Tuesday, March 25, 2008

four months old yesterday

which means today was the first try of rice cereal. atticus will sleep through the night every now and then but is mostly still waking up every 4-5 hours to eat so hopefully this will help us all get more sleep! he did pretty well and actually seemed to like it. the time has also come to help atticus fall asleep without the standard swaddle, rocking, etc. routine. it just breaks my heart when i put him down and he starts to cry and just wants to be rocked to sleep...any suggestions?

we also took a little walk around jamaica pond today to enjoy the sunshine. i am so so ready for spring!

Celtics vs. Sonics

As has been the case for the last few years the Sonics always grace us with their presence in time to celebrate Darek's birthday! The difference this year was not only the addition of a new little fan but this has been the first year that Darek actually rooted for the non-Sonics team...that's right, Boston has converted Darek to a Celtics fan.

All bundled up and ready to head to the game

Not a great picture but you get the idea

daddy and son watching the game

family photo

the babe meeting the legendary Ray Allen

the babe was for sure the youngest fan there and got lots of attention from all the other fans who couldn't resist his smiles

Sunday, March 23, 2008


Visitors Welcome!

I was so lucky to have a little visit from Annie last weekend. It had been a few years since we'd seen each other but as soon as we were together it was as if not a day had past. We chatted and chatted and chatted some more. She was a total trooper and left her cute family to make the six hour drive from Pennsylvania when she's only six weeks away from arrival of baby #3. What a good friend! Thanks for coming Annie - it was SOOO good to see you!

What's a trip to Boston without seeing the all famous Cheers bar? It is where everybody knows your name afterall!

We toured around the city and followed the Freedom Trail so Annie could see all the sites. We checked out Faniuel Hall, the North End, Beacon Hill, the Common and the Public Gardens. Boston is such a great city and I love playing tour guide so all you folks that haven't been here for a visit get on the ball already!

We also ventured out to the Charles River, too bad it was such a grey day.

Plus Annie came bearing gifts for the babe. Look at this so so so super cute birth announcment frame she made! Watch out pottery barn! Thanks again Annie for the so super cute gifts and the great visit!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

His Air-ness

So I'm in Chicago for a couple days this week for training (booooring). So instead of paying attention, I'm reading people's blogs, emailing people, and generally surfing the information superhighway as the instructors go on and on about Oracle this and Oracle that (please don't call on me...please don't call on me...)
"Darek, can you explain to the class how you would implement Oracle workflow methodology to mitigate that audit risk?"
"Uhh....well. Gosh let me see...I suppose if you randomize the synergenistic risk-basked approach to internal controls over financial reporting and utilize the use of your LEX and cross-LOS to generate..."
"You know I'm gonna stop you right there Darek. That's the dumbest thing anyone has ever said. Gather up your things and please leave the room. You haven't heard a word I've said. And nice use of made-up words."
"Can I at least take a sandwich and cookie with me?"

Back to the point...so I'm sitting here in training thinking about what to do here in Chicago as soon as we get done (as this is my first time in Chi-town) and so I check out the Bulls schedule online to see if they happen to be in town...BAM! Bulls vs. NJ Nets at the United Center 7:30pm! Although both are pretty loser teams this season, it's never a bad idea to go watch a live NBA game in my book, especially if it's in the house that MJ built! So I headed over to the United Center (about a 2 mile walk from downtown...no doubt I could use the exercise) and got there an hour before tipoff to grab some grisly grub (Chicago-style pizza and monster nachooooos) and of course visit the hallowed ground of Jordan's "Jumpman" statue outside the entrance. There was literally an unspoken reverence from everyone around it. No loud speaking or flash photography. Only whispers and quiet movements and the occasional bowed head out of respect.

So I go in and since I was early (and one of the first 1,000 "fans") I got a commemorative green Bulls T-shirt (probably leftovers from the St. Patty's Day game). But hey, free T-shirt...sweet. The arena's pretty cool too and it's amazing to look at the rafters and see all those NBA Championship banners hanging with all the Conference and Division championships too (much like the Garden in Boston). I actually got chills during the announcing of the starting lineup "...for YOUR ChiCAHgo BULLLLS" when the lights turned off and then you here that soft music begin to grow louder and louder (if you've seen any Jordan highlight video, you know what music I'm talking about). Then, nothing but laser lights and fireworks with that awesome pump-up music as the players are announced...pretty awesome actually.

Perhaps the HIGHLIGHT of the whole shin dig was the unexpected, though oh so welcome live appearance of the REAL MEN OF GENIUS! If you are unfamiliar with these hilariously talented performers please check out this link and let the laughter begin!

PS Let the MADNESS begin! If you've gotten a NCAA Tournament bracket invite from me recently, fill those out and let the smack talk begin! Even Amberli filled one out and is talking trash..."Everyone knows a Bruin can beat a Bulldog!"

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

just passing the time...

darek is out of town for a few days so i'm a solo mommy for a bit. i had to take a "desperation walk" with atticus today, as in i was desperate to get him to take a nap and only the stroller would do the trick. i was laughing at myself as i was walking around jamaica plain pond with ice cold hands thinking about how italians think you will die if your neck gets cold and russians think your ovaries will freeze if you sit on a cold ground and here i was risking death and frozen ovaries just to get my baby to take a nap! he's doing the whole won't-take-longer-than-45-minute-naps business right now but i know that's pretty common for this age. yeah i was kind of rolling my eyes at myself to think that last week i was blogging about how i didn't know how to fill the time while atticus napped...haha, i can think of 100 ways now that i don't have the time anymore! anyway, i lucked out 2 hours ago and caught him just as he was waking up at the 45 minute mark and rocked him back to sleep before he knew what hit him so at least i got the laundry and dishes done...now i'm just waiting to see if he'll wake up for his 10 PM feeding or if it's bedtime for mommy!

anyway - he got real interested in looking at the camera today so i snapped a few...

he's loving his fingers these days, this kid is growing ahead of schedule and i think that means teething is coming early too

well so far so good, haven't heard the pip squeak so maybe i'll try to get some sleep before he finally wakes up and realizes he's starving!

sweet dreams!

so we went to arizona over a month ago to visit family and attend darek's friend matt's wedding (sadly i have no pictures of the wedding to share) and i'm just barely getting around to blogging about it. i'm a little behind.

it was my first time visiting arizona and i admit that in the traditional fashion of californian anti-arizona snobbery (which i have since grown out of as i now recognize the attraction of affordable living!) has kept me from thinking much about AZ, the "wannabe california." but i was thrilled to enjoy the warm weather and palm trees in the dead of a bostonian winter! it was pretty great and i repent of my previous anti attitude!

as i previously posted we got to stay in a neighbor's house that is only used for part of the year. it was fun to pretend like this big old house was ours although i must say if it were so, i'd opt not to decorate with huge ceramic geckos on the walls. nevertheless is was super great and we are really grateful to the mystery people who loaned us their beautiful house and to rob and erin for hooking us up!

darek dared our nephew to slide down the slide into the FREEZING cold pool for a Wii game and although our poor nephew was shivering like a madman darek now owes him a Wii game! it was really funny!

little sis watching big bro brave the cold pool

we spent an afternoon at this park and again i was so happy for the nice weather

good uncle pushing the kids on the swings

mama brooke of the Crazy Busta Moving McCoys

and the kiddos

atticus getting to know his cousins

and then having enough

and of course, perhaps the highlight of the whole week: the Renaissance Fair. there was all manner of weirdo present at the festival, you know, those cape wearing, sword carrying, dungeons and dragons playing types? it was fun and entertaining although i had a hard time getting past the fact that many of these poeple really seemed to believe they were living in medieval times. hmmm, awkward
i was glad to see that slash and the grim reaper were also in attendance. oh and yes, of course the very helpful funeral cart was on hand for any unexpected need

we got heckled by this lady sitting up on the ledge on our way in and the heckling just continued throughout the day by all the crazy bards and wenches strolling about. my favorite heckling of the day was when this random man standing on a barrel called out to me as i passed by carrying atticus, "you lady, how do you like your eggs?" i was real confused and before i could reply, "umm, scrambled?" he said, "fertilized i see!" yes, thank you for noticing, you very strange man!

yes...i have only word for this man...creepy! stilts have always creeped me out. plus his were furry like animal legs! and please notice the tip basket hanging on his walking stick. yeah as i did not notice said tip basket until later, i nelgected to leave a tip after taking the photo...oops! sorry scary stilt man

cute little niece in a princess hat

cute nieces everywhere i looked

everyone. i tried to take a better picture of everyone actually looking at the camera later while we were sitting in the stands watching a jousting tournament but that was the exact moment my camera battery died!

big twin and little twin

can you tell these two are brothers?

hungry for a very large turkey leg? no silverware necessary. mmm!

and of course we had to pay our respects to the king and queen of the festival

darek's sister throwing axes...because that's what you do when you go to a renaissance festival

and the pirates' shack
atticus got a pair of skull and cross bone socks as a souvenir and that's pretty much all i would let my little boy take away from this crazy place!

the trip was super fun and it was so great to see the arizona and california mccoys. it had been a long time since we'd hung out. we had a great time at darek's sister's house playing games and chatting. thanks for all the great times everyone!