Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Atticus just wanted to wish you all a Happy Halloween. He decided to dress up as a Jack-o-Lantern for his first Halloween! He gots lots of attention all day for being so cute!

PS - Today marks the THREE WEEK count down until my LAST day of work!!!! Woo hoo! Hip hip hooray! Can't wait!!!!

PPS - I've started reading Twilight...already addicted!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Well, Amberli's at her baby shower this afternoon so I am alone, man, at home and no college football games have started yet so I just don't know what to do by myself! Wish I had Atticus already to hang out with me! Guess I'll catch up on some blogging I've been meaning to do. How cool the Red Sox in the World Series up 2-0!? Not that I'm a huge MLB fan but it's really cool to be around Boston sports right now. I want the Sox to win just so I can go riot in the streets w/ everyone else downtown! Seriously, the Red Sox, the undefeated Patriots and Boston College Eagles, and awesome's good to be a Boston sports fan right now.

50-Yard Line FRONT ROW right behind the Cougs at the BYU-UNLV game a few weeks ago! Thanks Brandon and Cori for getting us such awesome seats. Man, you can really hear 'em crunch helmets sitting that close...and these players are GIANTS in real life.

Yep, we all ran onto the field after the game and couldn't help running around throwing Cannon's little football around pretending to catch the big TD. So good to see you guys, thanks again B & C for the tickets and letting me and Garlan stay with you guys...we had such a blast that weekend hanging out with you and the kids, it's always so fun!
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Cannon, careful with the high kicks to the groin-age area! That kid's gonna wanna have children someday! Love the hussle though, Cannon's so good and has awesome ball-handling skills.

Brinkley, Carter and Keaton (which is which? I can't see Carter's mini cheek-freckle from here!) The twins are gonna be just as good as their siblings as soon as they're old enough...with their psych-kinetic, twin-mind communication they're gonna be killer in sports playing together...*BBZZZZZ....Carter throw me the alley-oop behind my guy's back! BBBZZZZZZ....Okay Keaton! It's coming....NOW! ZZZZZ* SHA-DUNK!
MacKenzie showing mad skills going for the goal...Kenzie take the shot NOW the goalee's not even back!

First time getting to hang out with litte Ethan Dovness...cutest kids. nutty and funny.
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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Oh Blogger...please stop torturing me!

So I can't get blogger to cut me some slack and upload some pictures for me! Oh well, my ramblings will have to be sufficient for now!

So - lucky me, I got to go to WICKED this week! It was PHE-NOM-IN-AL!!!! I must admit that there were tears in my eyes... and not even so much because the story was all that tender (although it was darling and hilarious and so CLEVER and still pretty tender afterall) but because the talent was so amazing and I just found myself speechless with my jaw hanging open! The singing was incredible and the lighting and scenary and just the story itself - so great! Oh Elphaba - so misunderstood! Hooray for the Wicked Witch! She's my hero! So thank you to my sweet friend Bronwyn and her nice hubby Chris who offered me a third ticket they had and took me along as the third wheel! You're the best!

So life has been so busy - much preparation going on at our new apartment, not only making it so cute :) but also preparing for the little man's arrival, a short seven weeks away! The nursery is underway...and I'm real excited. I had my first baby shower last night, with my coworkers. They were so generous and this little man is going to be well dressed. I only had my little camera with me which has been on the fritz, so no photos to share, sadly! Darek has been working like the husband of a little pregnant girl, hanging things, carrying things, cleaning things, organzing things and just overall being great! I'm a lucky little pregnant girl! My girly friends from church are throwing me a shower this coming weekend - they are so great. Not to mention Packy and KDub might make an appearance! It just doesn't get any better then that!

The irony of calling myself "little pregnant girl" would cause you to laugh if you could indeed see that this old belly of mine = not little! The unsolicited advice from strangers has begun, as well as the "are you having twins?" inquiries! Come on folks - the tummy's not that big. It's just that I stick straight out, so yeah, looks a little extreme! Early on I just got really nice congratulatory and your-tummy's-so-cute comments. But now it's all about strollers and rockers and baby creams and belly creams and nipple creams for crying out loud! Don't get me wrong, advice is needed - just not from grandmas in the store who think I should go with the plaid! Most advice came from strangers while I was registering at Babies R'Us and good old Target. Thanks for the suggestions random strangers!

Happy surprise a few weeks ago at church when the darling family of Webbsite showed up in my ward! I got to meet the bean in person (beautiful!) and get caught up with Amy, who looks great by the way and did indeed have great baby advice, as she has recently become an expert with her little lady! It was so fun to see you guys!

OK, ramble, ramble, ramble...ending now...
sweet dreams...

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Just getting prepared!

I can't believe that fall has arrived. I was so happy to find a non-maternity-but-fits-my-belly-anyway winter coat! The leaves are a little late changing this year which is good because Darek has had the camera with him while he's been traveling so I would have missed out on taking pictures of the fall colors!

Monday, October 08, 2007

Do you see this woman???

Not only is she the hero that is coming to my rescue to assist me in my first three weeks of motherhood (and not only is she the cute grandmother of my cute nephew in this cute picture) but she also brave, courageous, nay, I daresay "HEROIC" Salt Lake local who helped bring one of the city's scumbags to she beat the crap out of him during his attempt to snatch her purse!!!!! Please take a moment to watch the news story about MY MOM, the heroine who fought off the jerk who tried to mug her at 9:20 in the AM!!! He didn't know what he was getting himself into! "She's pretty scrappy!"

Thank you also to the awesome bus driver who came to her aid, also a hero to whom I am truly grateful!

Check it out: click HERE to see the lady in action! Just wait through the 5 second Keith Barton pish posh and the news story will start. It's only a couple minutes.

I love you mom and I am SOOOOOOOOOOOO grateful you weren't hurt. Thanks for teaching us all to be fighters!!!!
"Hey man, if you don't wanna, you don't gotta..."

This mine and Darek's favorite new saying. It applies, of course, to one thing and one thing only...and that is doing dishes by hand. As we have been graciously endowed with a dishwasher in our new apartment we have adopted the new philosophy that if you feel like doing your dishes by hand then go ahead. BUT if you don't wanna, you don't gotta. I went all the way through last week still washing my dishes by hand, since it was only me I was cooking for. But last weekend Darek ran the dishwasher for the first time and I must say, I'm hooked. How easy is it to just load the dishwasher? So speedy!

I wish our new philosophy applied to more areas of life. Such as, "Man, I don't feel like going to work today!" To which Darek would say, very supportingly, "Hey man, if you don't wanna, you don't gotta!"

"I don't want to budget our money."

"I don't want to skip Grey's Anatomy to go to Enrichment."

"I don't want to get my cavity filled."

"I don't want to be a grown up, responsible adult!"

Don't worry, we recognize the parenting woes of passing this philosophy along to Atticus. We'll be sure to keep our irresponsibility under wraps for as long as possible until he realizes on his own, "Hey mom - if I don't wanna, I don't gotta!" Then it will be payback time! In the meantime, I'll just LOVE my dishwasher!

Sunday, October 07, 2007

31.5 weeks

Before Darek left today I made him take some pictures of the belly since it's growing by the day. Each weekend when he comes home from being out of town he can tell it's grown. I definitely went through a growth spurt last week! I'm still loving it!

We're on the two month count down - little man is due two months from today! I can't believe how fast it has gone and I hope he pretty much arrives on time since my awesome mother is arriving on Dec 5th to help out and staying until the 28th! I'd hate for her to get to town then have to hang out for a while if I'm overdue, then not be able to stay much past after he comes. OK, Atticus...most McCoys are LATE for everything...but I'm counting on you to be ON TIME just this once!

Here's a glimpse of the new apartment. I'm sure to the untrained eye it looks the same as the old apartment. You'll just have to come for a visit and check it out for yourself!

This one doesn't even look real to me. I wish I could get one of the belly when it's all lopsided from him moving around like crazy. Sometimes it feels like he is standing up and stretching because it pushes my belly out so far! But I love that he's always around to keep me company.

It echoed...

as we left our apartment. We finished our move last weekend and it has been such a busy week trying to get settled. We also didn't have our internet or cable hooked up last week, and Darek was in UT so it was a little quiet here in the new apartment alone. Darek was home for a few days this weekend (he's headed back to UT right now for another work week) so we got some things done and this place is starting to feel more like home. I'll post pictures when things are all settled.

THANK YOU to everyone who helped us move last weekend. We are really blessed with such good friends!