Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Birthday Boy Trivia

Ok folks, whoever can answer the following questions correctly about Derelique will get a prize...of some sort...the prize situation is yet to be determined but give it a try anyway! If you don't know the correct answer feel free to make one up!

1. What is Darek's middle name? Wendall

2. How old is Darek turning on Thursday? 28

3. What sport does Darek spend 2-3 nights a week playing? Basketball

4. What company does Darek work for? PricewaterhouseCoopers

5. Would Darek rather have a dog or a cat? kitty please

6. Where did Darek serve his mission? Colombia

7. Where was Darek born? Tacoma, WA

8. Who is Darek's favorite sports team? Sonics

9. From what Native American tribe does Darek hail? Cherokee

10. What number child is Darek in his family? #6 of 9

11. What is the longest stretch of time Darek has ever slept? 16 hours

12. True or False: Darek keeps a journal. I think Logan's answer was most accurate, yes he keeps a journal, safely in his bedside table...does he write in it? That's another story!

13. What is Darek's calling? stake young men's secretary

14. What household chore is Darek particularly fond of? vacuuming, I know, so random but I love that he does it because I'm less fond of the chore

15. What's your favorite thing about Darek? oh let me count the ways!

Ok people, let's hear your answers! Leave a comment and show us how much you know about the birthday boy!


Amy D. said...

The Dovers Answers
1. Wendell
4. PWC
6. Columbia
7. Puyallup
8. Sonics
9. Cherokee
10. 4th
11.21 hours
12. False
13. Employment Specialist
14. Dishes/Cooking
15. He can stay up all night playing PS

Kate said...

1. Wendell
2. 28
3. Basketball. Unless Candlepin counts as a sport.
4. PWC
5. Cat
6. Somewhere in South America
7. Oregon
8. Jazz
9. Cherokee
10. 3rd
11. 24 hours
12. False
13. Stake YM Presidency
14. Vacuuming
15. His wife.

logan said...

1. Wendell
2. 28
3. Hoops
4. PWC (not about to type that whole thing
out...even though I just typed all this out, duh
what an idiot)
5. A kitty
6. Columbia
7. Back seat of a car
8. Supersonics, but it's close with the Mariners and
9. Cherokee - 'cause he's the kind of guy to kick
out all the black folks from the tribe
10. 4 of 5
11. 36 hours, and he loved every minute of it
12. True, keeps it in his drawer and never writes in
13. Stake Young Men's Councilor
14. Sweeping, he dances around with the broom
like he's in an old musical
15. The love of techno? When he sets a pick for me
on the bball court? The fact that he's laughing
outloud reading these? No, he made owning
my set of candlepin balls a reality. Happy
Birthday from the KAG's!

G. Sterling said...

i'm not going to answer any of these questions, i just want ya'll to know that i'm on this blog stuff

An Ordinary Mom said...

I love prizes and drawings. You should give away some of the cool stuff you have created lately.

Here is my stab at the trivia, I don't think I know him as well as I should, though.

1. Wendell
2. 28 (thanks to the 27 pizza picture in the calendar this year)
3. Basketball, church ball or on the game system - it's up for grabs
4. PWC
5. Meow
6. South America, Columbia?
7. Planet Earth I think
8. Mariners and Seahawks
9. Cherokee
10. 4th of nine?
11. 36 hours, 7 minutes and 12 seconds (I should get extra points for putting your anniversary numbers in there)
12. True, yes he has one, but does he write in it is the question
13. Working with the young men
14. Eating/cleaning out the fridge, using PS ... dishes?
15. How he loves to genuinely play with my kids. Keri still talks about you guys coming to visit, so what should I tell her?

Darek and Amberli said...

Darek: Haha, these are cracking me up guys, I didn't even realize Amberli posted this! Lots of close ones so far!

An Ordinary Mom said...

Grr. Blogger lost my last comment. It went something like this.

I gave you a big birthday shoutout on my blog today. Hopefully the post you are on doesn't have too much estrogen in it. Come check it out.

When do we find out the answers to all this trivia? The suspense is killing me.

Happy Birthday!