Saturday, February 24, 2007


This message is a couple days late because as usual I had a pretty busy week and not much time to blog but I still wanted to post a little tribute to my mom telling everyone how great she is!

My mom is super hilarious! One of my favorite things about my family being all together is how we can get my mom laughing and soon she's in tears with her funny wheezy laugh.

My mom is a hard worker and super organized and dependable. Right now she works for an agency in SLC that does geneology. She has always done a lot of geneolgy and can probably trace you back to Adam as well as idenitify how you and I are 12th cousins.

My mom is an artist and worked for a gallery most of my young childhood. She's super crafty and creative and I remember several occasions when I would come downstairs in the morning and tell my mom something like, "Mom I'm supposed to be dressed up like Jimminy Cricket today for school." and suddenly I would have the best Jimminy Cricket costume anyone could ask for.

My brothers and I all went to 6 AM seminary and my mom, not a morning person by nature, was always up by 4:30 or 5 making us pancakes, or cornbread, or german pancakes, or french toast, or whatever "breakfast food phase" we were in at the time.

My mom gave me several pieces of blank paper with her signature on the bottom in case I ever needed "a note from her" while I was at school. Often times I would just call her from the pay phone at school (this was the mid 90's afterall, pre-cell phone days) and tell her that I was going to walk into the nurse's office and play sick and the nurse was going to call her and tell her to come get me, just so I wouldn't have to go to a class that I didn't want to or something. Most likely my mom came to pick my up and took me to lunch or something instead.

My mom is very generous and very charitable. My patriarchal blessing cites two individuals I should look to as an example of compassion and love, my Savior and my mother. She is also very humble and has probably been rolling her eyes and "tisking" her tongue through this post!

I love you mom! I hope that you had a great birthday and that you and dad are having a great time on your trip to CA!


An Ordinary Mom said...

Beautiful tribute! She is remarkable. I am lucky to now be a part of the family.

Shauna Brown said...

Happy B-day Momma Berli!!!

The McCoy Family said...

i got all warm and fuzzy about my mom reading about your mom. our moms would get along great. happy late birthday to your mom. this was so sweet.