Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

the boston mccoy's bed & breakfast
finally we had someone take my "come visit us in boston" invites seriously! we hosted christmas this year for darek's parents, brother garlan, and sister sharla. they were here for 7 days and we had a lot of fun showing them the glories and beauties of boston!
it was especially fun to have sharla here. she just finished her mission in manchester, england three weeks ago. darek's parents went to pick her up and they spent two weeks touring england and paris before spending a week with us. of course we got her right back into the swing of things with a little guitar hero to welcome her back to the states. we also went to see yes man which was really funny!

atticus was in heaven all week long with plenty of people to play with and plenty of people to mooch food from.

everyone played with atticus so much. the first night he burst into tears when all these strangers came into the house eager to play with him but he quickly warmed up to everyone and played his little heart out. grandma mccoy was more than happy to help out with atticus and give me a much needed break which was so nice. and naturally atticus took advantage of grandma mccoy's generosity by eating all of her food. he pretty much made the rounds at each meal begging food from everyone.

grandpa mccoy also jumped on the guitar hero bandwagon

garlan rocking out

on christmas eve we opened all our new jammies. apparently atticus didn't think his were all that great. i think this very sad face was in response to me taking him from his toys to open his pajamas. poor little guy.

and he was even less excited when darek tried to help him into his new jammies

shar's new pajamas

darek, as usual, looking fantastic opening his new sweats

and not my best picture, but for sure some great new sweats

mom mccoy tried to hide from the camera as much as she could

but i still got her opening her pajamas

darek just chillin

the fam. it's impossible to ever take any pictures with the mccoy kids actually looking normal. check out their awesome faces.

although garlan had been instructed to pick out some pajamas or sweats he neglected to do so, which resulted in him inheriting sharla's old pajamas from last year. they were quite flattering on him and he was more than happy to model them for all to see.

the mccoy family always enjoys many-a-mini box of cereal on christmas morn for breakfast
the LV mccoys really spoiled us for christmas. atticus got some awesome blocks and a ping pong set. cori made me the cutest apron ever! i was quite impressed with her sewing skills! she also made me a gratitude journal. i'll have to get a good picture of it and the apron to post. i've been baking up a storm with my awesome new apron for inspiration. we also busted out the bread maker and had a delicious new kind of bread each day. it was quite heavenly.
atticus and his new blocks
atticus got to open one gift per day for the last week or so. he didn't open them all on christmas because each time he opened a gift he'd get distracted playing with it and forget all about the pile of wrapped present waiting to be opened. this little truck was a total hit. he just drove it around and around the apartment all day.

garlan played santa on christmas morning, handing out the gifts

lost in car pushing land

garlan gave atticus a pair of superman underwear, very handy as a beanie

christmas morning picture

and a little table ping pong because what's a mccoy family gathering without a ping pong tournament?

we also took everyone downtown to walk through the public garden and the common and do some shopping. mom mccoy bought us a gurgling cod from shreve, crump & low which is a very traditional gift in new england. it's a water pitcher shaped like a cod fish the gurlges when you pour the water. i love it! i'll take a picture of it and blog about it. we are now true bostonians with a gurgling cod in our china cabinet!
the pond was completely frozen in the public garden and people were ice skating on it. garlan and sharla just did a little sneaker skating.

the family with the george washington statue in the gardens

one more gift arrived for atticus a little after christmas - another treasure from the LV mccoys - nachoooooooooo!!!!!

we could only get the cap on sideways because he was too wiggly but it was rad

yesterday we took the family to harvard square to shop and eat lunch before heading to the airport. we stopped in harvard yard so they could rub john harvard's foot for good luck. i'm pretty sure that garlan's face in this photo was in response to me having just dropped his camera...oops, sorry G!

we had a really fun week with the family. lots of laughing and eating and hanging out. it was a very merry christmas! now we have another week to just hang out and enjoy ringing in the new year before darek heads back to work next week. we hope your holiday has been relaxing and enjoyable as well!
happy new year!

Thursday, December 25, 2008


.more to come later.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

~*~ holiday wishes from the mccoys ~*~

If you read my blog you are well versed in the mundane events of my daily life. Instead of reviewing the year for this holiday post I’d like to review how each of you have touched and changed my life this year. I am deeply grateful to each of you for the strength, faith and examples you are.
You bring rich blessings to my richly blessed life.
* * *
Thank you to those who are fighting sickness, disease and disability. Your battle gives me strength, humbles me, helps me to remember my priorities, makes me appreciate every breath I take.
Thank you to those serving missions, taking the gospel to all the world, touching lives, being ambassadors and soldiers of Christ.
Thank you to those serving our country, keeping us safe, reminding us that we are one nation under God. May all the world sing out one day in a clear, strong voice
"free at last, free at last, thank God Almighty, we’re free at last!”
Thank you to all the loving and kind parents out there who raise your children with patience, kindness, love and a never-ending enthusiasm for the life and wellness of your children.
Thank you to all you who live the gospel daily, serve in the church, magnify your callings to build God’s Kingdom here on the earth and enrich my life with your testimonies, faith and pure living. You bring light to my understanding, inspire me to try a little harder to be a little better.
Keep the faith!
Thank you to those who support your families, work hard to give them protection, food, safety and love. Who treat your spouses, children, parents and siblings with loving kindness and respect. This life is all about family and how we treat those around us!
Thank you to all those who do not bury their talents but rather use them to bless, inspire and beautify this world. Thank you for not fearing your inherit talent to create but place your light and beauty for all to see.
Thank you to those who are cheerful when life is sad, determined when life is hard, bright when life is dark. To those who smile with tears in their eyes. Your tender heart touches my tender heart in all tear-worthy moments of happiness, joy, sadness, pain and deep heart felt love.
Thank you to the mini people, the happy cheerful kids that play always,
forgive immediately, and
love unconditionally.
Thank you to all you who do your civic duty as a good Samaritan to serve, vote, recycle, not litter, help an old lady cross the street and the young mother with her stroller on the subway.
Thank you to those who make me laugh. Good, clean, full belly, run out of breath laugh.
Thank you to all those who aren’t afraid to hand out compliments as freely and they come to your mind. Your positivity is contagious.
And thank you to all you who sent us Christmas cards! Each and every one made me smile and feel grateful! Hooray for the holidays!
I hope each of you recognize yourself on this list, because you’re there and I love you and thank you.
May your holiday season and all the years of your life be blessed with happiness and trial, discoveries and growing pains, wisdom and wondering and always always love, God, friends, family and faith! And of course the most important reason of all for the joy of the christmas season,
our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ

~* MeRRy ChRistMaS! *~
love, the mccoy family

Friday, December 19, 2008

visibility: zero

this is only two hours into our 72 hours of snow storms we'll be getting this weekend. i love it. as long as i can be home safe and sound and cozy with my family, bring on the snow! the city is getting all prepared since last year's first big storm caused an 8+ hour traffic jam city-wide that poor darek and almost every other bostonian got stuck in. this year we're prepared! there are plow trucks and tow trucks and cops directing traffic all throughout the city and the mayor told everyone to head home from work early. i had to laugh last night when a local new reporter was alerting boston of the coming storms and in anticipation of the 12 inches of snow we'll get in the next 24 hours cut to a picture of las vegas and the snow they unexpectedly received this week. she described the traffic jams and how the city basically shut down then added very smugly, "all for four inches of snow!" with a true boston chip on her shoulder. sheesh lady, cut them vegasians some slack! anyway - i'm hoping for mounds and mounds of snow all weekend so it will be pretty and white and glittery and christmasy. and then on monday i hope it all melts and waters all the flowers and grass and greenery and i'll welcome spring with the bright smile and open arms of a true (desperate) californian!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

this lucky kid

has been given three lollipops by complete strangers this week

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

what does christmas mean to you?

and the grinch, with his grinch-feet ice-cold in the snow,
stood puzzling and puzzling: "how could it be so?"
"it came without ribbon! it came without tags!
"it came without packages, boxes or bags!"
and he puzzled three hours, till his puzzler was sore.
then the grinch thought of something he han't before!
"maybe christmas," he thought, "doesn't come from a store.
"maybe christmas...perhaps...means a little bit more!"
~ dr. seuss

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

can you tell what's happening in this photo?

atticus met santa
it didn't go over very well

poor little guy. hopefully he'll feel differently next year.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

first steps

before and after
this is before atticus pulled down the christmas tree

and this is after he sampled the brownie batter

thanks to terese for the easy recipe
Basic Microwave Brownies
2/3 stick of melted butter
1 cup sugar
2 eggs
1 tsp vanilla
1 cup flour
1/2 cup powdered baking cocoa
1/2 tsp baking powder
Mix buter and sugar first, then add the rest of the ingredients.
Pour into a 9x9 or 8x8 greased microwave-safe baking pan.
Bake on high of 4-5 1/2 minutes.
PS ~ we used brownie bites to entice atticus to take steps and it worked!
we've got an almost walker on our hands!

Friday, December 12, 2008

dear santa,

i've been a really good girl all year long
and i promise to make you some really yummy christmas eve cookies
if you have one of your elves make this apron for me.


i'm just wondering if you ever:

taken yesterday at the aquarium

finish eating a bowl of cereal and then pour in a little more cereal to finish off your milk but accidentally pour in too much cereal so you have to add more milk and then you just end up having a second bowl of cereal?

feel so happy when your baby sleeps in until 9:45 in the morning then goes down for a nap by 11:00?

can't sleep because your feet are cold, or because you have a song stuck in your head, or because your husband snores, or because all of the above?

eat more of your son's breakfast then he does?

think to yourself, "would i rather that my head be twice the size its supposed to be or half the size its supposed to be?"

miss italy?
especially at christmas time?

have your heart melt that your son's first word is mama?

feel so sad for friends and loved ones and strangers that are suffering and so grateful that you almost feel guilty for your own blessings?

have your heart break and swell with joy at the same time?

put your baby down for a nap so you can shower but then just end up blogging instead?

miss being so CRAZY with your college roommates?

just love your house with all the halls decked with boughs of holly?

get a little teary eyed everytime you hear "little drummer boy"?

don't really mind doing the laundry but then just hate putting it away?

have so so so many hilarious stories about how your neighbor is paralyzed with fear about the 13 mice she's killed in her apartment since march but are just too nice to share all the stories on your blog because although you know her fear is off the charts irrational you really feel bad for her and are afraid she's actually going to have a nervous breakdown one of these days?

name the female english accent voice on your GPS brigitta because that is such an english lady's name?

wonder when seattle decided to relocate to boston? (i mean, what is this rain?)

search everywhere for the pictionary man game that you want to get someone for christmas because when you saw it at the mall you didn't buy it because you didn't know that it would be this christmas' hottest item and sell out everywhere in the whole wide world?

feel a little sad but also maybe a little grateful that your one year old baby weaned himself from nursing exactly when he wanted to without letting you have any say in the matter?

want to start an etsy shop but aren't quite sure what you'll put in said etsy shop?

spend way too much time on your computer?

can't believe pandora just played a commercial between christmas songs? isn't that the point of pandora? no commercials?

really really want to see twilight again even though you could barely stand it the first time but think you'll love it the second time?

die laughing at weird science that was on TV last night because you haven't seen it since you were 11 years old and you can't believe how incredible lame it is?

feel so happy and grateful for the holiday season?

because i do

Thursday, December 11, 2008

christmas stories

it's becoming a tradition for me to post christmas memories on my blog each year. this one is a repeat so may sound familiar to you but for you new readers, here you go!
Christmas Memories

On the twelfth day of Christmas...
So when we were kids my mom started the Christmas tradition of leaving gifts for someone on their porch for the twelve days of Christmas. Every year we chose someone in our ward or neighborhood and for the twelve days leading up to Christmas we would drop off gifts, one gift the first night, two gifts the second night, all the way up to twelve gifts that last night, Christmas Eve.
So anyway, my brother Ryan and I usually ended up being the ones that had to run up to the door step in the middle of the night to leave the gift to be discovered the next morning. One year we decided to do the twelve days of Christmas to this nice old man who always sat on his porch and waved to everyone who passed by. He lived close by but my mom would still drive us around the block to his house and park a few houses away so we could be all sneaky and run up to his porch without detection. The first night went smoothly, we were able to deliver the first gift without any suspicion. We thought we were really clever and sneaky the next day when we passed by his house and waved to him as if nothing was going on. So sly...
Night two and three were successful and Ryan and I were certain that our plan could not be foiled. By this time we thought we were functioning like a well oiled machine and stopped being as stealth and sneaky as we had previously believed necessary. Apparently about this time Mr. Nice Waving Man also became curious to know who was leaving him gifts every night. Little did we know that Mr. Nice Waving Man was somewhat of a sneaky, stealth spy himself...
Night number four came along and we were feeling pretty confident. My mom drove the car a little past Nice Man's house and let us out to run back to his porch. Being the hilarious little kids that we were Ryan and I immediately exited the car in full 007 mode and started acting like some kind of crazy little spies, running from car and car, hiding behind bushes, jumping over obstacles with our stealth catlike reflexes, checking out our surroundings then waving our accomplice ahead.
Anyway, being especially hilarious myself I decided to go totally crazy to make Ryan laugh. I ran out in front of him doing all sorts of spastic spy moves, carrying the gift in my hands, and I remember specifically running low to the ground the with my head down and spinning around cars and mailboxes. Due to my spastic efforts to be sneaky I failed to notice that Ryan had aborted the mission and run back to the car leaving me alone freaking out like a crazy little kid trying to be a sneaky spy. I continued running up the road in full spy mode with my head down, panting like a wild woman, clutching the four gifts in my scrawny arms. Before I knew what was going on I noticed two big black boots standing dead ahead, impeding my run down the side walk. Startled and shocked out of my fantasy land I looked up in surprise at a man standing before me. Paralyzed with fear I found myself staring face to face with Mr. Nice Waving Man. I just stood there...and looked at stealthness whatsoever!
Finally, I broke his gaze and furiously hauled back to the car. I jumped in the back seat only to find Ryan and my mom absolutely dissolved in laughter! Ryan had seen the dude half way up the block and bolted back to the car undetected. I, on the other hand, had been taking my role as a 007 spy far too seriously and had not only failed to notice Ryan's absence, but I had hopelessly and pathetically failed to noticed the nice man's presence! I was mortified and never thought we would stop laughing. Not only did my mom and Ryan die laughing at me as they watched me spaz out all the way to the old man's house, but what's even worse is that the old man watched me spaz out the whole way down the sidewalk! Seriously, could I be more of an idiot???
Needless to say we sped out of there like a bat out of Hades and didn't come back until after midnight to deliver the gift. I'm pretty sure I was extra careful every night after that and we weren't the ones slyly laughing the next time Mr. Nice Waving Man waved at us as we passed by...

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

new trick!

bishop family photo shoot

i was able to take family photos for the bishop family last saturday in beacon hill. it was so so much fun, despite the chaos on the street from the holiday decorating that was being done. this family is so adorable and i couldn't resist snapping as many pics of the boys running around as possible. here's a few of the highlights! please let me know if you are interested in having photos done of your own darling family as well!

i asked the boys for smiles and got these faces instead - much better then normal smiles in my opinion!

so sweet

thank you bishop family for the fun photo shoot and for trusting me with your holiday card family photos!