Friday, March 09, 2007

Birthday B-Ball

As the anniversary of Darek's birth marks the kick off of March Madness his birthday celebration often includes something of the basketball world. Luckily, since Darek is the Sonics #1 fan they always feel compelled to repay his loyalty by coming to town regardless of which part of the country we live in. Tonight they came to play the Celtics and led until the end of the third quarter, at which point they apparently became frustrated that only 2 individuals, namely Derelique and myself, were cheering for them during the game and they decided to let the Celtics pull a miracle out of the thin freezing 13 degree air and win by a landslide. Oh well, still very fun to have Ray Allen personally visit Darek on his birthday.

This is Darek's 2003 birthday when the Sonics came to Salt Lake to celebrate Darek's birthday!

Tonight's game

While we were winning :)

After we lost :(

But still a happy birthday for Derelique!


An Ordinary Mom said...

Amberli, you sure know how to throw a party. Wish we could have been there ... at least we sent our basket ball team :) !!

Leah Wright said...

I love that you retake pictures every year doing the same thing. Such a cute idea.

G. Sterling said...

nappy sonics, way to blow it. oh yeah, all that happy birthday to you stuff too

Tiffany said...

HAppy birthday Derek! Looks like a good time was had by all!

By the way, I think you would make a pretty mermaid Amberli.