Sunday, January 14, 2007

Lost and Rarely Found...

The recurring phenomenon of lost items in my life has moved me to the deep contemplation that inspires meaningless posts...that being said, I must express to you the utter confusion that results each day when I search for something that I swear I had in my hand five minutes ago, usually something I use on a daily basis that should always be where I remember leaving it. Such items always include:

***Please feel free to skip ahead to #4 for the point, as this is an unnecessarily LONG post***

1. My Blistex! I mean really! It should be illegal the amount of that crap I apply to my lips on a daily basis. I can't sit through a movie without it, I can't sleep through the night without it. I should have a tube of that stuff permanently attached to my lips for crying out loud. And yet, this precious item, something I can't make it 2 hours without...constantly missing. How often I find myself asking Darek, "Have you seen my Blistex?" The weird thing is that if I'm away from my house, without a doubt, right pocket = Blistex. I consciously ask myself as I walk out the door, "Do I have my Blistex?" and will run back in to get it if needed. I will often wear certain clothing just so I have a right pocket to put it in! It's my habit of carrying it from room to room with me while I'm at home that causes me such heartache. I'll leave it in random places like the bathroom closet, the couch arm, and kitchen window sill. I've gotten to the point that I have five tubes at a time, all in helpful locations so I never have to go without...heaven forbid!

2. My keys. Not that I ever actually lose them. I always know exactly where they are. They are safely in my Mary Poppins bag, which is likely saying safely in the Bermuda Triangle. An utter black hole! How much time a day do I spend cursing my keys as I dig through my bag, and usually freezing on the porch as well?

3. My nail file, the item that has inspired this post. I can not find it, I've been looking for days. And my sad little nails are paying the price. Intuitively you'd think it would be in my make-up bag where I think I left it, or in my purse because I often need it during the day and usually have it with me. At the very least it should be in the bathroom closet with the rest of my toiletries...but no, it's MIA, and will perhaps need to be replaced rather than found!

4. My mind! This is by far what I lose the most, with little luck of ever fully recovering it. As you may know, I am a therapist. This means that people pay me to help them restore and/or maintain their sanity! Sadly, this oftem means at the expense of my own! I'm onlyhalf kidding here, being a therapist is a big job and the longer I am workng in my field the more I am finding that its tough to stay sane. I enjoy helping people and that's the pay off, I just gotta work on not going crazy.

People often comment to me that they feel self-conscious around me because they think I'm analyzing them. I admit that it has become so automatic for me to think in an exploratory, solution-seeking manner that sometimes it is tough to switch gears. But let me tell you, more often then not, I'm not analyzing your level of sanity...I am in fact just trying my hardest to hold onto me own!


An Ordinary Mom said...

Blog on (as long as I am not using the computer), blog on!

An Ordinary Mom said...

The previous comment belongs below, but Blogger has a habit of erasing my comments so when I logged in to rewrite the comment I must have clicked on the wrong comment box. Obviously your post on losing your mind has rubbed off on me ... although I think I lost it a few years ago.

geoff wright said...

I'm totally obsessed with chapstick too. Except my problem isn't loosing it, it's my son eating it.

Tiffany said...

Girlfriend, be careful about the blistex stuff. I remember reading something in HS that talked about some chemical in CARMEX that makes you addicted to it. I forget what ingredient it was though.

Dana said...

I don't know what to say about your keys and your mind, but the solution to the Blistex and the nail file is the same as the age-old lesson I learned about pacifiers when you kids were little. You buy MANY, MANY of them, and you put them all over the place - every room in the house, every cubby hole in the car, every nook and cranny in your purse, and every pocket in your clothing including, dare I say it??? your bra! Just kidding, I think... Luv, Mom