Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Swap away swappers!

Ok, so as you all know I get addicted to things, many things, and right now I am addicted to swap-bot. It's a website that organizes different kinds of projects that you make and trade with other people. It was mostly set up so that people can share their artsy and crafty things with other artsy and crafty people. So anyway, here's a couple of my recent swaps...

Story of my life mix CD

You choose different songs to represent different times of your life.
I made a little CD cover for it. When I have more time I'll list the songs that I chose for the different parts of my life. It was pretty fun to do. Although it would take forever to actually organize all the music that really represents each part of my life. I mean Vanilla Ice, New Kids on the Block, MC Hammer, etc, etc...

Beads and Buttons Matchbox Fill: just made a little matchbox (because they are impossible to buy anywhere) decorated it, filled it with beads and buttons and sent it off to Finland.

Bottle Cap Shrines: just little pictures and tiny art in bottle caps. And Ann, I TOTALLY stole your cherries painting! I'm sorry! You just inspired me and I'm still having a hard time coming up with ideas. Yours is obviously much more grand and great then mine, I was just trying to follow in your talented footsteps :)

And this is the first swap I received in return. It was just a little stationary swap. Cards, stickers and such. I love the little notebook in the middle at the bottom. She decorated the front and it looks really cute although you can't see it well here.

That's all for now. I'll spare you the rest of my swap obsessions, but stay tuned! I'm working on a photography one that I think will be pretty fun.
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Jen said...

so cool!

Tiffany said...

Love the CD cover and I love the housewife art the most.

Where do you buy your buttons?

Shauna Brown said...

So fun!! Between you and Tiff, I don't stand a chance!