Monday, March 05, 2007

Happy Birthday WEEK!

So for those of you who were around last year you might remember that we celebrated Darek's birthday every night of the week of his birthday, so to keep with tradition tonight was the first celebration of Darek's birthday week! Be prepared to learn all kind of exciting things about Derelique this week that you may have never known before. Tonight's disclosure...

Darek wants to be a rock star! That's right, he just wants to thrash around a stage with a guitar and rock out. So tonight the stage is our living room and Darek will be rocking out on his brand new Guitar Hero II (the Nimbus 2000 of PS2 games).

We discovered this gem two Christmases ago and played it for hours in Best Buy. We felt a little dumb at first but pretty soon we were rockin out like a mad man totally oblivious to the numerous strangers passing by witnessing our mad skills. In any case, Darek has kind of wanted to purchase the treasure since then and tonight was the night. Lucky birthday boy.

When the Dovers came last summer Darek took Dov directly to Best Buy to let him share in the joy. Pictured here is D Rock serranading the Dov with some tender love song, no doubt.

Darek started a band on the game called "Third Toe Longest" named after my third toe...which is the longest one on my foot. His band is currently touring Boston. I really wish you could see him right now. Such a spaz!


gaw said...

Ok, that is just hilarious. You're a total butt-rocker Darek! I'm just happy you have the actual guitar (though mini, one MG), and not air-guitaring it.

Leah Wright said...

Also, I had a bagel with cream cheese and jam today and thought of you.

An Ordinary Mom said...

I love this tradition you have - a whole birthday week. Keri would go nuts for this!

Can't wait for the tour to head to the west coast.

The McCoy Family said...

all you need is some white make up in the first pic, and you could hang out with KISS.

you are super spoiled to have a birthday week. that's so cool!