Thursday, March 08, 2007


Hooray! The real day of celebration has come! Darek turns 28 today and in honor of his 28 years here are 28 things you should know about him:

1. He loves kids and has tons of fun playing with them

2. He watches chick flicks with me because he's so nice

3. He makes funny movies funnier

4. He's a basketball fanatic

5. He steals all the covers

6. He never complains about anything I make for dinner, even if it's Mac-n-Cheese

7. He is really good at drawing

8. He is getting really good at Guitar Hero II and totally rocks out while he plays

9. He has a tender heart which is why I married him

10. He chats with kids and makes funny faces at them where ever we go

11. He reads on the subway

12. He's a pro at fixing up vintage bikes

13. He is a loyal friend

14. He dressed all preppy-Seattle-ish in high school

15. He's a hard worker, when he wants to be :)

16. He gets a little OCD about certain projects, but couldn't care less about other projects

17. He always shares his food with me

18. He loves watching sports on TV, especially college sports

19. He was a skier before he met me (sizzle), but quickly became quite the pro boarder

20. He wooed me by bringing me treats and hand picked flowers (stolen from BYU grounds) to class at BYU and filling my room with balloons on V-day long before we started dating

21. He's mute for like two hours in the morning after he wakes up

22. He has a not-so-secret man crush on Jack Bauer and once upon a time thought Brittany was hot, he even had her Pepsi poster hanging in his room

23. He's a total house husband and helps out a lot around the house which is so great!

24. He's pretty meticulous about how he cares for his clothes, especially his work clothes

25. He is super laid back and easy to get along with

26. He appreciates old ghetto movies like Xanado and Roller Boogie

27. He likes to people watch and chat about strangers with me

28. He is the best husband ever and my favorite person in the world!


An Ordinary Mom said...

You truly found yourself a real winner! Happy Birthday Darek!!

Leah Wright said...

Happy Birthday Darelique!

Shauna Brown said...

Happy Birthday!! You two are perfect for eachother!!

G. Sterling said...

my #1 thing you should know about darek? he's great at making up songs... "my name is garlan, i smell really bad. my name is garlan, i have sweat in my crack!"

Darek and Amberli said...

D: haha, not gonna lie, I'm quite the lyricist

Julia said...

I had no idea you married a fellow Washingtonian. I knew I liked that boy! :)