Sunday, September 23, 2007

Just saying goodbye

So Derelique is out of town this week, our last week in our apartment. He comes home next Friday to help me finish moving Saturday then is out of town again for two weeks so this transition to our new place may be a little slow going. We've been really blessed to find a new apartment and sell our contract in order to get reimbursed October rent, which was the "last month's rent" we paid 2 years ago when we signed our contract. So things are working out really well and it feels like this move is meant to be. These are the pictures that we posted online to sell our contract. Wouldn't you want to live here? Haha!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

29 year old mom
29 week old baby belly

can you believe this? i'm LOVING it! grow belly, grow!

do you remember when this shirt was still too big?

we took a bunch of random pictures for the apartment before packing up for the move. we'll miss this apartment but are excited for the new one. and for those of you who have been asking - you're right, we were looking into moving to AZ, but it ended up working out to stay here. we found a great place close by and are happy to spend some more time on the east coast. i'll be sure to post pics of the new place, and probably some of the old place too just so we have a record of it. we moved half our stuff today and we're moving the rest next week. ta ta cambridge!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Blog on hold...

My sad little blog is screaming out for attention but has been blatantly ignored as we have been making preparations to move! We found a great apartment in Jamaica Plain and have been packing all week. We're pretty excited about moving to JP (south of Boston, but still part of the city) although we're sad about leaving Cambridge, which we have come to love. Our new apartment is pretty great though, all renovated and pretty and perfect for the little babe. The couple that owns the house lived there when they were expecting their little boy so it's all decked out and perfect for a young couple and a new baby. So, sorry for the blog neglect. I'll jump back on the bandwagon soon!

Sunday, September 09, 2007


We went camping with friends last Friday night at a camp ground about 25 miles north of Boston. It was really fun to hang out and get caught up with friends. Some of them had been gone for the summer and the others, we just hadn't had much of chance to hang out with this summer. So glad we got to have one last summer fling heading into fall!

Thanks to the Noyes for planning the trip and thanks to the Wangchungs for taking some photos since we forgot our camera!

Darek kept the boys entertained telling Sasquatch sighting stories around the fire.

The girls talked about all the important things girls talk about while camping, hair and babies and such.

The s'mores were delicious! We perfected the double-mallow s'more!

Camping tip: OFF is very effective on keeping the bugs off...but make sure you spray the BOTTOM of your feet because those suckers will find any square inch you haven't sprayed and go to town eating you up alive! Very uncomfortable in your Sunday shoes!
Random summer recap: photos of the neices and nephews

During our trip to UT this summer I spent a little time chasing the kiddies around taking pics. I wish I had taken more but here's a few. I miss these kids, not to mention the 17 neices and nephews on Darek's side that we see so rarely they probably don't know who we are! We haven't even met them all yet!!!

My first hand-me-downs!

How cute are these little fur lined boots??? My coworker has two little boys and lots of good hand-me-downs she has promised to pass along to us. These are perfect for our little winter babe!

Ladie's night out

This are the lovely ladies with whom I serve in the Young Women's Presidency. Our activity with the girls last week was on Saturday so the Presidency decided to go out during the week for our own activity. We had dinner at California Pizza Kitchen (mmmmmm!) and then saw a movie. We saw Stardust - we weren't quite sure how it was going to be but we ended up really liking it! The cast is really great and I liked the story.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Man alive!
Already two trips to labor & delivery
and I have neither labored nor delivered!!!

So last week my sciatic nerve spazzed out, temporarily paralyzing me with pain! My doctor's office had me go into Labor and Delivery to get monitored to make sure that it was indeed sciatic pain and not labor pains! Happy to say - no contractions! Only paralytic pain...which eventually passed!

That is until yesterday when I had a semi-kidney stone attack! I say "semi" because as some of you know I had a FULL BLOWN kidney stone attack when I was 19 which almost ended my life! No exaggeration here people - the worst pain possible. (Packer, you remember in detail, I fear, my calling out to the the Powers That Be, questioning why I was being tortured!!! I believe there was also some insulting of doctors and such. Pain makes you do crazy things!) I've been told it's comparable to labor and since I am guaranteed a shot at labor in three months I'd like to pass on birthing a kidney stone for now, thanks. Luckily, the stone crumbled and passed as "gravel" to my UTTER DELIGHT!!! The pain was like 1% compared to passing a real stone so I am thanking my lucky stars (as well as the aforementioned Powers That Be, of course!) that the sucker crumbled and that all is well!

We'll see what's in store for me next week...hopefully something a bit less painful please!

Monday, September 03, 2007

New PJ's for babe#1 and a new dress for babe #2!!!

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Saturday, September 01, 2007

Wake Me Up When September Ends...
~Green Day

Happy Septemeber people!
I can't believe how fast this year (and my life for that matter) is flying by! We had such a fun summer and we're sad to see it go. It was beautiful today but fall is definitely in the air. I've even seen a few red leaves in the neighborhood! I finally went through a whole bunch of pictures we took this summer that I never got around to editing and posting and such, so I'm going to do a a few posts dedicated to a little summer recap. Get excited!

Let the recap begin:
In July, Darek's parents came for a Boston/DC visit. We celebrated the fourth in Boston then headed to DC for a few days. Brian and Janet lived in DC for about a year soon after they were married and hadn't been back since. Darek and I had never been so it was fun to explore it together and have Brian and Janet reliving the good old days with us.

We went to the Boston Pops (America's Orchestra!) show on the Esplande to celebrate the fourth. The highlight, I thought, was when the Blue Man Group came out and played a song with the Pops. It was awesome. That and the sing-a-long, of course, as I was pathetically singing at the top of my lungs and loving it!

I was deeply grateful to happen upon this sign soon after our arrival in DC, before our exploring began. I was so confused as to whether or not I should bring my drugs along but this sign cleared everything up for me! Thanks DC! I did, however, have to continually remind my squirrely husband to please keep his conduct orderly!

Again, a helpful sign, letting us know right away the direct route to FUN!

The yellow brick road was also a helpful tool! Who knew that DC was so tourist-friendly? This is no joke, actually. DC was great. So much to do and see and so much of it is FREE! I feel so much better about the US government keeping a third of my paycheck (please note, I am joking again here) now that I know I can see every possible museum you can dream of for FREE! But really, the city was GORGEOUS and so cool! I really loved it and was in awe the whole time.

Darek was very excited to perform a solo in the amphitheatre at the monument at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. We watched the changing of the guard at the tomb, which happens every 30 minutes, 24 hours a day. The ceremony is very cool to watch and I was very touched by the reverent feeling that commemorates all the men and women who have died serving their country without receiving the recognition they deserved. This is part of Arlington Cemetary.

Couldn't go to DC and not pay tribute to Linclon!

This monument was amazing, so huge and powerful.

Ummm...what is there to say about the following photo?
Darek's disorderly conduct in action! Such a spaz!

K, that's it for now. Good night friends!