Monday, February 19, 2007

5 Things about Derelique:

In response to being "tagged" by Nerd Boy II like 3 months ago, I'm finally getting around to listing "5 Things about me people don't know" So over dinner the other night, me and Amber came up with a few...

  1. I worship Techno music (House, Trance, Electronic, Dance) and will listen to it any chance I get, especially on my way to play basketball (That repetitive beat that Amber hates? I love). Fact, I'm listening to it right now as I blog and feel such an urge to start raving in my living room with my glow sticks.
  2. I'm 1/16 Cherokee indian. Yep, got a Cherokee grandma somewhere on my Pa's side. My tribal name is Little Skunk Bum, but I don't know why. I still have my original tomahawk, indian headdress, and loin cloth. Sometimes I'll put it all on for ol' times and surprise Amber.
  3. Got fired from 3 jobs in my career (not that I'm proud of any of these):

    A burger joint in high school for not telling the Manager of my secret plans to just stop showing up in a couple weeks...a coworker ratted me out and the Manager just fired me instead. I had to leave my uniform and didn't have a shirt underneath so I took it off and threw it down and walked out passed the customers with my intimidating bulging muscles "whoa, that guy looks pretty mad, don't mess with him!"...worst part is I didn't even get a severance package.

    The movie theater in high school with my good buddy Matt. At a late-night movie premier, we went in all sneaky and threw water baloons from the back of the theater at our other buddy and his girlfriend...oh and also our Manager who was sitting next to them for good measure. We ran out the emergency exit and thought we'd be so stealth hiding in my truck in the empty parking lot and lay low until the heat was off. The Manager came busting out the back door and when we heard him coming straight for us, I popped up, started the car and sqealed outta there NARROWLY missing him as he yelled at us hauling away laughing. We figured we were fired but didn't actually hear anything from him for a few days. So we showed up to check just in case, and as soon as he saw us walking in he came storming up and pointing at both of us yelled, "YOU TWO...OUTTA HERE!" We were actually banned from that theater. To this day, "You two...outta here!" is still a favorite phrase between me and Matt.

    #3 was at BYU of all places working for the Moving Dept. I innocently kept offering my coworker if he'd like to go get some chocolate 'ass' (ice) cream with me at the Creamery after work. Well, some lady in the ASB office didn't think that was as funny as we did, called our boss, it got escalated way too quickly, and I was looking for another campus job the next day. Lesson learned: No, I would NOT like any chocolate "ice" cream thank you.

  4. I love buying and restoring old vintage bicycles. I could spend hours taking apart an old rusty bike and making it look new, no idea 'why' really. My first restoration was an old beach cruiser I bought at the BYU bike sale for $5, repaired, cleaned, added a basket, and gave it to Amberli for her graduation. She named it "Blue Steel" (mine was "Magnum"). Her 2nd Generation bike is "Blue Spirit" (Blue Steel's spirit lives on!). If I didn't have to make a living, I'd open a little bike shop selling and repairing vintage bikes and then form a little bike gang with the neighborhood kids...we'd be the "Huffy Hustlas"
  5. To this day, the only vehicle I've ever actually personally owned was a 2000 Geely scooter that I bought for $200 in Provo and then sold a year later for $225...such a slick-rick swindler or what? (I was so proud of that). Ol' Geely and I had many a good times riding together through snow and rain, late-night trips to Taco Bell drive thru, or Smith's for some Krispy Kreams, and just "taking her out for a spin" all 25mph of her! I miss you Geely, we were a good team weren't we?


An Ordinary Mom said...

I can see you grooving to Techno music, but I am more surprised that your wife detests it.

Are you really part Native American? One time in HS I convinced this strange guy that I was 1/4 black.

I had not idea you were such a rebel ... getting fired from 3 different jobs :)?!?

We miss Blue Steel.

Thanks for sharing your big, dark secrets :)!!

Amberli said...

haha, husband! so funny! finally got him to blog! took long enough!

and PS, i have little details I could add in a few spots but i'll save my husband the embarrassment and instead hope he just chooses to keep blogging!

The McCoy Family said...

very techno photo! we love it!

Me and My said...

Okay, so I wouldn't say that first one too loud. I almost thought you were joking at first. But, if it's to get psyched up for basketball, then I guess that's okay. If you really are a techno man then let me ask, have you ever wanted some techno...Christmas?!? Yeah, try it out. It's called Manheimer Steamroller. Some people will try to tell you that it’s not techno, but trust me.

As for #3, wow you were a wild man. These are like straight out of a movie or something. I don’t know which one is the best, your Rocky Balboa you-want-a-piece-of-me strut, your Dukes of Hazards eat-my-dust getaway, or your BYU pseudo-profanity antics.

These were well worth the wait. You should blog more often. It was good to hear from you.

Rudy/Nerd Boy II

Tiffany said...

So funny. I love the work stories.

I inherited a free old school Schwinn beach cruiser when the lady I visit taught moved from the ward. I totally wish you lived closer - I don't know the first thing about fixing it up. It needs new tires and a new chain - a basket would be wonderful...

How much would those three things cost?

Do I have to have a special kind of paint if I want to repaint it?

Shauna Brown said...

I knew Amberli married a great guy!! Loved the work stories and the techno music.