Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Back from the dead...

Alrighty folks, never fear! I am alive and well and have returned from the blogging hiatus that has kept me away for so long. In all honesty people, I just needed a little break from the blogging world. But after a visit from Likely and a call from Amy D. to make sure I was still alive I realized that I have grown lonely during my blogging fast and have now decided that it is time to once again join my cyber social circle of friends and come out of darkness and obscurity! I can only hope that my faithful readers will forgive me and again welcome me into their daily blog checking routine!

Life has been busy but not busy with the fun things that deserve to be blogged about! However last weekend was definitely great when we had a little visit from Likely and her oh so cute family! We did all kinds of fun Boston things like walking the freedom trail (in the rain, P.S.) and eating lunch at Faneuil Hall! I had eagerly hoped that my delicious lunch would be the highlight of that event but I could not have possibly anticipated that it would, instead, be the sharing of our table with an old man dressed in a black velvet suit, eating (but mostly spitting) crab salad while freely sharing random tid bits of information about his life and strange opinions about our lives throughout the very awkward meal. Among such comments I learned that this man felt strongly that I should continue life without children (after ooohhhing and aaahhhing over Likely's son who, incidentally, is totally ooohhhable and aaahhhable), asking me if I had "lined my eyes" that morning after which explaining to me that I did my eye make up like the Virgin Mary, who fashioned her make up style after that of the Egyptians! Ummm, could you please be more random, old man? And last but certainly not least assuring us repeatedly that though he had never been married he had in fact been with many, many, MANY women! I mean, as if the crab salad spitting hadn't already stolen away my appetite but need I be burdened with the knowledge that this man has quit a history of charming the ladies??? I don't know dude! It's pretty hard to imagine!

In any case, it was a fantastic weekend and sadly I have no pictures to show for it, but I'm sure the verbal illustration I have created in your imaginations is not only accurate but will undoubtedly bless you with sweet dreams tonight! Toodles!


the mccoy's said...

i was getting all blogged down, without you guys. glad to hear you had a fun time with whats his face. i love reading about your days. the subways,downtown, and now this man. so fun!

An Ordinary Mom said...

I enjoy people watching. People sharing their spitty lunch with me ... not so much!

Welcome back! Rudy and I were afraid we scared you away after monopolizing your evening on Sunday :)!!

KamilahNYC said...

I just bursted out loud. so sick old man. mind your stinkin business!!!

Tiffany said...

Oh, the weekend was delicious!

I am just now starting to post about it. I started off with just pics of Boston and next will be the pics with actual people in them.

I had so much fun. Half the reason was because I got to be with you!

Seriously Berli, lady of the Nile, I love you and you're the best.