Friday, March 23, 2007

America runs on Dunkin...

In case I ever forget that I live on the east coast there is a Dunkin Donuts on EVERY corner to remind me of the fact. I was told by easterners before moving here that there are so many DDs around these parts that it's impossible to give directions without saying turn left at the third dunkin donuts, etc. etc. I never gave it a second thought until I moved here and realized that this was no exaggeration.
Anyway - driving home from work today I passed 5 or 6 DDs in about 3 miles and surprisingly I have memories from quite a few of them, although I never eat there (I'm sorry Darren, but Crispy Cream takes the cake...or in this case, the donut)
Anyway - I laughed as I passed one DD today that I remember saved my life my first week or two living here. I sat at a red light waiting to turn left coming home from Target one fine afternoon in the first few days of our life in Boston. As the light changed and I started to turn left I noticed the man in the car across the intersection waving his finger at me the way a parent does when they tell their children "No, no." Little did I know that the kind man was trying to tell me "No, No left turn here! ONE WAY STREET!" It was too late. I turned right into on coming traffic! This was before I learned that just because you took one street to get there (anywhere, for that matter) you can't necessarily take the same street to get home! Lots of one way madness around here. Luckily the whole "Dunkin Donuts on every corner business" turned out to be my saving grace as there was indeed one on this corner and I was able to quickly pull into the parking lot (a parking lot in Cambridge? Now that is the real miracle here) in time to avoid a head on collision! Yeah, scary!
Thank you Dunkin Donuts, not for your coffee that I don't drink, or your donuts that I don't eat, but for your strategically placed locations on all corners of all neighborhoods in all of Massachusetts to save me in my time of need!


Darren and Tisha said...

I hope this works--i have tried to comment on your blog for months now, and it will not post!!! Argh

Darren and Tisha said...

Yea! I really miss you guys! Let's hang out soon!!

Me and My said...

Saved by a Dunkin Donuts? Who would have ever thought? Now if we ever come visit, you can point it out while you take us site seeing..."And this coming up here on your right is the Dunkin Donuts that saved my life..."

Glad you're in one piece to tell us this (almost not very) funny story.