Monday, May 28, 2007

Seven Amberli Items...

So at some point during my blog fast my sister-in-law tagged me to share 7 things about myself in an effort, I think, to bring me back into the blogging world. So now that I have successfully made said re-entrance I will be sharing seven bits of totally useless information about myself for your reading enjoyment. For those of you with schedules too busy for extensive reading I will keep it brief...

1 ~ I couldn't sleep as late as I wanted to this morning because Darek was breathing too heavily on my shoulder and keeping me awake.

2 ~ I hate washing silverware. I'll wash everything else in the sink and abandon the silverware to collect for days until I have to wash a spoon to use for breakfast, which was indeed the case this morning.

3 ~ I am reading and fiercely and pathetically loving The Mists of Avalon which in all honesty, is not that great of a book. Weird.

4 ~ I'm homesick for Utah right now...I know, such confessions should not be admitted to!

5 ~ I cried as one of my young women graduated from seminary last night. Never fear, had it not been that I'm sure I would have been at home crying about Home Makeover like I do every Sunday.

6 ~ I'm self conscious about cooking for other people and always fret that they won't like I rarely do it, except for Darek who eats and loves everything because he's a McCoy!

7 ~ I tend to share too much about myself and Darek has taught me how to keep private things private so ha ha folks, the rest of my little secrets are staying secret for now! But I have considered posting a secret on a website that you can send an anonymous post card to with a secret and the guy will post it. I was going to include the link here but I just checked it out and there is a yucky secret on it right now which I will not be responsible for sharing with you. He updates the secrets each week so maybe I'll share it next week, but for now I want to be a responsible blogger and not lead you astray!

Tag, you're it! If you read through my seven items than I'm tagging you to share you're own either on your blog or in my comments! So spill it!


An Ordinary Mom said...

My ploy to bring you back to the blogging world worked :) !! Actually, I just wanted to learn more interesting facts about you :) !!

That is so funny that you don't like washing silverware. And you are a good cook. I still make your enchiladas, and we even call them Amber's enchiladas.

Can't wait to see you in Utah soon!

Boss Lady said...

that was so fun, glad you are feeling better. i cry every sunday on home makeover too! we are twins. speaking of, do you have nike plus? cause I want someone to challenge, even though you'll whip my butt. and what mccoy do you have, cause jason picks out all the yucky stuff in my food! glad you are back.

Shauna Brown said...

Thank you for your valiant return to the world of blogging!! Great list!

the mccoy's said...

yah. so happy to read more about you. i will post mine for your reading pleasure on my blog. love you!