Friday, February 16, 2007

Imawannabeartist - can you tell what that says?

I packaged up a couple swaps tonight to be sent tomorrow and among them were the first set of ATCs (artist trading cards) that I made. The project was to make six ATCs that spell A-R-T-I-S-T. I just made these with watercolor pencils. They're pretty simple, not too fancy, but were still fun to do!

A - angel
R - rose petal
T - tear drops
I - insight
S - sunshine and seashells ( i glued little shells from cape cod onto this one)
T - two lips and tulips


An Ordinary Mom said...

You should quit your job and become a card designer. Those are beautiful ... you can send some our way :) !!

Me and My said...

You say that they're simple and not too fancy, but they're awesome. How did I not know about this? I love the angel one and the sunshine one, but they're all really good.

Sometimes the simplicity gives it more of an impact. I knew somebody on my mission who would use nothing more than black lines that only approximated what he was portraying, but it was so powerful. The pictures looked like they hadn't taken more than a few minutes to draw. I still remember one that showed the woman who touched Jesus's robe and was healed.

Me and My said...

By the way, it's me, your brother. It didn't let me put in a name and website. So "Me and My" is actually Rudy/Nerd Boy II/Me and My Preoccupations.

I'll just have to be sure I start signing my name.