Saturday, May 05, 2007

Last weekend...

So we totally outsmarted the weatherman last weekend and called his bluff about rainy weather. We went out for a long bike ride along the Charles River and then some shopping at the Cambridgeside Galleria. For some reason crazy things kept happening on our bike ride that made us laugh the whole time. It started with these crazy ducks. There were just leisurely strolling through one of the busiest intersections on Memorial Drive with total disregard to the tons of traffic around them. They were hilarious. However, what was even more hilarious was that while I was videoing these crazy ducks I accidentally caught a girl eating it on her bike. We, of course, waited until she was out of ear shot then laughed ourselves to tears watching the little video clip over and over. Poor girl!

So the ride along the river was beautiful and some of the trees were in bloom. I had to stop every ten feet to take pictures and often had to wait my turn because so many people were out taking pictures as well. We don't take spring lightly around here folks! We treat it like the blessing from heaven that it is!

As always I was loving the river and the flowers in bloom.

This tree reminded me of those in my front yard in Idaho when I was really little. I love the white blossoms.

So of course I couldn't resist taking this picture of Darek and I assumed that the professional photographer behind us on the trail wouldn't be able to resist taking a picture of Darek and I riding our bikes side by side under this tunnel of blossoming trees while holding hands! I know! Sizzle! But after I took this picture we totally rode along like that forever making sure the dude had plenty of time to capture the (very intentional) photo opp!

We stopped and watched the sailing for a while and I freaked out each time any of them made a sharp turn and almost laid their boat flat on the water. It was fun to watch and I was happy I wasn't the one in the little boats almost being thrown into the water at each turn.

So, finally we ended up at Cambridgeside Galleria and attempted to do some shopping. However it seemed that the whole of Cambridge had been bamboozled by the weatherman and decided to come to the mall because they thought it would be rainy outside, so the stores were crowded and the lines were long. We ended up just piddling around and mostly doing our favorite, people watching. Finally we decided it was time to cruise home.
We soon came to realize however, that we had to eat our words...the weatherman told the truth! We walked out to our bikes to find them completly soaked including the little snack items I had stored in my bike's sweet double hanging baskets. We were in spring time clothes which we wrapped around us as tightly as we could, and started the bike ride home. At first I made a sad little attempt to lift my feet as we went through puddles. But to no avail, soon my shoes and ALL MY CLOTHES were completely soaked through!

So, the joke was on us afterall! But it definitely was a perfect ending to our crazy day!


An Ordinary Mom said...

What fabulous memories you created. I am sure you will never forget this day :)!!

Paige said...

What a fun bike ride day! Oh, I just sauntered over here from the Ordinary Mom's blog. I hope you don't mind.