Monday, March 26, 2007

I hop for Ihop

I have the greatest news...Ihop has come to Cambridge! I know, I know. "Ihop is a dime a dozen" you say, but let me tell you that since moving to Cambridge I haven't seen an Ihop, Dennys, Village Inn, or any other breakfast-all-the-time and delicious-milkshakes-at-midnight establishment within the three surrounding states. It has actually caused me to wonder, "How international is the Internaltional House of Pancakes if they don't even exist on the east coast!" I'm sure they exist somewhere around here, I just haven't had the great pleasure of frequenting such fine cuisine in many moons. I mean, every now and then you just need to pretend like your 16 years old again and are going out after a stake dance to enjoy delicious greazy breakfast!

I know, my photography skills are stellar in the above photo. But since the cinnamon roll pancakes were the star of the show, all that matters is that they are deliciously featured and recorded for posterity!


Leah said...

So delicious my frient!

An Ordinary Mom said...

Your last couple of posts have been making me hungry when I read them!

Shauna Brown said...

Random, I wanted IHOP tonight for dinner and I haven't had it in FOREVER! We have one right by us and obviously we need to hit it up!