Friday, November 30, 2007

Day 6

Atticus is doing great. We're making the adjustment to feedings, sleeping, changing, etc. etc. pretty well. I made the bold decision early this morning during a tired feeding that I was going to actually dry my hair today and try to look human. It wasn't until after breakfast and a good nap that I came to my senses and realized that putting mascara on was accomplishment enough for one day. No need to rush!

I had to take this picture while Darek was burping him. I love how alert and awake he becomes while being burped. He always opens his eyes to look around and makes awesome faces not to mention all his squeaks and big yawns. Plus his head is just so tiny in Darek's hand, I love it.

We also took our first little neighborhood walk today. The weather is beautiful depsite the 37 degree weather. We just bundled up the little man and I got to try out my motherly stroller pushing abilities. I'm happy to report all went well!
That's all for now...

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Atticus Wesley McCoy

arrived: nov. 24

7 lbs. 7 oz. 20 inches


keep reading for the full story...
"What are you kidding? We got ourselves a family here!"

~ H.I. McDonnough

Hooray Hooray! Little man has finally made his entrance into this world. I had a day of labor last Wednesday, then Thanksgiving and Black Friday off because Atticus wanted me to enjoy the holiday. He also sweetly let me sleep through the night Friday night and gently woke me up early Saturday morning with a lightening bolt of labor pain...only the beginning. Within less then an hour things were in full swing, so full swing we headed to Brigham & Women's Hospital instead of the planned Cambridge Hospital for fear we wouldn't make it in time! This ended up being a good choice. By this point I was having severe contractions 1-2 minutes apart and things progressed quickly from there. So quickly in fact (and with stronger contractions then I thought I'd be having at that point!) that when the gracious nurse offered a consult with the gracious anesthesiologist who offered a gracious epidural I graciously said, "YES please!"

I really admire all you BUFF ladies out there who labor and deliver unaided by medication - but as for this little mama: AMEN for the epidural! It seemed instantaneous that the pressure decreased and I was in heaven! This was awesome for me. I was able to enjoy the whole labor and delivery process, which was an absolute miracle. A short time after being dialated to a six, I casually mentioned to the nurse that I was feeling the downward pressure that they said I should report to them. The doc came in to see what my progress had been with dilation only to call Darek over saying, "Wanna see the top of your son's head?"

Let the pushing begin...EIGHTEEN minutes later...enter Atticus

This should not be a surprise to anyone, but Darek was AMAZING through the whole process and has been every minute since then! He has been extra great helping me out and just the most tender daddy in all the world. Atticus and I are so lucky to have him.

Atticus has also been a dream. He is a total champ! The kid heard his pediatrician mention yesterday that his weight had dropped a little again so he stayed up all night eating like a mad man and put on a good show at his weigh-in this morning. Generally he does a really good job alternating between eating and sleeping and I love love having him nap on my lap!

We were blessed with an amazing team of doctors and nurses that made our three days in the hospital so helpful and healing. We got great care and felt happy and prepared last night when we came home to start life as a little family. My mom also pushed up her airplane ticket and arrived our second day at the hospital. It is so great having her here. She is so helpful and just so fun to be around.

Thank you for all the calls, messages and comments. We appreciate everyone's love and support and I promise I will return your calls and welcome your visits as soon as possible!

Hanging out in the hospital

We stayed an extra night because I developed a little fever (no big deal) my second day. Let me tell you, that third day was such a blessing. I felt really prepared and ready to come home and grateful that we had had the extra support from all the hosptial staff getting things situated before making that transition.

Don't worry, that was a post-feeding yawn. Not a scream!

The Pip

Little man has already earned the nickname "The Pip" (as in pip squeak) by his mommy as he is the miniest little mini man I've ever hung out with and I die over his little squeaks. Who knew that a newborn would so closely resemble a mouse in both size and sound?

Coming Home!

Dressing him in his newborn outfit for the ride home as real hilarious as his entire little body fit into the abdomen portion of the jammies. We had to stretch out his arms and legs in an effort to snuggle him into the clothing so we could snuzzle him in the car seat. To my delight he loves his carseat - good sign!

Again, miniest little man in the carseat!

I admit, I was a proud little mama taking my victory wheelchair ride out of the hospital.

Stay posted for more Atticus updates.

I'm pretty sure he'll be my obsession for quite a while!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Two weeks early???

So luckily, Darek was with me at my 37.5 week check-up last Tuesday so he could hold my hand, or actually so I could squeeze the crap out of his hand while my doctor striped my membrane! (Please ignore that last phrase if it gives you the heebie geebies!) She discovered that as of Tuesday I was 2.5 centimeters dialated and not only did she tell me great job (as if I have any control over that!) and that I have a great uterus (huh?) but she gave me a HIGH FIVE and a hug wishing me luck in case he comes over Thanksgiving while she's on vacation! Darek and I were like, "What? What do you mean come during Thanksgiving???" She told us that anytime in the following 48 hours things could start moving along! I was a little shocked through the evening trying to get used to that idea. Ironically we had our birthing class that evening and I sat there feeling contractions the whole time wondering if I should say anything. At the end of the class they gave us a tour of labor and delivery and I wondered about checking in! Haha! So in any case we cruised home that night and packed our bags and had them in the car when we both left for work yesterday.

It was my last day of work (AMEN!!!) and my first day of feeling my "early labor" all day. The day was crazy and busy and emotional and a good distraction from the caontactions. By the time I picked up Darek after work we started timing the contractions. We timed for 3 hours while we were out and about running errands and walking through the mall. The contractions ranged from 2-7 minutes apart and 20-50 seconds but never hurt bad enough that I couldn't speak through them, which is what my doctor told me was the sign I should head to the hospital. So instead we headed home and Atticus decided to take a break and let me sleep painlessly for most of the night and another little nap this morning (let this be a sign please!), so now things feel like they have stopped. Interesting, this whole labor process. I was kind of hoping for a Thanksgiving baby (what better to be thankful for???) Maybe some turkey and apple pie will kick things back into gear! Wish us luck!!!

We took these after getting home Tuesday night, worried that it might be my last prego pics. Who knows though, maybe little man will still camp out for a while.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Darek is sleeping...
this shant be a shock to any of you

i find myself, this lovely saturday morning, unable to sleep in (insomnia has been my close friend these may years, this is no new phenomenon in my life). nature has a funny way of prepping you for motherhood by stealing your sleep with backaches and hunger for months before your baby comes. derelique even skipped basketball this morning to continue sleeping, as basketball and sleep play equal roles of extreme importance in darek's life i'm sure he felt the moral tug of indecision for just one brief breath when he awoke for a moment, considered his options, put his ear plugs in and went back to sleep.

so here i sit, having spent the last hour and a half doing a "quiet activity" so husband could sleep, which translates into checking blogs and attempting to get caught up on the haps of all your lives. life has been much too busy of late to have any idol time for blogging, or calling or keeping touch with people in any manner. i have three glorious days left of work then will retire forever from my stressful job and take on the more rewarding, albeit also stressful, job of motherhood. oh atticus, keep me waiting no longer. (well, actually please stay put until mama roper arrives in three weeks! but then bring it on little man!)

this little belly dweller has indeed made his impending arrival known this week with some very fun and somewhat uncomfortable contractions of the womb. nothing threatening, only mild reminders that he's a-coming! the second session of our birthing class occurred this week. now the theory they function under, that of "fear of the unknown = increased pain during delivery" means that nothing shall go other words, they tell us and describe to us and SHOW us much too much in much too much detail that the goal of eradicating fear is in actuality negated by the increasing of said fear. i walked into the bathroom at break time and asked all the other moms-to-be that had beaten me to the bathroom (as we do convene there about three times throughout each class, no surprise with baby heads on mommy baldders) "so, did anyone else tear up?" to which all moms-to-be chorused a resounding yes! and that was the moms only. i'm sure i saw a tear or two in the eyes of the daddies...atticus' included! haha!

so anywho - we are plugging along. i am holding my breath until the last day of work and wondering why i didn't choose yesterday as my last day? any suggestions on the next three weeks of nesting that may or may not occur depending on when little man decides to make his grand entrance? i'd love to be doing some nesting projects as we speak (or as i blog, as is the current case) but alas, poor darek has approximately two more saturdays to enjoy my "quiet acitivities" until little man disrupts his saturday morning slumber. i was told by my clients this week (they all live together at a residential treatment center and play way too many trivia games) that the sound of my babe's cry will reach the decibels of that of a blow horn...hmmm, let the good times begin!

i realize that all my posts of late have to do with the coming babe. i've tried to be creative and think of other things that are going on my life, but to my dismay at this point this is all i have the energy to have going on in my life. that likely will not change anytime soon! my mind pretty much can't work beyond "work end, babe come." very sophisticated!

miracle: blog and he shall come! darek's awake! time to go to the movies as movie-going time is also limited! hooray! have a great saturday! eek - i better hurry. he just busted out his four by four rubiks cube and is laying in bed working on it. if i'm not careful he'll stay there all day!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Prepping and practicing

I had a sudden realization last week when I hit 36 weeks and my birthing class instructor pointed out that within the week I would be in the "safe" time frame for delivery, that we aren't ready!!!! And at the rate little man is growing (please refer to previous post for a visual) I'm feeling like we need to get ready sooner rather then later! Hold on Atticus! We have spent every weekend driving all over Tarnation trying to acquire all that is necessary to bringing a babe into our home and finally last weekend I decided that we weren't coming home empty handed! No more non-committal browsing - only committal (but-can-return-if-necessary) purchasing! We spent all Saturday acquiring all the baby gear we still lacked and finishing up the nursery!

It got a little messy. I did end up ordering the paisley bedding, but sadly it takes 80 years for them to ship it so it will indeed arrive after Atticus at which time I will gift it to him for his 80th birthday. Never fear, the nursery is much more organized now but I'll wait for the bedding for the "after" picture.

Darek felt real excited about all the handyman assemblage required in finishing up the nursery. We finally found the changing table that we wanted and it was actually in stock which was real great!

Darek took a moment to practice feeding pseudo Atticus (aka, Teddy Bear) a bottle...of shampoo while strapped onto the changing table. I guess he doesn't realize that he should have been practicing changing a diaper! Much to learn, new daddy.

I got real excited about having finally gotten a car seat so if little man arrives we'll actually be able to bring him home from the hospital safe and sound in his little safe seat. I busted out Sniggles the monkey to demonstrate to Derelique how to appropriately snuzzle and bundle the little man.

I realize that little man would be much to buried in fuzz to use the Snuzzler and the BundleMe at the same time (we lovingly refer to this combo as the "Buzzler")...then again this is New England we're talking about.

I, of course, then had to take a little trip through the apartment. Further prep and practice, you see.

Looks like a happy little man to me!

We are so ridiculous!
But real excited!
36+ Weeks...
and bustin at the seams!

The side view...

Sad little arm muscle...all gone!

Friday, November 09, 2007


There's just nothing like cutting off five inches of unnecessary hair! My hair had become ridculously neglected and as a result, ridiculously long!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

I love New England!
our cute backyard:

I love this time of year! I can't believe it's already November. I resisted the urge (though I will not resist for much longer) to turn on Christmas music last Sunday - it just felt so holiday-y. We've been lucky with pretty mild weather so far...and every day it doesn't rain, despite the temperature, I wear my flip flops...because that's just what I do!
We're on the one month count down for the due date as of today. I'm not sure my belly can grow any bigger. Little man isn't going to be so little and it's like my tummy can't stretch fast enough to keep up with his crazy growth spurts. But I still love all his wiggles, even if he has found a spot under my ribs to torture me with! So much for breathing any time soon.
Darek and I went to our first birthing class last night - I know, I know, nothing like waiting until your ninth month to start a birthing class. We watched a video and I must admit that as I watched the lady have contractions and all the jazz and I was like, ummm, I'm not sure about that! But as soon as the baby was born and the tears were in my eyes I was like, yep - I'm sure about that! It's pretty exciting!
Work has been kicking my butt, they're using (and abusing) me for all I'm worth before I'm outta there for good...which is TWO weeks from today mind you! Oh glorious day!
So remember like a post ago I said I was starting Twilight? Yeah, well I've finished Twilight...and New Moon...and I've started Eclipse! Pathetic! But maybe a little in love Edward! Can I get an AMEN? And Bella, stop being such an idiot all the time!
Thanks for the input on the bedding, I think I'm going to go for it.
Sweet dreams bloggy readers
PS - why is blogger being a pain an not leaving spaces between my paragraphs? nightmare!

Saturday, November 03, 2007

It's showering babies!

Ahh, thank you blogger for finally cutting me some slack and uploading my pictures! Third time is definitely a charm!

So we celebrated the pending arrival of the son last week with a baby shower. It was so fun to get together with all my friends and get all girly and squealy about baby stuff. How cute is the "Atticus" below? Thanks to Kate's craftiness not only did we get to enjoy a plethora of delicious mini cupcakes (Packy was a real fan of these treats, haha) but she also made these letters for me to hang in Atticus' room! So cute!

All the food was delicious (ahh, pumpkin SCHMEAR!) - thank you to all the organizers for helping and making it such a fun event!

In addition to all the tastey food, it was a special treat to have KDub and Packy come for the festivities. I got to meet Clark for the first time and for sure fell in love with the little excited for the arrival of my own!

I felt a little lame opening all my gifts in front of everyone but very grateful for everyone's generosity! Thank you so much to everyone who has helped us get ready for Atticus! Little man is going to be warm and snuggly with all the cute clothes and blankets and great stuff that he got!

Again, so happy that Packy and Kamilah came! You guys are the best. We had a little shopping trip after the shower. Nothing like browsing through Nordstrom with the roommates like the good old days! And I can't tell you how much we laughed all weekend...and only Packy and Kamliah know how funny banana/cigarette costumes and binners are!!!

Thank you again to Jhordan, Liz, Kara and Kate for organizing the shower and providing the food. I really appreciate each of you and everyone that came! Kate, especially thanks to you for sending out the invites and hosting the party! You're the best!

Clark was real popular! Everyone wanted to be his friend! I'm pretty sure he'll be Atticus' BYU roommate and mission companion some day! Ha ha! Please note Clark's Etnies -could not be cuter!

I'm really excited for Atticus to come. I'm five weeks away and can't believe it. Darek is getting excited too and keeps talking to my tummy, telling Attucs to just come now...ummm, not yet little man, let's try to get a nursery put together first before your arrival. We got our crib...finally. I guess that's a start! This is the crib we got:

And this is the bedding I think I want. What do you think?