Saturday, February 17, 2007

Subway Strangers

I love taking the subway for a few different reasons:

1) I don't have to do it everyday
2) Generally it's convenient and fast
3) It saves me the pain of driving in the crazy city and searching for parking
4) It reminds me a lot of living in Rome
5) It's great for people watching, often I can't believe my eyes with all the different things I see

It's so fun to watch people and how they interact with each other and with the stangers around them. When we first moved here I had to take the subway downtown for my temp job. It was amazing how often I would see the same people on the way to work and the way home from work each day. I often had to fight the temptation at the end of the day to ask, "hey, how was work today?" to someone I had seen on the way to work that morning. Even funnier how often I would think, "Oh, the pink shoed girl has her pink flip flips on again today, and the curly haired girl is wearing her hair up today, and the sleepy man is snoring again..." etc. People watching has always been a favorite hobby of mine and I love observing other's behavior and appearance.

I was always amused by this super high maintainance chicky who would sit on the subway everyday in these crazy flamboyant outfits and bring out all of her MAC prducts to do her very extensive face painting while riding the subway, usually including either metallic gold or silver to match her outfit. It seemed that I ended up sitting across from her at least 2 times a week and I would watch the same process each morning. The interesting part is that she would pull out each MAC product from her purse still in it's original packaging, pull the poduct out of its worn and weathered box, do her magic on her face, then replace the product in its box, back into her make up bag and back into her purse. I thought it was so strange that she kept each make up item in it's orinigal packaging, but hey, at least she took good care of her stuff! In any case, it was always fun to see her imagnitive outfits and crazy huge hair each day.

I have often been amused too when there's one person who for whatever reason is just totally pissed off on the subway. So this is like the guy who thinks it's everyone else's fault that he's running late for work and it's your job to make room for him to cram into the already packed train, and move your junk out of the way so his briefcase will fit, and his newspaper can be spread and his coffee won't spill. Often times I would watch said angry person pick fights with those around him and always wonder who would start throwing punches first. Never saw any actual punches but I've held my breath a few times.

It's always fun to see something on the subway that you feel immediately connects you to someone. I often see the missionaries and love saying hi. I chatted with a girl one day who was reading the Book of Mormon. And on our way to the BC vs. BYU football game last summer there was more BYU paraphenalia then I'd ever seen in one place outside of P-town, and I suddenly felt like I was surrounded by friends. Weird.

By far my favorite observations are those when someone does something nice for a stranger. I love it when people hold the door for someone who is running to catch the train, or gives up their seat for an older person, a pregnant woman or a parent with a young child. It makes me feel happy when busy people in the busy city take time to be nice to each other!

So, here's a picture of the Boylston stop on the green line, a little ghetto. We take the red line most often because we live on it but last night it was too windy and cold to walk through the Boston Common to the red line stop so we hoped on at Boylston.

These lovely ladies were a wee bit tired last Wednesday morning on the ride to work. Both were totally asleep and the one with the blue hat kept almost falling over everytime the subway moved at all. Poor ladies, little did they know I was taking pictures!

Last night coming home. I was actually just messing around with the flash on my camera trying to get it right because I was taking pictures of Darek, but I kind of liked this shot.

Darek and I were amused at this guy's sweatshirt. He sure did not look like the type to be wearing a "Lady and the Tramp" sweatshirt. Upon closer observation it appeared to be hand drawn and had his and his girlfriend's names written at the bottom instead of Lady and the Tramp. How romantic. Perhaps it was a Valentine's Day gift...

Waiting for the train. I noticed some old trolly cars being stored at the Boylston stop and tried to get a picture of it behind Darek.

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An Ordinary Mom said...

People watching definitely runs in the family!

I have never ridden a subway. Some day I want to have that experience ... we really should come visit you!