Sunday, January 07, 2007

Wanna play tag?

Alright, so my sister-in-law tagged me and I have to share five things that you don't know about me. I've been giving it some thought and since I usually don't do a good job sensoring anything I say I'm pretty sure most of you know most everything about me, but I'll give it a shot. Be sure to read people, I might be tagging some of you...

1. I had seven companions while I was a missionary and FIVE of them were greenies that I trained. One of them was even a 16 year old Italian member from Rome that my President sent me for six weeks so he wouldn't have to close down my city because he didn't have any sister missionaries to send me as a companion. Training five missionaries was challenging but really great as well and I wouldn't change a thing!

2. I have wanted to be an actress since I exited the womb. I used to sing and dance and perform often and I pretty much miss it everyday. Long before reality shows I used to pretend that my life was a movie and an audience was watching me all of the time (I'm talking like age six here). This probably explains why I am such a spaz even when I'm alone! I played Rosie in Bye Bye Birdie my senior year in high school and dyed my hair pitch black, it was sweet until it started washing out and turned gray and then green. My favorite moment was when a gothic girl asked me how I got my hair that awesome color. Ha ha! I was an acting major for a while at BYU but changed to social work because I thought I should choose something that might make a difference in the such luck!

3. I love to write. I am an avid journal writer and write at least once a week if not more. I also love writing poetry and recording thoughts and questions and quotes that inspire me. I have even started typing something that might turn out to be kind of my life story. I record stories and memories and maybe someday my family will read it and hopefully have a good laugh. In Jerusalem I had my back pack stolen and I was devestated because my very detailed journal was taken and all of my recorded thoughts and experiences for my whole semester were gone. Sad.

4. I was Vice President of my elementary school in sixth grade and I had an awesome rap that I used in my campaign speech. I held up the letters to my name as I rapped:

A is for ambitious and I'll do my best for you
M means mostly mellow and I'm easy to work with too
B means you can believe in me, I'm
E nergetic, Experienced, and
R esponsible, you see?
L et me show you I can pass the test
I promise that I'll do my best

R ead me lips, I'm really RAD
O verly obedient and never ever bad
P ay attention please on voting day, I am
E xcellent, all the way
R emember me and vote for me, for VP!

Yep, that was the brilliance that won me the election! I give live reenactments upon request!

5. I peed on top of Mount Sinai! What can I say? It's a four hour hike up and they have no restrooms at the top! Moses climbed Mount Sinai to get the ten commandments...I climbed it to take a tinkle!

Alright folks, that's all for now. But beware! I'm tagging Amy D, Leah, Kamilah, Jen and The Little Peanut! Let's hear it people. We want your deepest, darkest secrets!


Amy D. said...

Come on expect my pregnant brain to think of such things. My life has no secrets...but I will try to come up with something good for your reading enjoyment.

An Ordinary Mom said...

I must admit I knew some of those things, but I didn't know you were an aspiring actress turned rapping vice president who pees on top of religious mounts while possibly writing poetry - LOL!!

Rudy (that's my code name, wink, wink) said...

Well, let's see here...I kind of knew #1, but not really, basically knew #2, knew the second half of #3 although I had forgotten, pretty much had no idea about #4 with no recollection of a rap (trying to picture it right now...), and I had never heard any mention of #5.

Seems like you did a pretty good job of finding things that people don't know seeing as how I'm your brother.

Hope things are going well. I've been trying to visit more often.

anna said...

Alright Amberli, you asked for it and I did it, but I may have revealed way too many embarrassing details about myself.

Darek and Amberli said...

Darek: wait a second...even I didn't know about my rapping wife...I'm asking for a reenactment as SOON as I get home today! "O verly obedient and never ever bad" hahaha! Those are the sweetest lyrics EVER.

geoff wright said...

I refuse to reveal my secrets...however I enjoyed reading all of yours.