Friday, February 16, 2007

This week I

1) slept from 8pm Monday night to 8am Tuesday morning

2) had insomnia all Wednesday night

3) watched the fire trucks out my window at 2am

4) ate no sugar except on Valentine's day

5) took public transportation to work and trudged through the snow

6) wore long johns under my slacks and wrapped my scarf all the way around my head ~ nerd

7) took a picture of two strangers sleeping in the subway, so sly...

8) spent 1+ hours chipping my car out of solid ice to drive to work

9) feared for Meredith's life and cursed the OC (so lame!)

10) sent a swap package to the Netherlands and got one from New Zealand

11) got a huge box of clothes from Modbe, all on sale

12) made a V-day card listing 101 things I love about Derelique and could have written more

13) brought a frozen meal to work everyday for lunch

14) tried to buy rubber boots at Target only to find spring selection items only (bikinis in feb?)

15) met my "churchy" goals I set last Sunday (but not my in bed by 10 goal)

What did you do this week?


An Ordinary Mom said...

I got sick.

I got better.

I celebrated my son's second birthday.

I got peachy flowers and a butterfly from my DH on Valentine's Day ... pictures soon to be coming.

I got stood up for Visiting Teaching.

I had Christmas in February.

I paid over $200 to get the nail taken out of my tire, but I got a free hot chocolate.

I learned to forgive.

The McCoy Family said...

1. i took the boy scouts to the local newpaper for a tour.

2.i babysat my friends kids.

3.i haven't watched tv all week.

4. i cleaned out the boys room and continue to get rid of things.

5. i read my patriarchal blessing.

6. i journaled my home.

7. i went to the cheesecake factory.

8. saw a movie

9. delivered i love you grams to my visiting teachers

10. i worked outside in the backyard.

11. i changed lots of diapers.

12. i paid my bills. no fun.

13. went to the nba jam session! yes!