Friday, March 09, 2007


Here's the birthday celebration when Darek got home from work last night. We ate yummy dinner at Fire & Ice then came home for cake and ice cream and opening presents!

The photo above is a recreation of this one below that we took on Darek's 19th birthday, the first of his birthdays that we celebrated together. We had gone snowboarding earlier that day, which then became a tradition for his birthday for a lot of years, then later I baked him some yummy-Betty-Crocker-brownies and delivered them to good old Merrill Hall!

Darek was pretty excited last night to come home to find his sweet gifts wrapped in the neighbor's newspaper that I stole for wrapping paper. (Don't fear the paper was two days old and as far as I'm concerned a two day old paper has been abandoned and is thus for the taking!)

I got these nifty candles that have flames that burn the same color as the candle. The colored flames don't show up too well in this photo but they were pretty bright in real life.

Darek huffed and he puffed and he made a really scary picture! He deserves to get his wish after the amount of effort he put into this!


the mccoy's said...

i love how you go all out for birthdays. that is how it should be. you are so fun!

Tiffany said...

Is that German Chocolate? My favorite! You know what is really good? Mix a package of softened room temperature cream cheese in with the can of coconut frosting.

Delish! And it makes the frosting go further.