Monday, February 26, 2007


Since I'm admitting to my embarrassing running-out-of-gas incidences I might as well also share that not only did I slip like an old lady in the snow today, my first step out of our apartment building, but I also clocked my head on the suddenly lower doorway that I pass through every day at work and somehow was tall enough today to bonk my noggin on the sucker! I only share this because my little head still has a sore spot.

Continued confessions...

I wander around the apartment every night while I'm brushing my teeth. It's like my ADD kicks in for the three minutes I'm brushing my teeth and I feel like I have to be productive walking around, multi-tasking, brushing my teeth while locking the door, turning off the lights, cleaning up the kitchen, picking out my clothes for tomorrow, kissing Darek goodnight (?) etc. etc. It does end up being a productive three minutes!

I lay in bed every night and think through my morning routine, including planning what to wear to work. Again, some attempt at multi-tasking? Sometimes after I've planned my morning I brainstorm ideas for blog posts, haha, just kidding...mostly...

I get a little OCD about flossing my teeth and Darek used the last of my floss two nights's driving my crazy!

I was such a nerd walking around the gym tonight from machine to machine staring at my palm pilot since Darek downloaded some movies on it for me. Tonight's feature: The Family Stone

More often then not I accidentally type "me" when I mean to type "my" and when I go back to reread it I feel like I sound like a pirate when I refer to "me car" or "me husband" or "me eye patch" or "me peg leg" Arrgh!

(Ironically I just reread this post and noticed that I actually wrote "my" instead of "me" on the OCD flossing thought. Apparently I switch those words both ways!)

Now I'm going to bed...not really, I'm actually going to read the Phillipa Gregory book that I am currently reading since I have recently become obsessed, then I'm going to lay in bed and think through my morning routine, etc. etc...

Ahhh, I feel better now that I got that off my chest.

Confessions anyone?


The McCoy Family said...

confession: i use crest white strips.

i use my crest white strips while i blog.

i also had them on at soccer practice on thursday and avoided the coach so he couldn't see them.

brinkley wanted to put one on, so i put the "lower" strip, on her "upper". she wanted to take it off after 10 minutes, and i said no its not done yet.

i hate the dentist.

Kate said...

No confessions, but I totally do the same thing when I brush my teeth. And I try to pick out my outfit for the next day when I'm going to sleep. But I also use it as a stalling technique when I'm putting off getting out of bed in the morning. I've been using the "I'm thinking about what to wear" trick for years. It works like a charm.

Maybe our similar bedtime routine is why we have been channeling each other's future in our dreams?

Amberli said...

I think you're on to something here Kate!