Sunday, February 17, 2008

so darek's sister's husband's home teachee's neighbor
(got that?)

owns a huge house in their neighborhood that is empty most of the year. it's their "winter home" that they use in the winter...except they must be using some other winter home this winter because it's empty right now, or at least it was until we took up residence in it that is. it has been really nice having the space. in fact atticus has slept EIGHT hours two nights in a row (heaven!)

we're having a lot of fun in AZ. the weather is gorgeous today, in the 70's and not a cloud in the sky. we attended the 20th anniversary renaissance festival yesterday and observed all manner of lord and lady, princess and fairy, bard and wench. it was pretty fun, though a little creepy - you know those "live dungeons and dragons like it's real life" type people? yes, they were in abundance. photos to come of course.

we are also having a great time with darek's siblings and their families...again photos to come. get excited!

i hope all you bostonians aren't too freezing cold!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Like Father, Like Son, Times 2

I haven't busted out the camera yet to capture all of our fun vacation moments but my mom took some pictures last week of the meeting of the two new grandsons, Atticus and my brother's son, "R" who is older by two weeks. Somewhere between Boston and Utah Atticus had a major growth spurt and the PJ's he wore Friday on the plane no longer fit him by Sunday! Yes, he has grown out of his 3 month jammies and I had to buy him SIX month jammies...need I remind you the kid is only 2 1/2 months old? So needless to say he's a tall little pip (not such the little pip squeak he used to be) and dwarfed his cute little cousin but they loved each other nonetheless. Atticus is so used to our quiet little apartment that he just didn't know what to think being surrounded by cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents! It has been really fun getting to know the new kids.

And of course we had to take a picture of the dads looking as cute as the sons. The same "older but minier" phenomenon exists between these two as well. And as both sons are spittin' images of the daddies it was pretty hilarious!

We are headed to AZ tomorrow for some serious McCoy family fun so stay tuned for the chaos that is sure to come.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Such a scene!

So, the V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N is going great so far! Atticus was a TOTAL CHAMP on the flight over. There was a stressful moment of some fussiness as we were waiting FOREVER for the plane to take off and A had hunger in his little tummy but I had to wait until we took off to feed him to help his mini ears pop and I got a few glares from the insensitives around me...however - as A ended up doing great those who glared at me early in the flight shifted their glares to the woman in front of me and the man who sat beside her by the end of the flight. Yes, I'm talking about the 40-something year old man and the 40-something year old woman who met at the beginning of the flight, drank in the middle of the flight and were MAKING OUT by the end of the flight!!! I kid you not. I thought I was 13 again at a stake dance flirting with a cute boy who I wanted to be my boyfriend by the end of the night! It just got worse and worse as the flight progressed and their drunken idiotic state increased. Yes, I'm referring to comments such as," We were so blessed to meet on this flight, you've become so special to me!" etc. etc. and "Please, please give me your number, you've become too special for me not to keep in touch with." yada, yada, yada, blah, blah, blah, gag me with a spoon! Oh and did I forget to mention that the fat sloppy drunk man was MARRIED!!!! And he was the one begging for the woman's number so they could KIT "just as friends" of course! And to this woman's small once of credit, though she did send off her new friend wearing her lipstick, no numbers were exchanged because "you've made vows to another woman and try as we might we could never be just friends!" So the sucker left empty handed and broken hearted. Perhaps I could have overlooked the incident if in the final moments before the parting of the new lovers female lover didn't turn to male lover and say, "So it's Robert right? And Rob for short?" PLEASE don't tell me you just made out with a married man you just met in front of all these people and DIDN'T EVEN KNOW HIS NAME! I really felt tempted to interrupt their escapades to assure them that I was doing them a favor by trying to save them from the embarassment they would undoubtedly endure once sobriety returned. And the icing on the cake? When the woman stopped me after the flight to tell me I did such a great job with my little man...hmmm, sorry I can't return the compliment lady!!!!! Good luck with the hangover!

Thursday, February 07, 2008


When I was however old you are when you learn to spell the word "vacation" I was so proud of myself for being able to spell the word vacation. It was the longest word I could spell at the time and I often spelled it for whoever would listen, sans request. I'm sure it had less to do with stating the letters and more to do with the fact that I LOVE vacations! Woo Hoo! We are headed out of town tomorrow for a ONE MONTH vacation during which we'll see lots of friends, see lots of family, attend a wedding, eat as often as possible at Cafe Rio, play fun games, enjoy warm weather is Arizona, hope Utah is not as cold as here, see my niece be baptized, see my nephew be blessed and bless our little dude as well. It's going to be great!

And here are a few of my favorite moments this week...

"Hmmm, which toy do I want to play with?"

The lion of course!

I know I've already posted a similar picture and you really can't get the full effect of how fun it is when he's in his crib because you can't hear his crazy excited squeals and see his wild kicking but I still love it so it gets posted!

Attius has discovered his right arm. He is often holding it straight out and staring at it when I go in to check on him. This is a really poor quality photo but you get the idea.

And of course I L-O-V-E when he falls asleep on my shoulder.

sweet dreams folks!

(no nightmares for you!)

Tuesday, February 05, 2008


i was clipping A's tiny finger nails today and i nicked him and he screamed and i can't forgive myself. can you please make me feel better?

i'm also nervous about traveling with A for the first time, we are headed to UT and AZ and have a couple long flights ahead. any suggestions?

Friday, February 01, 2008

sweet dreams

When I was little I was fiercely paranoid that if my mother didn’t wish me “sweet dreams” as part of the tucking-me-in bedtime routine I’d be ill fated to all manner of nightmares until morning. I have no idea where this superstition came from but if she’d forget I’d remind her “wish me sweet dreams!” I still think this sometimes when I wish Darek sweet dreams and I certainly remember to wish Atticus sweet dreams every night.

I have always been a very vivid dreamer and I can usually remember all or at least portions of my dreams. Oftentimes I’ll wake up with a sense of a dream that stays with me all day, sometimes in a haunting way and sometimes in a really happy way. While I was pregnant my dreams became even more crazy which the books attributed to my raging hormones. I’ve found that since having a baby my dreams have changed again and revolve around things I'm currently experiencing. I believe that our dreams always reflect what we are going through and we can learn a lot about ourselves by paying attention to our dreams.

I was told once by an “intuitive” (nicer name for a psychic, haha) that I have psychic dreams and some of you know that you’ve been subjects of my psychic dreams…and some of you DON’T know that you’ve been subjects of my psychic dreams. When I was working as a play therapist I did a lot of analysis of symbolism: symbolism of play, artwork, story writing/telling, sandtrays, dreams, etc. I admit when I was first trained to analyze and interpret symbols I thought it was a bunch of new age hooey but as I witnessed its healing effects in the lives of my clients I quickly became converted. I studied up on all kinds of symbolism and started to see life in a very different light. My early resistance to symbol interpretation and the power of the unconscious mind, derived from believing it incongruent with my religious beliefs, was remedied when I realized how much God commnicates through symbolism. I quickly gained confidence in the unconscious mind’s ability to bring thoughts, feelings, issues, memories, predictions, etc. to consciousness through symbolism and I was particularly fascinated by how this process was accomplished through dreams.

I remember one client specifically coming to me and telling me of a dream he had had every day that week. It was driving him crazy and he couldn’t figure out why he was having it. He told me about the dream and together we worked out what it might mean. The meaning of the dream seemed very clear to me as we had been working together for a while and I knew the circumstances in his life that might create such a dream. However as we talked it out and tried to figure out what the symbolism meant he gained a lot of personal insight and made his own associations that allowed his unconscious mind to communicate to him. He came back the next week and said the dream had vanished and he was feeling much more resolved about the issue. Voila!

The best interpreter of one’s dreams is the person himself. Although symbols might have general meanings that can be read and researched in a dream dictionary (or perhaps the work done on archetypes and the collective unconscious by Carl Jung which was the center point of the work I did in play therapy) the meanings vary greatly from person to person and always have to do with association. For example an orange cat in my dream may symbolize something friendly, fun and harmless. When the orange cat unexpectedly or uncharacteristically scratches me while we are playing it may represent something in my life, perhaps a relationship, that I think is friendly and harmless which is actually doing some form of harm to me, represented by the scratch. However, perhaps you associate an orange cat with the mean bully that grew up across the street from you. You dream of the cat scratching you which could certainly represent an authority figure in your life harming you, however it’s only a scratch and you’re tough enough to take it. The same symbol is giving me the insight to stay away from someone whereas it is telling you to recognize that the bully in your life has less power then you think and to stand up for yourself.

When I was a missionary, Elder Hillam came and did a mission tour instructing us on how to convert the souls of Italy to the gospel. Elder Hillam read to us from the dedicatory prayer that was said when missionary work began in Italy. It specifically stated that the people of Italy were a visionary people and that they would be converted to the gospel through dreams and visions. We were then instructed to begin praying that those we taught would have dreams or visions leading them to conversion. This was a trial of faith, but the mission obeyed and the results were incredible, supernatural and certainly included numerous dreams and visions.

I’ve experimented with my own dreams and I admit I’ve experienced a lot of healing and personal growth through understanding my dreams. Sometimes I’ll wake up having a dream fresh in my mind and before I even get out of bed I’ll work through the dream and figure out the symbolism and associations and how it matches whatever is going on in my life and what it might be telling me. I’ve also read that similar healing powers are present in our daydreams which was a relief to discover as I am much too much of a day dreamer.

Anyway, this is a skill that anyone can develop through practice and experimentation. Pay attention to your dreams and the general feelings they create. Know that the symbol is not always to be interpreted literally and the meaning is unique to you personally. I think my favorite dream book has been Book of Dreams by Sylvia Brown. I know she's a little out there but I learned a lot from her book that I liked.

Sweet dreams everyone! May they be insightful and fun!