Monday, March 26, 2007

I hop for Ihop

I have the greatest news...Ihop has come to Cambridge! I know, I know. "Ihop is a dime a dozen" you say, but let me tell you that since moving to Cambridge I haven't seen an Ihop, Dennys, Village Inn, or any other breakfast-all-the-time and delicious-milkshakes-at-midnight establishment within the three surrounding states. It has actually caused me to wonder, "How international is the Internaltional House of Pancakes if they don't even exist on the east coast!" I'm sure they exist somewhere around here, I just haven't had the great pleasure of frequenting such fine cuisine in many moons. I mean, every now and then you just need to pretend like your 16 years old again and are going out after a stake dance to enjoy delicious greazy breakfast!

I know, my photography skills are stellar in the above photo. But since the cinnamon roll pancakes were the star of the show, all that matters is that they are deliciously featured and recorded for posterity!

Friday, March 23, 2007

America runs on Dunkin...

In case I ever forget that I live on the east coast there is a Dunkin Donuts on EVERY corner to remind me of the fact. I was told by easterners before moving here that there are so many DDs around these parts that it's impossible to give directions without saying turn left at the third dunkin donuts, etc. etc. I never gave it a second thought until I moved here and realized that this was no exaggeration.
Anyway - driving home from work today I passed 5 or 6 DDs in about 3 miles and surprisingly I have memories from quite a few of them, although I never eat there (I'm sorry Darren, but Crispy Cream takes the cake...or in this case, the donut)
Anyway - I laughed as I passed one DD today that I remember saved my life my first week or two living here. I sat at a red light waiting to turn left coming home from Target one fine afternoon in the first few days of our life in Boston. As the light changed and I started to turn left I noticed the man in the car across the intersection waving his finger at me the way a parent does when they tell their children "No, no." Little did I know that the kind man was trying to tell me "No, No left turn here! ONE WAY STREET!" It was too late. I turned right into on coming traffic! This was before I learned that just because you took one street to get there (anywhere, for that matter) you can't necessarily take the same street to get home! Lots of one way madness around here. Luckily the whole "Dunkin Donuts on every corner business" turned out to be my saving grace as there was indeed one on this corner and I was able to quickly pull into the parking lot (a parking lot in Cambridge? Now that is the real miracle here) in time to avoid a head on collision! Yeah, scary!
Thank you Dunkin Donuts, not for your coffee that I don't drink, or your donuts that I don't eat, but for your strategically placed locations on all corners of all neighborhoods in all of Massachusetts to save me in my time of need!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Attention all pre-mission Provo roommates!

A.K.A: Packy, Kamilah, Kelly, Amy, Leah, Jo, Tiff, Allison, Julia, any Avonlea or Sky View girls! Jen, you probably know this dude too and maybe those of you who were Jen's roommates, I'm not sure.

You MUST take the time to click on THIS LINK and watch a rap video made by one or our very favorite Provo locals! It might take a second to load but you will not be disappointed!

Tisha Hambo, you need to see this too and make sure your roommates watch it as well!

Everyone else of course is also invited to enjoy the brilliance though you just might not get the full effect not knowing "B Money" personally! Any Provoite may appreciate the fabulous scenery.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

This blizzard business

So one thing's for sure, the longer you live here the better you get at this blizzard business. You know to leave work early so you can get a decent parking spot where your car can ride out the storm and hopefully not get too buried in by the snow plows. You know to go out to your car a couple times during the storm and dig it out a little so you won't be battling a wall of ice in the morning. And you know to get all bundled up and go for a walk to Harvard Square and enjoy the snow while it's pretty and fluffy because tomorrow at this time it's going to be slushy muck!
Darek helping the apartment manager shovel the sidewalk, not always an easy task on the uneven bricks!
Buried little yellow bug

Darek's snow art

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Becoming a Bostonian

So when I first moved here I hated that all the gas stations are full service. I'd drive around and around to find a self services gas station because I never had cash to tip the full service guy. But now...I LOVE full service! Sure, you can pump my gas dude! I'll sit in my nice warm car while you freeze to death!

I used to make fun of the word "wicked" being used to mean "really" or "very," but now that I live here in this wicked cold place I realize that sometimes only the word wicked accurately describes just how extreme something really is! But what if something is really wicked? Then is it wicked wicked?

I love taking the subway and walking everywhere. It's so great! Especially for people watching!

I'm like all patriotic and stuff! America was pretty much born in my neighborhood! It's wicked cool! Go America!

I have yet to sell out and become a Sox fan, but I have been to two Celtics games. That's worth something isn't it?

Bottom line is that I love Boston!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Have a GREEN DAY!!!

So I was searching for a picture of Billy Joe tonight to use in a little project and since I love him so much he deserved a little honorary post on the old bloggity blog! I hope all you punk rockers out there have a very green day!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

You know those days...

(tiny white moon)
when you have to be at work an hour and a half early because you're covering for someone who is out of town so you set your alarm for six but wake up and seven when your husband's alarm goes off and realize that your alarm never went off so you take a thirty second shower and speed to work half dressed with sopping wet hair and no make up on just in time to get there to open the house 2 minutes before clients start arriving and you totally set off the house security alarm and you can't figure out why the alarm you want to go off in the morning doesn't go off and then one that you don't want to go off in the morning does go off and then you're sitting at your desk doing your make up and letting your hair dry and a client walks in and catches you wet hairedly doing your make up at work and you're kind of embarrassed and by the end of the day you're just grateful you made it through alive...and then you really don't feel like going to work tomorrow??? Yeah, it sucks...

Monday, March 12, 2007

Ricky Schrodder and Jack Bauer? Come on 24! I'm not buying it!

PS ~ Please scroll down to see the answers to Darek's trivia! Thanks for playing folks. The winner will be determined and the prize delivered!
Today's musings...

This is a for reals unused vintage postcard, a diamond in the rough found among the shmucky shmuck at Good Will. I mean check out these hotties! The back of the postcard says, "Mail-Order Fashion Hunks" Well said, old postcard, well said!

I'm covering for some short-staffedness that has occurred at our day program and let me say it, as if I haven't said it before...I'm a little burned out!

I slept a total of 48 minutes last night. Sadly this resulted in my sleeping through the gorgeous 54 degree weather this afternoon, but never fear day light savings is here (hallelujah) and tomorrow it's going to be in the 60's so I get a second chance at an afternoon run.

I'm predicting that today's afternoon nap will result in a 2 AM post about insomnia...get excited!

I threw a Nicholas Sparks book from me in disgust tonight. So cliche! So painful! Don't get me wrong, The Notebook = masterpiece, but I think there will be no more Nicky for me!

I went to the library in a wickedly obnoxiously bright tie dyed shirt my niece made me a few years ago. So yes, I'm the nerd that goes to the local library and wears tie dye shirts!

I picked up a couple Jodi Picoult books, a author recently recommended to me. Opinions anyone?

Remember in high school when you would strategically walk down a certain hall at a certain time to "accidentally" run into a certain secret crush? Yes, well I tried that tactic tonight, in an effort to run into my husband in Central square as he got off the didn't work. I've lost my hottie stalking skills.

I observed a dropped half full tube of Blistex in Central square tonight and mourned for the loss of that sad he or she who lost such a prize. Oh the thoughts of reaching into my pocket in sweet anticipation on Blistexual heaven only to come out emptied handed...sad

Amazing Grace: if you are one of the poor souls who has not yet seen this movie and not yet downloaded the bag pipe version of the song from iTunes then please get on the ball. I've always loved this song and I've always loved the story behind the song (please Wikipedia John Newton and William Wilburforce to get the story). I'm cheesy and schmitzy but I must admit my tender heart was touched!

Also for you poor souls who have yet to taste the sweet splendor of chocolate graham crackers, please indulge at once!

I've also been loving whole grained cheerios of late. Lightly sweetened. What a delight!

Hmmm...I guess that's it for now. See you at 2:00 AM!

Friday, March 09, 2007

Birthday B-Ball

As the anniversary of Darek's birth marks the kick off of March Madness his birthday celebration often includes something of the basketball world. Luckily, since Darek is the Sonics #1 fan they always feel compelled to repay his loyalty by coming to town regardless of which part of the country we live in. Tonight they came to play the Celtics and led until the end of the third quarter, at which point they apparently became frustrated that only 2 individuals, namely Derelique and myself, were cheering for them during the game and they decided to let the Celtics pull a miracle out of the thin freezing 13 degree air and win by a landslide. Oh well, still very fun to have Ray Allen personally visit Darek on his birthday.

This is Darek's 2003 birthday when the Sonics came to Salt Lake to celebrate Darek's birthday!

Tonight's game

While we were winning :)

After we lost :(

But still a happy birthday for Derelique!

A few of the gifts...

Darek has finally abandoned his silly office job to join the ranks of Jack Bauer in the noble, dangerous and fearless defense of our fine country against the injustice of merciless terrorism. Like Jack he will show no mercy. Like Jack he too will torture himself after misplacing his keys until he gives up the location!

And drive his red hot LEGO Ferrari...


Here's the birthday celebration when Darek got home from work last night. We ate yummy dinner at Fire & Ice then came home for cake and ice cream and opening presents!

The photo above is a recreation of this one below that we took on Darek's 19th birthday, the first of his birthdays that we celebrated together. We had gone snowboarding earlier that day, which then became a tradition for his birthday for a lot of years, then later I baked him some yummy-Betty-Crocker-brownies and delivered them to good old Merrill Hall!

Darek was pretty excited last night to come home to find his sweet gifts wrapped in the neighbor's newspaper that I stole for wrapping paper. (Don't fear the paper was two days old and as far as I'm concerned a two day old paper has been abandoned and is thus for the taking!)

I got these nifty candles that have flames that burn the same color as the candle. The colored flames don't show up too well in this photo but they were pretty bright in real life.

Darek huffed and he puffed and he made a really scary picture! He deserves to get his wish after the amount of effort he put into this!

Thursday, March 08, 2007


Hooray! The real day of celebration has come! Darek turns 28 today and in honor of his 28 years here are 28 things you should know about him:

1. He loves kids and has tons of fun playing with them

2. He watches chick flicks with me because he's so nice

3. He makes funny movies funnier

4. He's a basketball fanatic

5. He steals all the covers

6. He never complains about anything I make for dinner, even if it's Mac-n-Cheese

7. He is really good at drawing

8. He is getting really good at Guitar Hero II and totally rocks out while he plays

9. He has a tender heart which is why I married him

10. He chats with kids and makes funny faces at them where ever we go

11. He reads on the subway

12. He's a pro at fixing up vintage bikes

13. He is a loyal friend

14. He dressed all preppy-Seattle-ish in high school

15. He's a hard worker, when he wants to be :)

16. He gets a little OCD about certain projects, but couldn't care less about other projects

17. He always shares his food with me

18. He loves watching sports on TV, especially college sports

19. He was a skier before he met me (sizzle), but quickly became quite the pro boarder

20. He wooed me by bringing me treats and hand picked flowers (stolen from BYU grounds) to class at BYU and filling my room with balloons on V-day long before we started dating

21. He's mute for like two hours in the morning after he wakes up

22. He has a not-so-secret man crush on Jack Bauer and once upon a time thought Brittany was hot, he even had her Pepsi poster hanging in his room

23. He's a total house husband and helps out a lot around the house which is so great!

24. He's pretty meticulous about how he cares for his clothes, especially his work clothes

25. He is super laid back and easy to get along with

26. He appreciates old ghetto movies like Xanado and Roller Boogie

27. He likes to people watch and chat about strangers with me

28. He is the best husband ever and my favorite person in the world!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Birthday Boy Trivia

Ok folks, whoever can answer the following questions correctly about Derelique will get a prize...of some sort...the prize situation is yet to be determined but give it a try anyway! If you don't know the correct answer feel free to make one up!

1. What is Darek's middle name? Wendall

2. How old is Darek turning on Thursday? 28

3. What sport does Darek spend 2-3 nights a week playing? Basketball

4. What company does Darek work for? PricewaterhouseCoopers

5. Would Darek rather have a dog or a cat? kitty please

6. Where did Darek serve his mission? Colombia

7. Where was Darek born? Tacoma, WA

8. Who is Darek's favorite sports team? Sonics

9. From what Native American tribe does Darek hail? Cherokee

10. What number child is Darek in his family? #6 of 9

11. What is the longest stretch of time Darek has ever slept? 16 hours

12. True or False: Darek keeps a journal. I think Logan's answer was most accurate, yes he keeps a journal, safely in his bedside table...does he write in it? That's another story!

13. What is Darek's calling? stake young men's secretary

14. What household chore is Darek particularly fond of? vacuuming, I know, so random but I love that he does it because I'm less fond of the chore

15. What's your favorite thing about Darek? oh let me count the ways!

Ok people, let's hear your answers! Leave a comment and show us how much you know about the birthday boy!

Monday, March 05, 2007

Happy Birthday WEEK!

So for those of you who were around last year you might remember that we celebrated Darek's birthday every night of the week of his birthday, so to keep with tradition tonight was the first celebration of Darek's birthday week! Be prepared to learn all kind of exciting things about Derelique this week that you may have never known before. Tonight's disclosure...

Darek wants to be a rock star! That's right, he just wants to thrash around a stage with a guitar and rock out. So tonight the stage is our living room and Darek will be rocking out on his brand new Guitar Hero II (the Nimbus 2000 of PS2 games).

We discovered this gem two Christmases ago and played it for hours in Best Buy. We felt a little dumb at first but pretty soon we were rockin out like a mad man totally oblivious to the numerous strangers passing by witnessing our mad skills. In any case, Darek has kind of wanted to purchase the treasure since then and tonight was the night. Lucky birthday boy.

When the Dovers came last summer Darek took Dov directly to Best Buy to let him share in the joy. Pictured here is D Rock serranading the Dov with some tender love song, no doubt.

Darek started a band on the game called "Third Toe Longest" named after my third toe...which is the longest one on my foot. His band is currently touring Boston. I really wish you could see him right now. Such a spaz!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

"Live to the point of tears"
~ Camus
"I am hurt, but I am not slain.
I shall lay me down and bleed a while, then rise and fight again."
~ Sir Andrew Barton

Monday's sunset
This is how the week started...

but it melted in like a minute which was a shame because it was so beautiful and not the pain-in-the-behind kind of snow that gets all icy and life-threatening-ish. Supposedly we're getting more tonight which would be cool.

Thank goodness for four wheel drive. Sometimes I miss my little Jedi Knight (the Jetta, though usually pronounced H-etta in the Rosa voice) but this puppy pretty much saves my life daily driving around here. I think I mostly get a little sentimental about the Jetta when I hear my neighbor lock his and it makes the same little beep beep that mine made! Oh, it's a little tender!

So that's our building on the right and those are the windows that I'm always looking out to observe all the fun drama of our neighborhood - firetrucks, police chases, car crashes, fist fights and such. Good times!

So I work in a residential treatment center that is located in a big gorgeous victorian house in this neighborhood. It's kind of nice to work in a big beautiful home.

Just more snow pictures of the park near my work.