorites were "we love tatas!" and "save second base!" we were especially loud when someone with a "survivor" t-shirt walked by. it was really inspiring and tender!

we decked out our station with all manner of flowery powery items

we were stationed at the 18 mile marker which was also on a big uphill climb so the walkers were real tired by the time they got to us and were in desperate need of our maniacal flower power cheering!

i had to include a shot of these hotties cheering on the hooties!

thanks to jhordan for these so cute flowers that we hung from the trees. nevermind that they kept smacking the walkers in the face as they passed by. we finally had to rearrange the tree flowers as not to decapitate anymore walkers.

overall it was such an amazing experience. it felt so good to be part of something so inspiring and meaningful. i was really impressed with the 1000s of people out there walking miles and miles for such a good cause and grateful we could be a part of it. hooray for FLOWER POWER!

save the TATAS!!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

just a few recent favs...

BOB and i have been taking the babe out to enjoy the sunshine every chance we get! atticus was real excited to discover grass.

and of course had to try eating it

Monday, May 19, 2008

on a more serious note...

i think that generally my blog is lighthearted and hopefully fun to read and have typically not used it as a forum for much serious discussion, but lately i've been thinking a lot about the state of the world and i really want your input to know if you've been thinking/feeling the same way. i feel such a sense of urgency to "get prepared!" we've been warned for decades to build up food storage, get out of debt/increase savings, become self-sufficient, etc. etc. and i don't know about you but darek and i have been living in temporary, transitional circumstances since getting married and frequent moves/apartment living have not been very conducive to building up much food storage, etc. lately this has been stressing me out. we've been considering where to move and although nothing has quite felt like the right path i admit i've felt a need to be closer to family and loved ones in the event that cross country travel may someday not be available, or in fact too expensive to be realistic. i feel a need to reconnect with loved ones and remember that of all the things this life provides, relationships are among the most important and precious of these things. i feel sad at the rapid decline of morals and values in our society and scared (terrified) to think of the danger that is present and will be present throughout the lives of our children. i feel compelled to establish a "house of God" within the walls of my own home to protect my family from the wickedness that is destroying the world but disheartened to know that regardless of my efforts, people i love will still hurt and struggle and be afflicted by worldly trial. the Gospel of Jesus Christ is of course my source of strength and comfort in considering all of this but i admit that although i have FAITH i still feel some fear.

what do you think?

PS - i'm going to be posting food storage info that i find on my sidebar. i hope it's helpful!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

mozzaht street pahk
(that's bostonian for mozart street park)

we attended the grand opening of a recently renovated city park right here on our own street last friday. atticus got a free "don't trash your parks" t-shirt. mom and dad got free breakfast, mmm. and we all got to meet thomas m. menino - yep, the mayor of the great city of boston!

Friday, May 16, 2008

do you see this creature?

i caught it! with my bare hands! yes, please feel free to take a moment to gross out for a bit then pull yourself together and join me in celebrating my victory! this little dude, or at least this little dude's friends, has been making sporadic appearances in our house for months. finally a couple nights ago i went into the bathroom to get ready for bed and i hear this little scratch, scratch, scratch. i look down and this dude is desperately trying with all his mighty mouse might to escape under the door, yet to no avail. i chased him around the bathroom and wittingly outsmarted him in all his escape attempts, including his very impressive ability to jump TWO feet into the air! ha ha ha little sucker! my only regret is that i didn't have darek take a picture of me holding him by his tail before imprisoning him as seen here.

don't feel too bad though, i did provide him with some KIX during his incarceration. but he just kept nibbling...

we took him down the street and around the corner to let him go, hoping he wouldn't find his way back to our casa. he bolted like a flash of light as soon as we laid the vase down, so happy to be free. i feel confident that had he previously known that his capture, KIX dinner and quick release were going to be such a pleasant and harmless occurrence he would not have resisted with such fervor to my catching him.

and while we're on the subject of random creatures, this dude was just totally stone cold chillin on the road today as i was walking down the street. he hung out long enough for me to take a picture then hippity hopped away! i wish attticus were old enough to realize that this is the animal i'm talking about when i make the "ribbit ribbit" sound while singing about old mcdonald's farm.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Bedtime with Popop

With Berli off to Kara's baby shower tonight, the Celtics game not on for another hour, and the little dude ALREADY asleep (he melts in Dad's arms...he was zombie eyes in no time...went RIGHT down...ah thank you), what am I to do with myself? Maybe a quick post showing off Atticus' miniest mohawk (you can tell how badly I'm forcing it...but I just can't wait 'til he's like a Kindergartner and shows up his first day at school with a gnarly punk 'hawk..."Who's punk kid is this!?"...I can't wait).

Anyway, a bucket of apple sauce later, a quick bath, and lotion lather, he's down for the count. Being a daddy's the best.

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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

good morning!

atticus is always so happy when he wakes up in the morning. he's so smiley and always ready to play! here he is playing with dad before work. i love it!

have such a happy day!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

happy mother's day

to all you wonderful women out there, whether or not you have children, you're still touching lives for good! i'm grateful to all of you for your friendships and examples!

today was a really special day for me. for those of you who haven't noticed i'm a huge fan of motherhood. i feel incredibly blessed to have my sweet little babe in my life and all the joy that he brings to us. we had a great day of celebrations together both starting and ending with darek making me yummy breakfast and dinner! nothing better then that. i felt spoiled when we purchased BOB earlier this week but darek and atticus spoiled me further today with roses, cards, treats and some very loved and unexpected mother's day treasures from good old kay jewelers, because you know - every k.i.s.s begins with kay. darek wanted to make my first mother's day extra special and made sure i understood that most likely next year will be a little simpler! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU husband and son for the so special day! you mean the world to me.

i just wanted some good mother's day photos but the family ones we took turned out so cheesy i'll save you from an awkward and painful viewing. atticus wasn't totally in a photo-taking mood so we did the best we could.

which resulted in blurry action photos

but at least we got the smile

and who can let pass a mother's day without a shout out to mama roper? for those of you poor souls who don't know this woman, you're really missing out. not only is she incredibly generous, charitable and self-sacrificing, she's also just totally hilarious and so laid back it's impossible to shock her at all (well, mostly impossible. i've succeeded on a few occasions but shall not be sharing those moments with you at this time...or any time in the future for that matter.) i love you mom. thank you for the years of love and support. without you i would not be who i am today and i strive to be more like you as i'm learning more about motherhood. you're just the coolest!

we took a little mother's day walk to end our fun day. the babe loves to be facing forward in the new stroller so he can look and look and look around. so much to see in this big wide world.

the three men in my life: darek, atticus and BOB


more peeking
(and a special little love to lil' leah for the knitted beanie that i love. i hope the bug's head stays so mini so he can wear it again next winter)

and finally darek made me a delicious marble swirl cake. and i took a big old bite before he could frost it. haha. it's fun when you're the mom.

i hope you all had a special day. sweet cake-filled dreams!


Saturday, May 10, 2008

road trip with a five month old...

1 small suitcase

1 small suitcase

1 small suitcase
1 daiper bag
1 carseat
1 stroller
1 bjorn carrier
1 white noise machine
1 pack and play
1 sheet
1 baby bath
1 bouncy chair
2 packages daipers
2 packages wipes
2 swaddle blankets
4 other blankets
and lots of toys...

so happy to be home

we had a really great couple of weeks in queensbury but it's always nice to come home. i spent our last morning browsing through the most amazing antique shop ever at the glenwood manor. thirty four rooms in beautiful victorian home full of the most amazing treasures. everything your little antiquing, thrift shopping, vintage treasure hunting heart could desire. i was loving it. and so was atticus. his little head was whipping from side to side as fast as his little neck would allow, taking in all the sights. sadly no purchases were made...but browsing was exciting enough.

so a fond farewell to the locals. you all made my stay so special. i'd like to give a little shout out to the farmer man with a ponytail and suspenders who went power walking every night at 6 PM with...(wait for it)...hand weights. mmm, and the bakery that made the most unbelievably devine raspberry filled cookies imaginable. you don't even need teeth to eat these suckers, they're so melt-in-you-mouthy. and the man with a fat bottom lip full of chew who ooohhhed and aaahhhed over atticus. and the sweet german lady who spoke with a sweet german accent and owned a sweet german restuarant who opened up just for us and made me yummy banana upside down pancakes. ah yes, and of course, all the residents who graced their lawn with fake deer, as must be the mode in the country. queensbury just wouldn't be the same without you.
and i'd also like to officially welcome BOB into the family...we're so glad you've arrived!

ps - if you've never pushed one of these gems take a moment to do so the next time you're at REI or some such place. it's magical.