Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Introducing the newest member of our family

As you all have noticed I have dramatically returned to blogging after a long and painful drought. But although I am particularly skilled in the painting of very detailed imagery with words alone I know that my sad blog really needs some pictures and spice and everything nice. I'm happy to announce that my cutest husband ever randomly surprised me recently with the above cherished item and one of these days very soon I'm going to put it to good use and hopefully take some pretty pictures to share!
I think my blog needs a face lift in general. I'll be working on that. Get excited!
PS ~ yes, you are not mistaken. I am indeed posting this in the very early AM. Seriously, get some rest!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Did you see Miss Universe last night?
Please, humor me here...

Ok, so I only watched the first bit last night because I was falling asleep and honestly I don't care if Slater won Dancing With the Stars and is currently all that rage, I just don't think he's hot enough to steal my snoozes BUT (pause for dramatic effect) I can not refrain from commenting on one small detail of last night's festivities. So, 8 billion beautiful goddesses from all over the globe, blah, blah, blahbabitty stinkin blah, have come to represent their countries, blah, blah, stand for all that is good and pure in this world, bring peace to all nations, fight hunger, sickness and all manner of wickedness, so on and so forth, all that noble jazz of representing their countries and their people and uniting the world in peace and harmony (yeah right dude, I'm a social worker, I have the same goal and no amount of make up and big hair is going to solve this world's problems).

So yeah, I'm watching these billions of girls all be presented at the beginning, saying their name and age and what country they're from and they are all dressed in these really elaborate, decorative, fancy native costumes depicting the beauty of their country and culture, etc. etc. and it was fun to see what each of them was wearing. So I soon find myself wondering what the woman from the USA will be wearing. What symbol might represent our nation's culture, history, etc? I'm not sure what I expected. I don't know, something to do with freedom? The statue of liberty? Wearing red, white and blue with a bald eagle on her arm? Something Native American? I don't know, I'm not a professional beauty pageant planner person but I'm sure those who are could come up with something meaningful and such. Well whatever I expected it for sure was NOT the ELVIS rock n' roll outfit and red, white and blue electric guitar that this girl walked out with, pretending to strum as she screamed "USA!" Ok folks, anyone who knows me knows that I love Elvis! But, when we are trying to establish a symbol for our nations history and culture please tell me that we have something more meaningful and historical then the rock n' roll rage that started a mere 50 years ago which was, I might add, a total scandal at the time.

I tell you, I dig rock n' roll, but I laughed and cried for our sad country who especially in this time when we are not so popular among other nations (or even our own for that matter) couldn't come up with something more meaningful and patriotic that might have inspired a little pride and patriotism in being American! Well, in any case, go Elvis! Long live the KING!!!!

Monday, May 28, 2007

Seven Amberli Items...

So at some point during my blog fast my sister-in-law tagged me to share 7 things about myself in an effort, I think, to bring me back into the blogging world. So now that I have successfully made said re-entrance I will be sharing seven bits of totally useless information about myself for your reading enjoyment. For those of you with schedules too busy for extensive reading I will keep it brief...

1 ~ I couldn't sleep as late as I wanted to this morning because Darek was breathing too heavily on my shoulder and keeping me awake.

2 ~ I hate washing silverware. I'll wash everything else in the sink and abandon the silverware to collect for days until I have to wash a spoon to use for breakfast, which was indeed the case this morning.

3 ~ I am reading and fiercely and pathetically loving The Mists of Avalon which in all honesty, is not that great of a book. Weird.

4 ~ I'm homesick for Utah right now...I know, such confessions should not be admitted to!

5 ~ I cried as one of my young women graduated from seminary last night. Never fear, had it not been that I'm sure I would have been at home crying about Home Makeover like I do every Sunday.

6 ~ I'm self conscious about cooking for other people and always fret that they won't like I rarely do it, except for Darek who eats and loves everything because he's a McCoy!

7 ~ I tend to share too much about myself and Darek has taught me how to keep private things private so ha ha folks, the rest of my little secrets are staying secret for now! But I have considered posting a secret on a website that you can send an anonymous post card to with a secret and the guy will post it. I was going to include the link here but I just checked it out and there is a yucky secret on it right now which I will not be responsible for sharing with you. He updates the secrets each week so maybe I'll share it next week, but for now I want to be a responsible blogger and not lead you astray!

Tag, you're it! If you read through my seven items than I'm tagging you to share you're own either on your blog or in my comments! So spill it!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Just a couple of sickies!

Holy Crapoly! I don't know what kind of curse has fallen upon our humble abode but whatever it was I'm thanking my lucky stars that we're both on the mend. I'll save you the gory details for fear you may lose your lunch if I tell you too much but I will tell you that I have only been this sick on two previous occasions of my life: once when I had a concusion at the age of ten and a second time when I passed kidney stones at the age of 19 (a pleasant memory for Packer who was the lucky friend who took me to the hospital on the ocassion, driving my stick shift, which she didn't know how to do, and in snowboard boots nonetheless, not to mention we didn't know the way to the hospital! Plus she witnessed my desperate cries to my Higher Power questioning why I had to go through that pain. This is not an exaggeration people! For those of you unlucky souls who have also passed kidney stones I'm sure you can fully understand my total disconnect with reality and any sense of dignity as I screamed in horror and never thought twice about my hospital gown being totally open in the back!)

In any case, my previous post was entitled "Back from the dead" which is a more fitting title for this post as Darek and I have traveled to and from Hades this week and are now feeling happy and relieved to have rejoined the land of the living! Hope you are all happy and healthy!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Back from the dead...

Alrighty folks, never fear! I am alive and well and have returned from the blogging hiatus that has kept me away for so long. In all honesty people, I just needed a little break from the blogging world. But after a visit from Likely and a call from Amy D. to make sure I was still alive I realized that I have grown lonely during my blogging fast and have now decided that it is time to once again join my cyber social circle of friends and come out of darkness and obscurity! I can only hope that my faithful readers will forgive me and again welcome me into their daily blog checking routine!

Life has been busy but not busy with the fun things that deserve to be blogged about! However last weekend was definitely great when we had a little visit from Likely and her oh so cute family! We did all kinds of fun Boston things like walking the freedom trail (in the rain, P.S.) and eating lunch at Faneuil Hall! I had eagerly hoped that my delicious lunch would be the highlight of that event but I could not have possibly anticipated that it would, instead, be the sharing of our table with an old man dressed in a black velvet suit, eating (but mostly spitting) crab salad while freely sharing random tid bits of information about his life and strange opinions about our lives throughout the very awkward meal. Among such comments I learned that this man felt strongly that I should continue life without children (after ooohhhing and aaahhhing over Likely's son who, incidentally, is totally ooohhhable and aaahhhable), asking me if I had "lined my eyes" that morning after which explaining to me that I did my eye make up like the Virgin Mary, who fashioned her make up style after that of the Egyptians! Ummm, could you please be more random, old man? And last but certainly not least assuring us repeatedly that though he had never been married he had in fact been with many, many, MANY women! I mean, as if the crab salad spitting hadn't already stolen away my appetite but need I be burdened with the knowledge that this man has quit a history of charming the ladies??? I don't know dude! It's pretty hard to imagine!

In any case, it was a fantastic weekend and sadly I have no pictures to show for it, but I'm sure the verbal illustration I have created in your imaginations is not only accurate but will undoubtedly bless you with sweet dreams tonight! Toodles!
NBA Draft 2007: Sonics get #2 pick!

MONEY! Big news for all us Sea-town fans scoring the second pick in the 2007 Oden-Durant Sweepstakes. So stoked right now. "The Sonics last had the No. 2 pick in 1990 when they selected point guard Gary Payton from Oregon State"...and we know how that turned out! The GLOVE! (remember those old Sonics cartoon commercials with the Glove and Reign Man and some alien spaceship dude? I gotta find those somewhere on this world wide web). Since Portland has the #1 spot (curse you Nate McMillan!), they'll most likely take Oden which in my opinion would be the best fit for Seattle's roster (has Seattle ever had a dominate center since Jack Sikma!?). Nonetheless! Durant plays much more versatile than Oden and is gonna be sick as option #3 in the Ray-Ray~'Shard~Durant Triangle O' Talent (patent pending).

But...Sonics still have some huge pieces of the puzzle to lay down still:
  1. resign free-agent Rashard Lewis
  2. find a new arena IN SEATTLE (I might not go on if they get shipped out after next season)
  3. hire a good coach and stick with him for crying out loud! who's gonna coach the Triangle O' Talent?
For the time being, I'll just enjoy this rare Seattle Sports victory. And I tell you what...I'll be purchasing NBA League Pass next season to watch the 2007-08 Supersonics: The Return to Superness.
(Garlan, did I tell you SI called me the other day...want me to write for them. Then Kevin Calabro called to see if I'd announce games with him. Told 'em thanks, but I've already got a glamorous job auditing computer systems)

Saturday, May 12, 2007

The poor blog

So my poor blog continues to suffer! Not much happened this week. Darek was out of town for the first of six weeks that he will be gone over the next eight weeks. So needless, to say I was a little lonely this week and I am happy he's home. He leaves again tomorrow for the second week away. However the beautiful weather kept me company all week and I have been in heaven. We're thinking of heading to the beach today but it might not be as warm today as it has been. In any case I'm sure it's going to be a great day since Darek is home and it will be at least 70 degrees. Funny what my equation for happiness requires! Darek and the sun!

Later Skater!

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Last weekend...

So we totally outsmarted the weatherman last weekend and called his bluff about rainy weather. We went out for a long bike ride along the Charles River and then some shopping at the Cambridgeside Galleria. For some reason crazy things kept happening on our bike ride that made us laugh the whole time. It started with these crazy ducks. There were just leisurely strolling through one of the busiest intersections on Memorial Drive with total disregard to the tons of traffic around them. They were hilarious. However, what was even more hilarious was that while I was videoing these crazy ducks I accidentally caught a girl eating it on her bike. We, of course, waited until she was out of ear shot then laughed ourselves to tears watching the little video clip over and over. Poor girl!

So the ride along the river was beautiful and some of the trees were in bloom. I had to stop every ten feet to take pictures and often had to wait my turn because so many people were out taking pictures as well. We don't take spring lightly around here folks! We treat it like the blessing from heaven that it is!

As always I was loving the river and the flowers in bloom.

This tree reminded me of those in my front yard in Idaho when I was really little. I love the white blossoms.

So of course I couldn't resist taking this picture of Darek and I assumed that the professional photographer behind us on the trail wouldn't be able to resist taking a picture of Darek and I riding our bikes side by side under this tunnel of blossoming trees while holding hands! I know! Sizzle! But after I took this picture we totally rode along like that forever making sure the dude had plenty of time to capture the (very intentional) photo opp!

We stopped and watched the sailing for a while and I freaked out each time any of them made a sharp turn and almost laid their boat flat on the water. It was fun to watch and I was happy I wasn't the one in the little boats almost being thrown into the water at each turn.

So, finally we ended up at Cambridgeside Galleria and attempted to do some shopping. However it seemed that the whole of Cambridge had been bamboozled by the weatherman and decided to come to the mall because they thought it would be rainy outside, so the stores were crowded and the lines were long. We ended up just piddling around and mostly doing our favorite, people watching. Finally we decided it was time to cruise home.
We soon came to realize however, that we had to eat our words...the weatherman told the truth! We walked out to our bikes to find them completly soaked including the little snack items I had stored in my bike's sweet double hanging baskets. We were in spring time clothes which we wrapped around us as tightly as we could, and started the bike ride home. At first I made a sad little attempt to lift my feet as we went through puddles. But to no avail, soon my shoes and ALL MY CLOTHES were completely soaked through!

So, the joke was on us afterall! But it definitely was a perfect ending to our crazy day!

Thursday, May 03, 2007

I've been bamboozled!

I fear that I am only one poor soul of millions who has been grossly disappointed after eagerly anticipating an all new 2 hour Grey's Anatomy tonight only to discover that this is not a 2 hour Grey's but rather a 15 minute Grey's and a 105 minute premiere of Addison's new show. I don't know if I'm buying it folks, besides the very hot Taye Diggs of course...

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Boston City League Hoops

Amber's always trying to get me to post on our Blog, but I never have anything to blog for my grand opening, I dedicate the following videos to my worshipers: Garlan, Brandon, Cannon, Rob, Jason, Spencer, Dad, Sharla, Marschell, and Erin...oh and Garlan again (waste!)...(Disclaimer to any non-McCoys reading today: my apologies ahead of time...this may get a little outta hand...I think we all started talking trash in the delivery room on our's just McCoy family, please feel free to skip today's post)...
(give the videos a min to load)


#1 Los McCoys el Rancho Not so Grande: to put this doozy in context, this was a monster TRE way late in the game, we're talking like under 2 mins left to play and we're only up a bucket or two...really close game the whole time. We're the only undefeated team in the league and this is the #2 team...lots at stake. So we're trying to fend off their late game rally...neither team could break it open and run away with it...until "Ice Veins" took matters into his own hands, or should I say Darek's patented "Sweet Water Tre J" (Brandon, don't even think about trying to use that, I just said it was patented). So I'm parked behind the arc waiting for someone to realize who the team hero is gonna be and dish it my way...finally my boy, Kent, gets the rebound and passes it out...notice the ZERO hesitation Garlan, you gotta learn this skill if you're ever gonna compete with kids older than Deacons. So was huge.


#2 BANGARANG PETER! That's all I can say about this triple early in the game...I had to leave my hand in the air for No. #15 in case he didn't see that one right in his eye. He was such a baby the whole game I couldn't even believe it really felt good dropping this one on him.

#3 1-and-1 Freethrows: (you gotta love Bonus at the end of the game)...I should sell basketball fundamentals videos. Magic and Nash's training tapes would have nothing on mine. See the form Rob? It's textbook. You couldn't genetically engineer a smoother stroke.

#4 Best for last...
#4 Baseline spin: This one just speaks for itself. Just watch the defender the whole time (green #23), he doesn't even know what just happened.