Thursday, March 01, 2007

This is how the week started...

but it melted in like a minute which was a shame because it was so beautiful and not the pain-in-the-behind kind of snow that gets all icy and life-threatening-ish. Supposedly we're getting more tonight which would be cool.

Thank goodness for four wheel drive. Sometimes I miss my little Jedi Knight (the Jetta, though usually pronounced H-etta in the Rosa voice) but this puppy pretty much saves my life daily driving around here. I think I mostly get a little sentimental about the Jetta when I hear my neighbor lock his and it makes the same little beep beep that mine made! Oh, it's a little tender!

So that's our building on the right and those are the windows that I'm always looking out to observe all the fun drama of our neighborhood - firetrucks, police chases, car crashes, fist fights and such. Good times!

So I work in a residential treatment center that is located in a big gorgeous victorian house in this neighborhood. It's kind of nice to work in a big beautiful home.

Just more snow pictures of the park near my work.

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