Saturday, April 21, 2007

So, remember how it was Easter forever ago?

Well, I am finally getting around to posting a couple pictures of the event. I set up a little easter egg hunt for Darek with "sporty" easter eggs filled to treats and little notes. I was very discreet in my hidding places as you can see.

Darek got side tracked between each find and had to pretend the egg was a ball of some kind that needed to be "passed" or "shot" before he could continue his search. My favorite part of this picture is the everso obvious orange egg on the frame in the background. It took Darek longer to find this totally-in-the-open-hidden-egg then he'd like me to admit. It was pretty funny!

I love little love notes so that's what Darek hid around the house for me. This was my favorite hidding place, inside the clock. I kept finding notes later that night as I got ready for bed. There were notes under my alarm clock, in my jewelery box, all over. What a cute husband!

Anyway, happy late Easter everyone! I'm so happy spring is finally making an appearance!


Boss Lady said...

You guys are so the sports eggs. I think Jason was still sleeping when I did Easter hunt with the kids. But boy have I eaten plenty of easter candy, we still have some left...can't wait to start working out again...:)

An Ordinary Mom said...

Better late than never :) !! What a fun tradition you have started, never stop doing it!

Jen said...

that is such a cute idea!

Shauna Brown said...

You are too cute!!