Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The “World Wide Web”

I am really grateful for the internet as it allows me to keep in touch with all you people. My sidebar is full to friends and family blogs that I would otherwise have very little to no contact with if it weren’t for this blog and internet business.

Being part of the oh so savvy computer literate generation (my literacy, I admit, is minimal, but still functional), Darek and I get a real kick out of those of previous generations who haven’t really jumped on the computer rage bandwagon. It’s the obvious lack of computer exposure that is evident in their vocabulary that amuses me the most. I love it when a non-often-computer-user tells you to look it up a site on the “world wide web” and explains that you need to “type in w-w-w-dot-h-t-t-p”, etc. etc. Simply referring to it as the “world wide web” is evidence enough that they’re not quite sure what they’re talking about. Someone told me about their mom (it was probably one of you) who had to look something up on the “internet” but only after she clarified, “Wait, the internet is the thing with e-mail, right?”

I believe I was reading a group e-mail from Annie (?) that clarified at the bottom “Grandma and Grandpa, to see family pictures on our blog click on the blue words below,” avoiding even the usage of the work “link” because “what’s a link?” Grandma says. “And what in heaven’s name is a blog?” for that matter.

It’s funny to see that people still go to the newspaper to look up movie times (Fandango, anyone?) or pulls out a map to seek a destination. Darek and has dad were in daily competition as we navigated our way through DC last summer, Darek on his blackberry, his dad with a map. We ended up lost more then once due to this competition. It’s so much easier to tell someone to “mapquest it” instead of having to go through the whole turn left, turn right, third stop sign, past the windmill, direction-giving hooplah.

Have you ever suggested to a non-computer user that they “google it” after they ask you something to which you know not the answer? They look at you with googled eyes as if you’re speaking a different language. Indeed modern computer usage and dependency has created its own language that I understand better then my grandmother and a fourth grader understands better then me. Then again, if my grandmother told me to grow some wheat, harvest said wheat, grind the wheat and make something edible from it I’d stare at her and ask, “Can’t we just call Dominoes? I have their number in my phone.” Or better yet, let’s just order groceries from peapod. I would be likewise lost if my dad needed me to milk a cow, or my mom needed me to sew a wedding dress or a niece/nephew needed me to understand what a “cheat” was on the Playstation or Wii or what have you. Anyway – long story short, I’m real glad this world wide web business allows me to keep in touch with you people!

Monday, January 28, 2008


atticus went SEVEN hours between feedings last night!!!!
10 PM - 5 AM!!!
can I get another AMEN???

oh, and he had his two month vaccinations today. he cried, so did i...

Sunday, January 27, 2008

In Loving Memory

President Gordon B. Hinckley passed away this evening at the age of 97 years. He is deeply loved and will be greatly missed.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Saturday is a special day...

so remember when you were like 16 or 18 or 21 or whatever and you thought it was so cool and exciting and drama-ridden to date jerks? and now you're real happy that although you dated the jerks you (hopefully) married the nice guy? well, i'm feeling particularly grateful that i subscribed to such wisdom in my choice of husbands because mine is real great (please forgive the bragging!) derelique informed me today that saturday is my day to do whatever i want. he believes a relaxing day is to just chill at home, nap, watch TV/sports, etc. whereas i love to have a day to run around crazy like one chicken with one head cut off. so saturday is his day to chill at home with the babe and my day to be a crazy chicken - perfect! after i fed the babe this morning at 6 in the AM darek got up to do all the post-feeding caretaking and rock the pip back to sleep to i could go to the gym...well having been up all night nursing, "go to the gym" quickly translated into go back to bed until 10 then get up and go on the nice long run around jamaica pond. ahhh, nothing could be better! I also got to run errands and now have time to blog - splendid.

so i confess, both darek and i are pretty clueless. neither of us knew that at two months old, atticus would be so social and engaged and responsive and into checking everything out. i left him with a babysitter for the first time yesterday (oh it kind of broke my heart!) and she offered to lend me some mobils and playmats and such and i realized that the little guy needs some toys! needless to say there came to pass a shopping spree the likes of which you have never seen. we did purchase all manner of items, those that bounce, they that sing, that which vibrates...and the result...

the HAPPIEST baby ever! i mean check out that smile! he could not be more excited. i love this, what a fun stage. he's such a little charmer and a flirt and he for sure has his mama wrapped around his eensy weensy finger.

the crib mobil might be even more of a hit. he kicks like a little mad man and squeaks at all his friends floating above his head.

the little guy also got a new coat from grandma mccoy which keeps him all snuggly warm in the blistering cold...and has ears

he has also gotten better about not hating his carseat so much this week. he's even fallen asleep a few times while we were out on the town and stayed asleep for a while after getting home. nice!

dad babysitting

mom looking a little nappy, but still real happy

that's the baby update for now. toodles

Monday, January 21, 2008

eight weeks old

Eight seems to be the magical number. I really loved the transition that happened as the pip approached eight weeks of age. The cooing and the smiling has made all the late nights worth it and I just love this sweet little personality that has emerged. I can't believe how time is flying. I thought my pregnancy went fast but this is ridiculous. We're already almost a month through 2008 and I'm still writing 2007 in my journal! I need to get with the program.

I took over 100 pictures today (I know, so ridiculous. I'll save myself the embarrassment and refrain from informing of you how many pictures I've taken total since that little dude's birth) trying to caputre the smile...this is as close as I got. I love this little face, like he's surprised about something.

And the tongue is a constant in most of the pictures.

So our landlords are selling our place which equates to McCoy homelessness yet once again. This apartment is so perfect for us that it's real sad to think of searching for a new place. However we are thinking again about the possibility of making our way back west so maybe the timing is just right. The woman who is interested in buying the place has a son whose middle name is Atticus! I couldn't believe that! She saw photos of our place online and saw the A-T-T-I-C-U-S letters in the nursery and decided it was a sign that this is the right place for her. Hmmm

We had some serious excitement last night when our power went out. Well it was exciting when it was just the lights but when the heater turned off I had to say a little prayer that we wouldn't have to endure heaterlessness on a zero degree night. Luckily the power kicked back on after a bit and we were spared. I did have the pleasure of seeing our little furry housemate while sitting in the dark - the little housemate to which I refer is the very same who graced us when "T'was the night before Christmas, and all through the house, nothing scurried..." EXCEPT for the MOUSE that lives with us. Yep, he made an appearance last night...maybe it is time to move afterall. Although I admit, mice don't bug me. Bugs bug me, but not mice. Enormous cockroaches like unto those with whom I dwelt in Italy KILL me, but the mouse is welcome to stay as long as he doesn't find my pantry. Am I alone on this one?

Just a couple more of the little pip squeak. He's headed into another growth spurt as he has been eating non-stop for the last 24 hours...I"m real tired, but he's real cute so it's OK! Speaking of which I hear the little pip squeaking at this moment, time to eat!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

ticket for one please

we're eight weeks into parenthood and darek and i have been feeling quite deprived of all the good movies that have been coming out recently. pre-babe we frequently frequented the cinema and have of late been missing this favorite american pass time, so today we did a little tag teaming. i stayed with the babe (who ATE for THREE hours straight) while he went to the movies and then he stayed home with the babe (who SLEPT for THREE hours straight!) while i took a solo trip to the movies - like a real winner! i saw JUNO - please go see this movie. it was perfect - funny, tender, endearing and the characters are so real. plus it promotes adoption, for which i have a very tender place in my heart so i'm a fan! hooray for good movies!

Friday, January 18, 2008

all bundled up

we went for a little stroll today and i had to take a picture of the little pip in his sweet hat and mittens. i'm real grateful that it was warm enough to go outside today because it's supposed to be all wintery for the next week.

random tidbits:

so, i've never been home during the day to get into day time shows but now that i am home and feeding/rocking the pip all morning, i *heart* ellen, rachel and the view and i wish ellen wanted me to come on her show and win all her cool prizes and i'm pretty sure that if she knew me she'd for sure want me to come! then the TV goes off during soap opera time - no thank you! (ps - speaking of soaps, how can it be that Beau and Hope have not aged a day since 10 years ago when my freshman dorm floor congregated daily to watch Days of our Lives?)

speaking of 10 years ago in my freshman dorm, we are having a 10 year freshman dorm reunion in march in NYC and i'm so excited about it it keeps me up at night!

speaking of keeping me up at night, atticus is sleeping like a baby (haha) his pattern the last few nights has been a 5 hour stretch after the 9-ish PM feeding, then a 4 hour stretch, then a 3 hour stretch. he wakes me up just in time to watch the aforementioned shows - perfect! thanks little man!

speaking of little men, the heater fixer dude came yesterday and i'm oh so happy he fixed our heater, dude!

still speaking of little men, i hear the peapod delivery dude outside my apartment right now preparing to bring me my groceries. i really love that!

speaking of really loving that, i really love this...(i know, so cheesy!)


Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Dear Freezing Cold,

Please stop torturing me. I have done my very best to tolerate you but I now know that this must come to an end. I just feel like our relationship has fizzled and it's time we stop seeing each other. It's not you, it's me. I'm finally realizing that I simply hate you and won't put up with your abuse any longer. I tried to make things work by blasting the heater in my house, but now that that heater is A) not working, and B) actually blowing COLD air even though I have turned it OFF, I realize that it's time we go our separate ways. Good bye.


Saturday, January 12, 2008

Such a happy day!

Most of you know that I was STAH-OKED about quitting my job a couple months ago, but oh so sad to leave some of my coworkers who had become some of my favorite people! Well, today those favorite people came on over for a little visit, some delicious food and lots of chatting and I must say I was in HEAVEN! Sadly the camera didn't make an appearance so I'll just have to say THANK YOU to my sweet friends and let them know that they are invited back anytime!!!

Atticus has had a few really good days this week thanks to all our new soothing tricks that make him happy and sleepy!

Watching sports with dad. Check that straight jacket swaddle, works like a charm!

happy mom

Thursday, January 10, 2008


Thank you for all your comments and suggestions! It has all been very helpful and I'm still open to any more words of wisdom you wish to share. Luckily I had ordered The Happiest Baby on the Block book and the healthy sleep habits book last week, the first of which arrived yesterday just in time for me to do a little speed read and correctly implement the five S's and hip hip hooray - success! I actually got some decent sleep last night! Splendid!

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Despite these very cute and peaceful sleeping photos...

Atticus has been pretty anti-sleep this week. He is going through his 6 week growth spurt so I am hoping that the lack of sleeping is due to having to feed more often - like every two hours which means feed, burp, change diaper, try to rock back to sleep for an hour and half so he can sleep for 30 minutes and wake up to start the whole process over again. That means I was in bed from 2:30 - 3:00 AM last night and that was it. The problem is that he sleeps best either on our lap (which I admit, depsite being so tiring, Darek and I both love having him snooze on our laps, just so cute!) or being held/bounced/rocked/patted/shh-shh-ed/etc., and often wakes up when he's put in his crib. Suggestions?

Ironically after being awake for basically the last 48 hours, as soon as I finished feeding him this morning in preparation for heading downtown to meet Darek for lunch (in the SIXTY-SEVEN degree weather today - AMEN!!) the bug fell quickly and peacefully asleep on the couch and delayed our outing. Hopefully this means the 48 hours of all night partying has passed and tonight there will be sleep to be had by all.

The bug sleeping on the couch...crib please! And at night please!

The goal: the crib

Not sleep-related at all but just too cute not to include :)

Mini toes

As shown below, the little dude is still no fan of the Baby Bjorn.

Yes, that is a sad little crying face that you see.

Luckily my Moby Wrap finally showed up yesterday (please know that once again in very puppy-dog-staring-out-the-window-watching-passing-cars-fashion, I looked out our front window all day at the sound of any passing car in hopes , desperate arms-aching hopes, that the kind UPS dude had come at last, and at last he came! Thank you, sir!) The wrap is pretty cool, we are still experimenting with it but I am happy to say the snug little bug is currently sleeping in the wrap, thus enabling two free hands for blogging. Ahhh, such luxury!

Sunday, January 06, 2008

And so it begins...

I joined a "Resolutionary Challenge" a friend from my ward initiated which is a competition of doing ten healthy habits a day and getting one point per habit I do everyday for the next 12 weeks. Luckily Sunday's are freebies so that will help. Sunday will just have to become "dessert day." Everyone put in $20 to do the challenge which will be divided among first, second and third place winners. The pot is up to $840! Nice!

So my ten healthy habits that I'll be trying to do daily are:

1. 7 hours of sleep (not necessarily consecutive--naps count too)
2. 30 minutes of exercise
3. 30 minutes more of exercise
4. No sweets
5. 64 oz. of water
6. 3 servings of veggies, 2 servings of fruit
7. No eating, drinking or otherwise ingesting unhealthful things
8. No eating after dinner/8pm
9. 15 minutes of scripture reading
10. One journal entry about something(s) you are grateful for

The seven hours of sleep will be tough with a six week old but it's worth a shot! Wish me luck!

Friday, January 04, 2008

I have been warned...

by Derelique that my blog readership is bound to decline as I only ever blog about ONE topic anymore...the babe. I know, I know...but honestly what else is going on in my life??? Hmmmm, let's see...unemployment, which is heaven, I highly recommend it...home decor, which is slow going between babe feedings (Christmas decor is slowly coming down, kind of depressing)...working out, I went back to my favorite step class last night which was a lot of fun...freezing, it was 8 degrees yesterday, EIGHT! Torture...a little homesickness, we received our family calendar that my mom makes each year full of funny pictures of my family and it made me miss them, reading, Angela's Ashes by Frank McCourt, real depressing so far, not sure yet if I recommend it, not e-mailing, I owe lots of you e-mails and I promise I'm going to get around to, Miggy, you were right about Waitress, real cute and tender despite the infidelity and the painfully disgusting husband, Packy, so happy you're back on the blog and all your updated pics are so so cute (ie - Clark all bubbley), Likely, my Moby sling still hasn't come! (oh my aching back!), Cori, cheap curtains! Nice find! Real cute! Brooke, don't worry I'm still seeking mommy mojo-ness and I don't doubt that you are a stellar mommy as usual, Leah, all your vacation pics were so cute, real sad about sick on Christmas day! Amy D...Amy? Where are you? We're still awaiting Christmas pics here, but your Christmas card picture was so cute!

OK - so now that I have recaptured your attention with my oh so interesting post...on to mommy stuff (ha ha, you got snookered!)

It finally came! The baby bedding. This was ordered moons and moons ago. I've been watching out our front window (literally) waiting for the UPS dude and was so happy when he finally showed his face today. I feel pretty confident that Atticus has been waiting for his beautiful bedding before sleeping for longer stretches at night so tonight should be a treat (wishful thinking!)

Getting so big! He's outgrown his newborn clothes, sad. I had to go shopping yesterday to buy 0-3 month sized clothing. It is kind of fun though because he is getting more expressive and verbal which melts my little heart. Sometime he smiles and laughs in his sleep, there's nothing better!

OK, I promise to think of other things to blog about...thanks for reading!

Oh, one more thing. Do you see these clothes? Four pairs of pants, two sleepers and four shirts - all for FREE! You locals need to check out the Children's Clothing Exchange. It's a program where you bring in children's clothing items, i.e. newborn clothes that no longer fit, and swap them for other clothes that you can choose. The clothes are used but I dug deep and found basically brand new things, mostly Baby Gap and The Children's Place - all for FREE! And the best part is that the first time you go you get ten items for "free" without having to bring items in to trade, so the trade-ins I took with me when I went were recorded as "credit" for me the next time I go. So fun!

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Husband (and daddy) of the year!!!

It is only the second day of 2008 and already Darek has earned the "Husband of the Year" award. I woke up from a nap this afternoon to feed Atticus only to come into the living room and discover that Darek had already bottle fed him, burped him, changed him, bathed him and rocked him back to sleep! Heaven! Darek took one look at me at waved me back to bed! So great! Thanks Derelique! I really love you!

Burping the bug