Saturday, April 28, 2007

The Boston Temple

So the highlight of last weekend was definitely having Darek's parents in town. It was a really quick trip but we fit in as much as we could. Sunday afternoon we drove to the Boston Temple to look around since they hadn't seen it before. It is a beautiful temple and we have really become attached to it!

Mt. Auburn Cementary

This place is amazing. It was the first cemetary in the United States, as opposed to all of the burial grounds which were more common and customary before this cemetary was built. The difference between the two is that the burial grounds just have grave markers whereas the cemetary is all landscaped and fancy with statues and flowers and huge family plots. The cemetary also contains tomb like structures where family members continue to be added over the years.

This was in one of the more recently used portions of the cemetary.

This tower is at the center of the cemetary and the highest point.

We climbed the narrow spiraling staircase to the top to see the view.

I ran up to the very top and put my camera over the edge to take this picture where mom, dad and Darek where 3/4 the way up the tower at the first look out.

This is us from the top. The view is amazing.
You can see all of Cambridge and down to downtown and the
Bunker Hill Monument in the distance.

This view includes the Harvard football stadium and part of the
Boston skyline in the background.

Here's a picture of the sphinx with the tower in the background.

The Bunker Hill Monument
"Don't fire until you see the whites of their eyes!"
~ Colonel William Prescott
So this is the site of the first battle that started the American Revolution on June 17, 1775. The battle was known as that battle of Bunker Hill but most of the fighting actually took place on Breed's Hill which is where this monument is located, in Charlestown.
The granite monument is 221 feet tall. I wish we could have gone inside to see the view from the top! We were lucky that it was such a pretty, blue day!
Here's mom and dad McCoy and Darek with the good Colonel. We were amused with the Colonel's stance so naturally Darek had to mimick it.
Particularly why is hand was back like this...

Us with the Colonel as well

And Darek taking a picture of himself

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

PS ~ I've got to get to bed but please stay posted for the best part of the weekend, and that was the visit from Derelique's parents. It was so great to have them in town and we are so grateful that they got to come! Get excited for some exciting photos!

Night Night, Sweet Dreams!

All winter long I've mourned the loss of my oh-so-beloved bike rides with Darek and our stellar bikes. Saturday we decided to cruise downtown on our bikes to enjoy the weather and all the people watching.

We rode over to Haymarket and checked out all the grub and hubbub. It was so fun that so many people were out and I always love Haymarket because it reminds me so much of Italy and is indeed full of Italian pasta mamas buying all their fresh ingredients for their deliscious creations! I wish they would invite me over for dinner!

Darek "admiring the general splendor." If anyone can name the movie that that line comes from I'll give you a very exciting reward!

Yes, this was my very discreet picture of the red hat society walking by. Darek looks real funny because I was pretending (obviously) to take a picture of him but actually just wanted to get a picture of the cool old ladies in the background.

The Red Hat Society is the coolest. People clapped for them as they walked by and they waved and said, "woo hoo!" like they were on a float in a parade! Nothing better than old ladies that dress in red and purple and go out to lunch to gossip about how loose and moraless today's youth are and so on and so forth. My grandma once commented on my many ear peircings, "In my day only FAST women had their ears pierced!" I'm not quit sure what a "fast" woman is, but it sounds disgraceful and I've called myself one every since. Haha! Never fear grandma, I've let seven of my nine piercings grow in!

You better believe I'll be joining this old lady sorority as soon as I reach the ripe old age of wrinkled at which point I'll have earned the right to be as critical and gossipy as I please!

Oh Blue Spirit!

I was so happy to bring my sweet ride out of storage and cruise around downtown weaving through traffic and ringing my bell at all the admirers of the blue beauty!

I caught Blue Spirit admiring her reflection in the window and decided to take a picture of her vanity!

Hooray for Spring!

I hope it sticks around this time! Yes...I take pictures of flowers, just like my mom. I just can't resist. While we were out and about this weekend I had to take a few pictures of the new spring flowers!

These pictures are nothing special but I thought I'd still share anyway.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

So, remember how it was Easter forever ago?

Well, I am finally getting around to posting a couple pictures of the event. I set up a little easter egg hunt for Darek with "sporty" easter eggs filled to treats and little notes. I was very discreet in my hidding places as you can see.

Darek got side tracked between each find and had to pretend the egg was a ball of some kind that needed to be "passed" or "shot" before he could continue his search. My favorite part of this picture is the everso obvious orange egg on the frame in the background. It took Darek longer to find this totally-in-the-open-hidden-egg then he'd like me to admit. It was pretty funny!

I love little love notes so that's what Darek hid around the house for me. This was my favorite hidding place, inside the clock. I kept finding notes later that night as I got ready for bed. There were notes under my alarm clock, in my jewelery box, all over. What a cute husband!

Anyway, happy late Easter everyone! I'm so happy spring is finally making an appearance!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Do you see this dude? Because I do...everyday on my way home from work! That's right, a Slash look-a-like lives in the neighborhood where I work and if he isn't employed as a Slash impersonator he's missing out on a very lucrative and rather prestigious career! Sizzle!

Monday, April 16, 2007

Welcome to the blogging world...

It is my pleasure to introduce two new members of our blogging world! I'm very happy that my cute sister-in-law, Brooke, has finally jumped on the band wagon since I've been encouraging her to for a while and she has recently had her third darling child and I can't wait to check out the photos. And an old favorite of mine, Laura Donvito Laura Donvito, has also been gracious enough to join us as she too has recently had her first child and knows that we are all anxious for the updates on motherhood. So check 'em out people and give them a warm welcome to the blogging craze!

Also, I've shared with some of you the amazing story of a friend of a friend who has had quadruplets and here's a link to her blog so you too can shed a tear or two about this tender little family and the amazing blessings they've received!

Alright folks, blog on!

Friday, April 13, 2007

Well, Well, Well...

So apparently it doesn't matter whether or not I had a blog-worthy weekend last weekend because here we are again, at the weekend (thank my lucky stars!) and yet again my sad little blog is left postless and crying...

Well, I am happy to say that regardless of whether or not last weekend was bloggable I will tell you that above all things the enormous and most fabulous dish washer in existence is located in the Boston temple cafeteria and is indeed blog-worthy. Darek and I did a service shift last weekend in the cafeteria and although it was tiring and I ended up with two burns and a blister on my wrist from the many hot surfaces that insisted on reaching out to touch me, the dishwasher was by far the coolest and I offered to do dishes every chance I got. Very different from my at-home behavior.

So as the nice temple patrons placed their dirty dishes through the little window into my dish washing batcave I proceeded to expertly load the dishes into a tray then slide the tray into the large dish washing device, one huge metal item that I could probably fit inside myself if I curled up tight. I would then lower the large box-like encasement portion of the item and listen while a 150 degree HURRICANE occurred in said encasement blasting all leftover bits and pieces of tastey cafeteria food straight to Outer Darkness. Sixty seconds later I lifted the box like lid to find sparkling clean dishes ready to drip dry and be put away. Needless to say I had way too much fun with the contraption and was especially pleased by the showerhead-like item hanging from the ceiling that enabled me to shoot water in any direction my little heart desired. Being in the temple, of course, I had to maintain some level of reverence and Darek was spared the serious water fight I felt oh so tempted to initiate...Skyview 3 style!

Please stay posted for the everso exciting photos taken during our easter egg hunt last Sunday. Darek, as usual, looks stellar!

Friday, April 06, 2007

Poor neglected blog...

So life has been busy busy and the poor little blog has suffered. That and I haven't had any fun pictures to post recently so I have a goal to do something blog-worthy this weekend for your reading enjoyment!

So, spring sprung for like 30 seconds last weekend, long enough for me to wear flip flops to conference and be so happy! Then winter wintered this week with rain and snow and all that ridiculousness! So silly this weather!

But we've made plans to head to DC with Darek's parents in July and we're planning a trip to see my family and you Utahns for June so hip hip hooray for summer vacations!

Oh some very happy news...the four little tulip bulbs I planted last November in the window planter outside my kitchen window started poking up their little heads this week! I'm pretty sure I've never planted something that has actually grown and I feel quite pleased! I'm sure you'll see pictures of the beauties once they actually turn into tulips!

I also finished Gone With the Wind this week. I finished that million-paged sucker in about two weeks! Yeah, needless to say I liked it (though it's depressing and just keeps getting worse and worse all the way through the last page! Oh Scarlett, when will you learn?) In any case, it's worth reading people! And the epic "frankly my dear, I don't give a d*#m!" (this is a swearing-free blog, mind you) line was totally worth the wait! Oh Rhett, I'm a fan...

I hope you are all well and happy and living more blog-worthy lives then I currently am!!!!