Monday, March 12, 2007

Today's musings...

This is a for reals unused vintage postcard, a diamond in the rough found among the shmucky shmuck at Good Will. I mean check out these hotties! The back of the postcard says, "Mail-Order Fashion Hunks" Well said, old postcard, well said!

I'm covering for some short-staffedness that has occurred at our day program and let me say it, as if I haven't said it before...I'm a little burned out!

I slept a total of 48 minutes last night. Sadly this resulted in my sleeping through the gorgeous 54 degree weather this afternoon, but never fear day light savings is here (hallelujah) and tomorrow it's going to be in the 60's so I get a second chance at an afternoon run.

I'm predicting that today's afternoon nap will result in a 2 AM post about insomnia...get excited!

I threw a Nicholas Sparks book from me in disgust tonight. So cliche! So painful! Don't get me wrong, The Notebook = masterpiece, but I think there will be no more Nicky for me!

I went to the library in a wickedly obnoxiously bright tie dyed shirt my niece made me a few years ago. So yes, I'm the nerd that goes to the local library and wears tie dye shirts!

I picked up a couple Jodi Picoult books, a author recently recommended to me. Opinions anyone?

Remember in high school when you would strategically walk down a certain hall at a certain time to "accidentally" run into a certain secret crush? Yes, well I tried that tactic tonight, in an effort to run into my husband in Central square as he got off the didn't work. I've lost my hottie stalking skills.

I observed a dropped half full tube of Blistex in Central square tonight and mourned for the loss of that sad he or she who lost such a prize. Oh the thoughts of reaching into my pocket in sweet anticipation on Blistexual heaven only to come out emptied handed...sad

Amazing Grace: if you are one of the poor souls who has not yet seen this movie and not yet downloaded the bag pipe version of the song from iTunes then please get on the ball. I've always loved this song and I've always loved the story behind the song (please Wikipedia John Newton and William Wilburforce to get the story). I'm cheesy and schmitzy but I must admit my tender heart was touched!

Also for you poor souls who have yet to taste the sweet splendor of chocolate graham crackers, please indulge at once!

I've also been loving whole grained cheerios of late. Lightly sweetened. What a delight!

Hmmm...I guess that's it for now. See you at 2:00 AM!

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the mccoy's said...

i can't wait to see that movie. you are the first person i know that has. it looks so good. thanks for the rating.