Saturday, April 28, 2007

Mt. Auburn Cementary

This place is amazing. It was the first cemetary in the United States, as opposed to all of the burial grounds which were more common and customary before this cemetary was built. The difference between the two is that the burial grounds just have grave markers whereas the cemetary is all landscaped and fancy with statues and flowers and huge family plots. The cemetary also contains tomb like structures where family members continue to be added over the years.

This was in one of the more recently used portions of the cemetary.

This tower is at the center of the cemetary and the highest point.

We climbed the narrow spiraling staircase to the top to see the view.

I ran up to the very top and put my camera over the edge to take this picture where mom, dad and Darek where 3/4 the way up the tower at the first look out.

This is us from the top. The view is amazing.
You can see all of Cambridge and down to downtown and the
Bunker Hill Monument in the distance.

This view includes the Harvard football stadium and part of the
Boston skyline in the background.

Here's a picture of the sphinx with the tower in the background.

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