Saturday, February 10, 2007

Serving in Young Women's

I love my calling, I love the girls (only SIX in the whole program), I love the leaders and I realized that I've never blogged about it! Here's a few photos of a few Young Women's moments.

We had to make dinner for the young men because we lost the scripture reading rematch (a rematch of course because we WON the first time around!)

Nenci and Feech, being cute and holding a butcher knife!

Laura Donvito, Laura Donvito, Laura Donvito...mmm, garlic bread...

We had a little earring make night. I brought my beads and we made crafty items of delight. Feech brought her friend Emma to this activity. Lots-o-fun!

We also had our young women's in excellence night last week. It was a success besides the fact that it started almost an hour late and only half our girls came, but oh well, it was still pretty great!
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An Ordinary Mom said...

Young Women's seems like the perfect calling for you. How long have you been in there? What is your calling?

One of these days I would love to work with YW. Since I have been 18 I have had RS callings - 13 years worth. Maybe I am not learning what I am supposed to be learning?!?

Shauna Brown said...

Hip Hip Hooray for YW!!! I'm the Beehive advisor and I love it!! We have to swap ideas. I bet they LOVE you to death. By the way, hottie in the pictures!

deidra zoe said...

I liked it when we visited the Noyes and I got to go to your YW with Kara. Those girls are so sweet. It reminded me of my husbands YM in DC and the totally different environment those kids grow up in, compared to my innocent little Idaho experience. I think it makes those youth all the better!

deidra zoe said...
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Tiffany said...

I am the 2nd counselor over the Beehives. I do love Beehives. I have had the same calling in two consecutive wards now for a total of almost 5 years. I do love it, but the drama and attitude from our older girls I could do with out.

My heart bleeds for all of them though. Such hard times they live in, even worse than when I was young.

The area I live in does not have near the LDS influence that I had growing up. Lots of kids get mixed up in the wrong crowd. LOTS.

Anonymous said...
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The McCoy Family said...

i know you are an inspiration to the girls, because you are to me... love cori