Wednesday, May 23, 2007

NBA Draft 2007: Sonics get #2 pick!

MONEY! Big news for all us Sea-town fans scoring the second pick in the 2007 Oden-Durant Sweepstakes. So stoked right now. "The Sonics last had the No. 2 pick in 1990 when they selected point guard Gary Payton from Oregon State"...and we know how that turned out! The GLOVE! (remember those old Sonics cartoon commercials with the Glove and Reign Man and some alien spaceship dude? I gotta find those somewhere on this world wide web). Since Portland has the #1 spot (curse you Nate McMillan!), they'll most likely take Oden which in my opinion would be the best fit for Seattle's roster (has Seattle ever had a dominate center since Jack Sikma!?). Nonetheless! Durant plays much more versatile than Oden and is gonna be sick as option #3 in the Ray-Ray~'Shard~Durant Triangle O' Talent (patent pending).

But...Sonics still have some huge pieces of the puzzle to lay down still:
  1. resign free-agent Rashard Lewis
  2. find a new arena IN SEATTLE (I might not go on if they get shipped out after next season)
  3. hire a good coach and stick with him for crying out loud! who's gonna coach the Triangle O' Talent?
For the time being, I'll just enjoy this rare Seattle Sports victory. And I tell you what...I'll be purchasing NBA League Pass next season to watch the 2007-08 Supersonics: The Return to Superness.
(Garlan, did I tell you SI called me the other day...want me to write for them. Then Kevin Calabro called to see if I'd announce games with him. Told 'em thanks, but I've already got a glamorous job auditing computer systems)


Boss Lady said...

Do I get kicked out of the family if I don't know who those guys are? ...

G. Sterling said...

you got it all wrong kid. i'd call it: "Seattle Sonics - the surprising supes seriously squander the squads hopes of summoning scientific certainties." (call me if you cant figure out what that means, b/c believe me it makes perfect sense.)

b/c lets be honest, with the loser management they have they'll probably take josh mcroberts or someone like that with their pick.

it'll be more like "the trio thats really a duo"