Thursday, March 15, 2007

Becoming a Bostonian

So when I first moved here I hated that all the gas stations are full service. I'd drive around and around to find a self services gas station because I never had cash to tip the full service guy. But now...I LOVE full service! Sure, you can pump my gas dude! I'll sit in my nice warm car while you freeze to death!

I used to make fun of the word "wicked" being used to mean "really" or "very," but now that I live here in this wicked cold place I realize that sometimes only the word wicked accurately describes just how extreme something really is! But what if something is really wicked? Then is it wicked wicked?

I love taking the subway and walking everywhere. It's so great! Especially for people watching!

I'm like all patriotic and stuff! America was pretty much born in my neighborhood! It's wicked cool! Go America!

I have yet to sell out and become a Sox fan, but I have been to two Celtics games. That's worth something isn't it?

Bottom line is that I love Boston!


An Ordinary Mom said...

You might be a wicked-cool Subway watching Celtics fan full service gas consuming transplant Bostonian, but you are still a California girl at heart :)!!

Amy said...

what a great place to live!

that top photo is gorgeous!